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Searching Thoughts with the same name. Feature request
I have the problem with same thought names too; and wanted to suggest to show parent thoughts, when searching and linking to a similiar thought name. 
this is already implemented, I see. 

If I search for example "ideas" and the brain has more then two thoughts with this name I can find "ideas < 2014" ; "ideas < gardening" etc. with the thought parents.

- but if the brain has only one thought with the same name, there is no parent shown. 
so every time I create a second similiar thought, there is a problem: I have to link it to some thought and after this I can see, which parent this thought has, and after this deciede if this is the right or wrong thought and I create a new one then. 
(If the thought name is unique like "hasi123" I will remember the parent in my mind of course, but if I have a lot of simple thoughts, like "ideas" , "to do" , "2014" etc... I will not remember this.) 

so it would be much better to see the parents in every thought, not only in case of more then two similiar thoughts, - in the search box as also in the thought creating area.  

(Moderator, please move this to the right thread if there is one. I have not found it...)

What is the best Video about TheBrain?
There are a lot of Videos online, but which one would you show a person who never has seen such a program - for german users?

Or which link would you give a german person who is absolutely new to TB, where he can understand how TB works?
help representing timelines
You are in the wrong thread... [wink]

Color-coding tags?
One thought can have one type and one color but many tags. 
If you would define the color red for tag A, green for tag B and blue for the type C, 
and your thought is of A, B and C - what color will your thought have? 

Open attachements directly
I know that [wink]

But nevertheless it would be easyer to open attachments directly. 

One reason is, that the attachments window opens over not active thoughts. So to open an attachment from some not active thought is much faster by hoovering the mouse over, click where the mouse is actually, and my eye focus too, and open some attachments, 
as if I have firstly to look how many attachments the thought contains and then to deciede if I have to activate the thought first or not. 

After decieding to have to activate the thought with the attachments to open, I have to return back to the initially activated thought, if I want to work on it.

In my normal thought window I can see just 4 thoughts without scrolling (plex needs space [wink] ), in the attachments window all attachments are visible. 

'White' theme mangles colors
Maybe the programers thought, if one chooses a white theme, he wants a colorless theme. 

Tags don't have background colors at all. Types and thoughts change the textcolor into background color and one have to change the setting everytime from background to text, if the white theme is activated. 

If I change to the white theme, do nothing and change back to the dark theme, every color and the setting to text is at its place [wink]

Open attachements directly
By clicking the thought icon, an attached weblink opens directly. that is nice.
But I would like to select more than one attachement to open from this window. 

It is a little bit difficult, to look first into the thoughts window, how many links I want to open at a time, if I want one link, click the icon, otherwise jump to the other window. 
Most times I click the icon, see how many links are there, and have to close the window, go to the thoughts and select there. 

If the thought has no attachement, there opens a window to attach one. that is everytime closed automatically by my macro. [smile]
otherwise I had to look for this also, close the window every time. 

Why is this so diffult? 
If no attachment don't click, if more than one to open, dont click, if one attachment to open, then click ???

Background color of 'Types' and 'Tags' tabs
my version is in german [wink]

'White' theme mangles colors
if I set in the background design to white, my settings change to "apply colors to background" instead of ...to text. 

I must change that manually every time, I change from some design to the white design. 
If I go back to another design the text colors are correctly displayed again. 

So look in your settings [wink]

...you can make a screenshot of the empty background, cooose any design and choose the screenshot as background image. 

Background color of 'Types' and 'Tags' tabs
you have tried options --> choose design and --> choose background? 

if you choose the white design, all windows are white. you can choose some image as plex background aswell.

Capture webpage with auto local download
yes, not only for newly created thoughts, this would be nice [smile]

Capture an Icon not working
I have Win 7 x64 and the attached java for 32 bit. 

Click image for larger version - Name: ajava.png, Views: 71, Size: 43.56 KB
Status of one-way links
This problem is in the same. 

If I go outside of TB in other programs like Opera, Windows Explorer, my screenshot tool, text Editor, etc. and I come back to TB, the one way links are opened. 

Capture an Icon not working

I have this problem in too. but now after the screenshot is taken, there is only the big window to be seen whole white, 
and after some try to close TB, the whole program screen is black. 

OK, are you treating Brain 8 as a Beta, or have you already migrated (since you can always go back)?
I don't use webbrain, and I don't use the 8 version. the new version has no benefit but a lot of new bugs, so it is a step back. 

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