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Random theme? Why?
That's fine.  I don't.  I make a lot of new brains.  Horses for courses.   I'd rather set my default theme by option and if I ever want to change, then the selector is always available.   IMO, setting a random theme is sort of like assigning a random font to each new note.
Random theme? Why?
  • New Features
    • (#4257) Assigns a random theme automatically when a new brain is created

Ugh.  Why?  Yes, I know that the select-a-theme dialog opens also when the new brain first opens, but who would think that assigning random themes to new documents is a good idea?   I've never seen (or wanted) a theme-based app to do such a thing.

Please deprecate this "feature" asap [crazy]
TheBrain 9 Theme - Bear Cobalt
Very nice Alex.

I'm not a fan of dark-mode themes, but this one breaks the mold.   Thanks for sharing.
Delete a Brain -- just delete it
We have "Delete Local Brain…" and "Delete Remote Brain…".

Can we have a simple "Delete Brain" which will remove all copies everywhere?  

With appropriate "Are you sure?" dialogs and dire warnings.  

I have a surfeit of test brains and would appreciate a simple once-and-done command to blow each of them away.
When will a 64-bit version be available
Apparently Apple is soon phasing out support for 32-bit applications.


TheBrain is not a 64-bit app, according to System Information on macOS 10.12.6.

Will there be an update to 64-bit?
b202 question
  • (#4070) Ability to create a new thought by adding on to an existing thought name

How does this work?  "Adding on" where -- what dialog?
b198 More on "Recents"
korm wrote: Thank you for the (miraculously overnight) updates to the "Recents" list.

1) Could the list be made into a "tear off" so it can be shown persistently?   (Or made to appear in a side bar if tear-offs are difficult.)   If we select a note to inspect the recent changes more closely the "recents" list shuts down.   When reviewing a lot of changes (e.g., when collaborators have been busy bees) it would be useful to keep the list on top and in view.

More on this -- and an existential question.   If we use Search with "modified between" dates + Types==any + Tags==any, then we get Search results that at the same as Recents except for the avatars and link changes.   So why not merge Recents into Search and get rid of Recents?   The existential question is why have two searching routines in the app that are incomplete models of one-another instead of one Search routine?  Evolve Search.  Kill Recents.

(Plus, this would get rid of the it's-beginning-to-get-annoying popup that Recents presents.)
b198 More on "Recents"
Harlan wrote: Thanks for the suggestions. #3 can already be done, although there is a bug where attempting to select a link results in an invisible item being added to the selection.
Ah, and so it does and so it is.   Thanks.
b198 More on "Recents"
Thank you for the (miraculously overnight) updates to the "Recents" list.

1) Could the list be made into a "tear off" so it can be shown persistently?   (Or made to appear in a side bar if tear-offs are difficult.)   If we select a note to inspect the recent changes more closely the "recents" list shuts down.   When reviewing a lot of changes (e.g., when collaborators have been busy bees) it would be useful to keep the list on top and in view.

2) Could the "recents" box be made longer by, for example, dragging down the bottom edge?   If dozens to hundreds of changes are available to browse, it would be nice to have more real estate to view.

3) Can thoughts in the "recents" list be ctrl/cmd-clicked to add them to the selection?  Doing so is not only consistent with the UI overall, but I can see a case where someone is collaborating and wants to make + export a list of thoughts to export as a list for an offline exchange with the team or others.

4) Also, since we can now see in "recents" who did what (via the Avatar), then "collaborator" should also be a parameter for Search.   E.g., I want to see all the thoughts that Harlan changed in my brain?   (Or, can I already do something like that?)
b195 -- issues with "recents changes"
Thanks Harlan, that makes sense.  Thank you for the explanations and outlook on future changes.

Can we get an option to remove (turn off via an option) the user name from the pop up shown when hovering over the user avatar?   I never share brains with anyone and don't plan to, so I don't need the user info.   I think that's a common use case.

I could also do with 5 days or 7 days, if setting a min/max (0 to 14 days) could be a future option.

You might want to change the display so that the link line doesn't slice through the neck of the avatar.  (A bit gruesome [smile])
b195 -- issues with "recents changes"
<sorry, mistakenly replied to myself>
b195 -- issues with "recents changes"
Recent changes - the list shown when the clock icon is pressed:

1) If link is changed by ticking the "One-Way" option in the link properties widget, then the recent changes list shows that link twice.    I think there turning on "One-Way" is only one change, not two.  (Unless one change is "turn off two way" and the second is "turn on one-way" -- which would be slightly compulsive behavior.)

2) In macOS 10.12.5 on a MBP 15" 2017 (Retina) the recents report has a lot of extraneous lines in it -- or maybe these lines are supposed to appear between items on the list and not on top of them?


) If a thought has changed in multiple ways it does not need to appear more than once on this list since (a) the list doesn't explain what the change(s) were, and (b) the thought doesn't tell you want changed either, so  if you're going to click on the thought anyway then why have more than one instance to click on?

4) If a tag is added to a thought, the thought is shown in the "recents" list in an odd way: <tag name> - <thought name> -- not sure why this would be the case.

5) If a tag is removed from a thought, the thought is not shown in the "recents" list -- isn't the removal of a tag a change?   What is the threshold of a change anyway -- what is the decision rule?
The Brain 9 iOS -
Jared -- thank you for covering all basis.   I figured you guys have more and improved technology in mind.   Looking forward to it.

Yes, iPad Pro with Pencil (does anyone have an iPad Pro without a Pencil [crazy]).   Both sizes.

The Brain is a very good app for the Pencil and you should consider making it even more Pencil-friendly and then getting Apple to include it in the app store's "works great with Pencil" category.

More observations:

16.  Pinch-to-zoom is ok, but very jerky.   I suggest a zoom gesture that other apps use successfully: to zoom in/out run a finger up/down the side of the screen.
17.  Logging in on the 12.9" iPad Pro is sort of comical -- the screen is in portrait so you're typing uphill, then the screen toggles back and forth between portrait and landscape and back to portrait and back to landscape for a few seconds before it settles down.   Different effect than on the 9.7" iPad Pro -- must be some odd interaction with the external keyboard?  Dunno -- just guessing.
18.  The typography is fuzzy on the big iPad Pro -- must not have been scaled for the higher resolution display.
19.  With an external keyboard, the text pane is split - top half white and editable, bottom half grey and not usable at all.
The Brain 9 iOS -
  1. Visually nice -- UI is a bit old fashioned though -- doesn't have the look and feel of an iOS 9+ app.
  2. Seems to be more of a limited capture interface to get stuff into the desktop -- e.g., why can't images be viewed in The Brain iOS ?  
  3. Best used with an external keyboard -- in landscape orientation, the text panel (not resizeable) and the keyboard together take up almost 80% of the screen real estate.  The plex is tiny in this case.  It would almost be better to have the view rotate so that the plex is replaced by a full-screen text panel and then the view rotates again when the keyboard is dismissed.
  4. The most minimal text editor I've seen on iOS.   No visible controls for bullets, numbered lists, etc.  
  5. The animation when the text pane closes is odd -- the typography of thought names, etc., on the plex s t r e t c h e s out and then snaps back to normal.  Not a pleasant effect.
  6. Why is the login screen locked into portrait orientation?   Apps should not force the user to change orientation.
  7. It seems that sync forces the entire database to sync -- no incremental sync.   In a larger brain this takes quite a while.
  8. No timeline -- will that be added?
  9. No link labels -- will that be added?
  10. App crashes when the search icon (magnifying glass) is pressed
  11. Pencil -- nice ability to drag links from one thought to another -- thanks.   The control that appears when doing that is a bit distracting -- if we want to link to a thought located to the right of the current thought we have to press & hold, drag to the left through the control and then drag to the right to the other thought.
  12. Pencil -- adding sketches to thoughts (e.g., like the recent addition in Bear) would be consistent with most iPad Pro apps.
  13. The share extension seems to be limited only to capturing URLs from Safari -- are we going to be able to capture text eventually and send it to the inbox?
  14. Why is the share extension appearing in the bottom row of the share control instead of the top row where most apps live?  Just curious -- I had to fish around to find it.
  15. Is there / will there be URL schemes / x-callback-urls to (a) capture / paste link to thoughts from other apps, (b) capture from other apps (Workflow, Drafts, etc.) and send text or text+title to The Brain?   IMO, this is a now an expected requirement for capture apps on iOS.

I've never been a super-heavy user of the iOS app -- mainly using it for the occasional capture and for viewing synced brains.  Which is great -- works OK for that.   I realize this is probably not a feature-complete instance of The Brain 9 on iOS and competitive apps (e.g., in the mind mapping category) have been at it for a long time.
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