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"loading thumbnail" never finishes b172
Hmmm.  No.  Too personal.  I don't think so.  Thanks for the offer, though.
"loading thumbnail" never finishes b172
Well OK, I tried that

zenrain wrote: What you can try is open the Theme window, then click Save. Give the current theme (color, background image) a name. Once it's saved, select a different theme, then open a new tab to see if the image is updated. Once that's done, then open the theme window again and change it to the theme you had just saved. Then open a new tab to see if the image has changed again.

The font, color, etc. of thoughts change when I switch to another theme (somewhere around the fifth step of your process, Alex).  But the background image never changes.

Something seems amiss with v9's theme management ability to correctly link to the source image for the background of an imported brain -- which might be the root cause of the "loading thumbnail" message.   V9 theme management is looking for the image and cannot locate it.  On the other hand, the plex knows where the image is and loads it successfully.

I'm just making up an explanation because it feels good from an alternative facts perspective.  I have no idea what I'm talking about -- consistent with the zeitgeist these days.  [biggrin]
"loading thumbnail" never finishes b172
zenrain wrote: I've had this occur also, when changing Themes. To fix this I've changed the theme again and then changing it back. It usually updates the thumbnail.
Oh my, I'm going down a rabbit hole.

First, I wasn't changing themes.  (This image is from the "Brains" page anyway -- there are not themes on that page.)

But then, I opened the brain and tried to change its theme.   The brain was imported from v8 to v9.   I cannot change its theme in v9, it seems.  The brain has a background image that I must have applied somehow, sometime years ago in v8.   How that happens -- lost to history and not remembered.   I have no idea what any of this might to do with my original problem -- which still isn't solved.   (I imagine I can solve it by deleting the brain -- but then I fall into the other rabbit hole where it's impossible to delete a remote brain if i delete a local brain.)

I think I'll just stop right here :-)
"loading thumbnail" never finishes b172
This is a brain imported from v8.   B170 was installed when it was imported.   Now in b172 this message displays and never finishes.   

I'm finding it difficult to trust the completeness of imported instances of my important, large, legacy v8 brains.   There's no way of validation to tell if the import contains the same note content, links, attachments as the original, is there?   It would take days to do a side-by-side compare on my own.
Deleting brains

Deleting brains could be a friendlier process

  1. If we use Delete Local Brain... then the contextual menu option to Delete Remote Brain… is no longer available.  How then would we delete the remote brain?
  2. So, if we don't delete the local brain and try to delete the remote brain, we get an error


I suggest just one contextual menu command: Delete…, which would lead to a dialog asking "what do you want to delete" and in the dialog offer two checkboxes: Delete local brain and Delete remote brain.  So we could do either one, the other, or both, in a single action.   This dialog could even offer to create a backup archive before deleting.  

Then, next, we could be shown the standard are-you-sure-your-data-will-die-and-you-will-be-sad dialog.

Also, in the cloud app.thebrain.com if I delete a brain, the are you sure dialog opens, the brain is deleted, but I cannot dismiss the dialog.  I assume this is just another annoying Sierra/Safari issue -- since Safari 10 does not work with a lot of web dialogs.
Version 9.0.169 is it a Mac only release? (Resolved)
Mac version 9.0.167 does not think there is an update available  (i.e., "the latest version is already installed").   And the download page does not have 9.0.169 available for Mac.

No big deal.  169 is not significant.
Event Colors? (#3700)
mcaton wrote: Odd indeed - and will be difficult to market as our new "built in checkerboard game..."
More like Go -- LOL

Quote: Does this happen only for Timeline Events?  How does changing colors in a Thought or Link Properties Display or in the Brain Theme settings work?
Only for Events.  Only when Event properties / color control is accessed by clicking the pencil in a Thought's Events list.  So, not when accessing Event properties for an event on the Timeline.   And not for Thought or Link colors.   Just that one specific control accessed from the Events list.

Event Colors? (#3700)
mcaton wrote: Wow! Thanks for the additional screenshot with the check marks.  Certainly a problem.  We'll continue investigating, but unable to replicate so far.
Well, I was away a few days and just rebooted this machine.  Launched v9 and b162 was there so I installed it.  The glitches are even more unusually.   In this GIF I'm changing colors (which you can see) and checkmarks appear or don't appear randomly.   None of this renders v9 unusable -- just a little odd.

Event Colors? (#3700)
pthompson wrote: I'm not able to replicate the check mark getting stuck. What OS are you on?

macOS 10.12.3 -- looks like a beehive -- the last one clicked is one used for coloration -- but the control's weirdness probably needs fixed.

Event Colors? (#3700)
1) Not sure what the color selector in event properties is supposed to change -- where is it visible?

2) When a color is changed, the old color is still checked

Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
A minor display glitch here -- this thought (Klad a`Devna) has three events, same duration, same time.  The thought and its connector to the timeline appears underneath the event duration bars.   I don't know where it should be, but probably not where it is.

Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
Harlan wrote: Re: reports for timeline - what would you like the report to include? Thoughts that have events?

The simple one is thoughts that have events.

The more complex one -- but perhaps more utile -- is thoughts that have events within a date range (begin / end date)  -- actually right now we have "Time > Modified Between" as a report parameter (with start / end dates input).  So maybe we could have "Time > Events Between"?

(All of this in companionship with the Tags, Type, etc., filtering, of course.)
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
The iconography of the Timeline is very clever -- well thought.  Good job.

I like being able to grab the duration bar (or whatever it's called) for an event and slide it along the timeline to reposition without changing the duration of that event.

However I would also like to be able to change the duration.   Say, by option-click-hold-drag one or the other end of the duration bar for that event -- grow or shrink the duration with that action.   This would be a little faster than opening Event Properties and fiddling with the start/end fields there.

In the event tab for a thought the "Create Event" push button shrinks down to "C" when that panel gets shrunk.  (Especially on a smaller screen laptop.)   Maybe it would be better to just use a + sign icon instead of the push button -- in the same location?   Looks cleaner and doesn't get lost.

+1 for Alex's suggestions (somewhere) to add Events to reports.
Suggestions for "events" (#3588 and #3589)
Harlan wrote: Clicking on an event activates thought/link if there is one and it is not active.
Looks good.  Just for clarity -- do you mean clicking an event activates the thought/ link and does not open the edit dialog?
Quote: Button to open event from thought properties won't work because there can be multiple events per thought/link. This is what the events tab is for.
The button idea is intended for rapid access to the edit dialog.   Maybe the button should perform the same actions (chained) as click the button, then click Create Event, then start with the dialog.  Speed to entry is the goal.
Suggestions for "events" (#3588 and #3589)
b157 release notes wrote:
  • (#3574) Activate thought or link attached to an event when clicked in timeline

I suggest that a single click (without a modifying key) on the timeline event brings that thought or link into focus on the plex.  And ⌘-click does that and brings up the event config panel.   Now, in b157, a single click brings up the panel.  When clicking, I usually want to navigate, not configure.  (The exception, of course, is clicking thoughts themselves.)

I also suggest adding an icon / action to the thought configuration panel to activate the event config dialog (i.e., like the clock icon here -- placement for illustration purposes only):

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