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Manual download of b152?
Harlan wrote: 9.0.153 is out now on the alpha channel.

Thank you!  Downloaded it.
Manual download of b152?
I was on b150.  b152 had been released.  I had missed b151.

When I opened b150, TheBrain informed me there was an update and it installed b151.

Now I can't get from b151 to b152 -- Check for Update tells me "The latest version is already installed". The beta version at the b9 download site


is b150

How can I get b151 to advance to b152?
Timeline and Events (#3481)
zenrain wrote: A few first impressions.
What Alex said.

I think I was expecting Timeline to be a timeline of thoughts in the open brain (e.g., timeline of create dates, I guess).  There's still possible a kludgy method for this if we avoid syncing with Google calendar (when available), which won't be hard for me since I don't want to sync.  But we'd still have to add an event to every new thought, which is a two-step process.

If we could (a) drag existing thoughts to the Timeline and (b) have a setting or button or something that automatically adds new thoughts to the Timeline at creation time, so we don't have to do the bit of adding an event to the new thought.

Timeline is a brilliant but unexpectedly different feature.  I like it that it's part of v9, I don't like it that it seems to be intended for a Google-oriented use case.   Early days, of course.
End of beta?
The Software Releases and Updates section of the forum has been wiped clear -- are we now feature-complete for v9 final?
Can't connect to Preview Webbrain from mobile devices
Cannot access in OS X Safari either.

(BTW, your link is broken.)
Character issue in b149 (#2809)
The GIF shows selecting an emoji from the "special characters" menu (a standard OS X menu), then pressing space.   Upon space-press the emoji is removed, a "missing character" icon takes it's place, and the whole line is for some reason dropped down and a new line added before it.   Quite a show LOL


Suggestion for "File not Found" (#3286)
When an attachment (esp. an external attachment) has gone missing for whatever reason, the attachment indicator in that Thought says "File Not Found". 

In addition to that, I suggest adding a warning sign like this:

Also, is there a way to search for Thoughts with missing attachments?
b140 Reports
Excellent new features in Reports with b140.  Thanks!!! [comp]
Are there any feature changes in b139 -- or only bug fixes?  No release notes.
#3214 -- map of GUID changes
Harlan wrote: See here: http://forums.thebrain.com/post/8308883

Most people will not have any use for these files and they can be deleted if desired. 

Who would have use for them?  It's my data so I'd like to know who would use them.
#3214 -- map of GUID changes
  • (#3214)   Create a map of Guid changes made during an import of a V8 Brain
    • After an import from is completed, inside the Brain folder (one level above a thought folder), there are now two files, GuidMapThoughts.txt and GuidMapLinks.txt. These files contain one line per thought/link which has on it the version 8 Guid followed by the new Guid separated by a comma.

What is the use case here?  What do we do with this file?  I wouldn't know from a GUID what the thoughts are.
PDF Preview Suggestions (#2116, #3174 and #3171)
For whatever reason, in b134/b135 the PDF viewer is adequately working on 10.11.6. 
PDF Preview Suggestions (#2116, #3174 and #3171)
Harlan wrote: RomusD: Ah... That problem is an El Capitan issue. If you upgrade to Sierra it will work properly. We are investigating how to fix on El Capitan.
The problem with suggesting an upgrade is that Sierra has very serious problems with PDFKit and from that perspective upgrading to 10.12 is likely to create issue with PDFs in other apps.  (Plus, upgrading the OS just to make a beta work ... well, no.)
[Feature Request (?)] TheBrain8 XML no longer seems work with TheBrain9?
Please note, if you are referring to the DEVONthink script that I wrote more than six years ago, it was written against TheBrain 6 (beta).  So there should be no expectations that it continues to work with even TheBrain 8, let alone TheBrain 9.   And TheBrain DTD that was used at that time is still where it was, six years ago.
Notes - ⌘+shift+→ selects entire note in certain circumstances
Works differently over here.  In Apple Notes, ⌘→ moves the cursor to the end of the current line.  In TheBrain 9, ⌘→ also moves the cursor to the end of the current line.  And in both cases, Notes and TheBrain 9, ⇧⌘→ selects the entire current line (regardless of whetherwe the line contains a link).

So, I'm not getting a different between Apple Notes and TheBrain 9, except that the shortcut to move the cursor is different over here than what Alex describes.

I don't have any custom keyboard shortcuts for these commands defined in OS X, or TheBrain, or Keyboard Maestro.

(I'm on 10.11.6 and v9.129)
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