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Tags in Android version (#151)
Hi Sean,
thanks for the quick (and positive) answer!
Best, Susanne
Setting link types and direction for multiple links
ok, I'll just have to wait then (and hope [smile]).
Thanks for the quick answer!
Setting link types and direction for multiple links
It is often more efficient to add a number of thoughts quickly in the plex and later link them all to one thought using the select multiple thoughts.

That is all fine, however, if these links should all have the same type and direction, things get tedious.

As it stands, I could fins no way to change type and direction for multiple links, but had to go through and change each one individually.  Am I missing something or does that possibility not exist?
Tags in Android version (#151)
Is it possible that the adding tags to a thought has not yet been implemented?  I can add a type to a thought, but slelecting the arrow on the tags drop down box does nothing.
One-way links not showing up
Thank you Metta and Matt, though the thoughts that actually did show up in the screen shots above were also the "one-way direction", I've now changed that and things are working as you described.
So thanks again and a quick question: can either of you give me a pointer to the manual for V8? I've lost mine and cannot find a link on the site.
One-way links not showing up
I have a number of one-way links from thoughts to other thoughts. See here:

One-Way Link 1.jpg 

However, when I look at the date thought, these links do not show up:

One-Way link 2.jpg

Note that the date thought "2017.12.14" does show the same "type" of one-way link.  

Is this a bug?
Thanks for your help.
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