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The Brain 9 iOS -
Jared -- thank you for covering all basis.   I figured you guys have more and improved technology in mind.   Looking forward to it.

Yes, iPad Pro with Pencil (does anyone have an iPad Pro without a Pencil [crazy]).   Both sizes.

The Brain is a very good app for the Pencil and you should consider making it even more Pencil-friendly and then getting Apple to include it in the app store's "works great with Pencil" category.

More observations:

16.  Pinch-to-zoom is ok, but very jerky.   I suggest a zoom gesture that other apps use successfully: to zoom in/out run a finger up/down the side of the screen.
17.  Logging in on the 12.9" iPad Pro is sort of comical -- the screen is in portrait so you're typing uphill, then the screen toggles back and forth between portrait and landscape and back to portrait and back to landscape for a few seconds before it settles down.   Different effect than on the 9.7" iPad Pro -- must be some odd interaction with the external keyboard?  Dunno -- just guessing.
18.  The typography is fuzzy on the big iPad Pro -- must not have been scaled for the higher resolution display.
19.  With an external keyboard, the text pane is split - top half white and editable, bottom half grey and not usable at all.
The Brain 9 iOS -
  1. Visually nice -- UI is a bit old fashioned though -- doesn't have the look and feel of an iOS 9+ app.
  2. Seems to be more of a limited capture interface to get stuff into the desktop -- e.g., why can't images be viewed in The Brain iOS ?  
  3. Best used with an external keyboard -- in landscape orientation, the text panel (not resizeable) and the keyboard together take up almost 80% of the screen real estate.  The plex is tiny in this case.  It would almost be better to have the view rotate so that the plex is replaced by a full-screen text panel and then the view rotates again when the keyboard is dismissed.
  4. The most minimal text editor I've seen on iOS.   No visible controls for bullets, numbered lists, etc.  
  5. The animation when the text pane closes is odd -- the typography of thought names, etc., on the plex s t r e t c h e s out and then snaps back to normal.  Not a pleasant effect.
  6. Why is the login screen locked into portrait orientation?   Apps should not force the user to change orientation.
  7. It seems that sync forces the entire database to sync -- no incremental sync.   In a larger brain this takes quite a while.
  8. No timeline -- will that be added?
  9. No link labels -- will that be added?
  10. App crashes when the search icon (magnifying glass) is pressed
  11. Pencil -- nice ability to drag links from one thought to another -- thanks.   The control that appears when doing that is a bit distracting -- if we want to link to a thought located to the right of the current thought we have to press & hold, drag to the left through the control and then drag to the right to the other thought.
  12. Pencil -- adding sketches to thoughts (e.g., like the recent addition in Bear) would be consistent with most iPad Pro apps.
  13. The share extension seems to be limited only to capturing URLs from Safari -- are we going to be able to capture text eventually and send it to the inbox?
  14. Why is the share extension appearing in the bottom row of the share control instead of the top row where most apps live?  Just curious -- I had to fish around to find it.
  15. Is there / will there be URL schemes / x-callback-urls to (a) capture / paste link to thoughts from other apps, (b) capture from other apps (Workflow, Drafts, etc.) and send text or text+title to The Brain?   IMO, this is a now an expected requirement for capture apps on iOS.

I've never been a super-heavy user of the iOS app -- mainly using it for the occasional capture and for viewing synced brains.  Which is great -- works OK for that.   I realize this is probably not a feature-complete instance of The Brain 9 on iOS and competitive apps (e.g., in the mind mapping category) have been at it for a long time.
Pasting Plain Text into a Note (#3946)
Perhaps related:  as the GIF shows, when spaces are inserted in the beginning of a line of text in a note, TheBrain b189 will remove the spaces after a while.   It does not matter how many spaces are typed - one, or two, or five, or more.   (Note: I am not backspacing or deleting -- TheBrain is doing that.)   b189 on macOS 10.12.5

Tabbed Interface Suggestion (#3253) (#3943)
mcaton wrote: Thanks for opening the discussion.  I'll document for review.  I could see it being usefull if TheBrain was open in the background and Active Thought is hidden from view. We'll see if the idea gains more traction.


This was been implemented in b189

Personally, I really dislike this feature, and I dislike that it is not an option and cannot be turned off.

I tend to use longish descriptive names for brains -- 20 characters or more.  Also for thoughts.  Because it's what I do.   So what this "feature" does is show the whole brain name + " | " + the first 6 or 8 characters the thought name.  Frankly, that is info junk -- nothing actionable or meaningful.

Please, let us turn this "feature" off.  It might be cool for some users but should never be the default.
Creating new web brain
  1. Create a new web brain by typing the name of the new brain and pressing "New".
  2. The brain is created.
  3. Click "Brains" to view thumbnails of all brains on web brain.
  4. The name of the last-created brain is still showing in the create-brain widget.
After a brain is created, the name of that last-created brain should not be suggested as the name for the next new brain.   The "name" field should be cleared.

BTW, I suppose using brains created in the web interface is not yet possible, because when the brain created in step 2 above is opened, there is a blank page -- no initial central thought or anything else.

Safari 10.1.1
Quick Start suggestions
Sorry, I meant "Expand All" [redface]
Quick Start suggestions

When Quick Start is first opened have its View settings "Normal" and "Expanded".   If Expanded view is on then the new user of v9 or of TheBrain itself can see that there is a broad range of thoughts to explore.
Several "Quick Start" thoughts links throw errors
Many (most? all?) links in the Quick Start brain that point to other thoughts are broken.   E.g., this link to Advanced Concepts, which, clearly, does exist.

Create child, parent, jump shortcuts (b179)
I am sure this was mentioned by someone, somewhere else, but --

The current macOS shortcuts for create child, create jump, create parent seems to be (in b179):


These shortcuts are also used in macOS for navigating Spaces, and macOS grabs and acts on the keystrokes before The Brain 9 can.

I've reset these in Preferences to the older shortcuts from The Brain 8 (remove the ⌥ key from the shortcuts).   It's possible that somewhere along the line I had goofed this up myself, but I don't recall doing that.

Anyway -- just mentioning in case someone else has unexpected results.
"loading thumbnail" never finishes b172
Hmmm.  No.  Too personal.  I don't think so.  Thanks for the offer, though.
"loading thumbnail" never finishes b172
Well OK, I tried that

zenrain wrote: What you can try is open the Theme window, then click Save. Give the current theme (color, background image) a name. Once it's saved, select a different theme, then open a new tab to see if the image is updated. Once that's done, then open the theme window again and change it to the theme you had just saved. Then open a new tab to see if the image has changed again.

The font, color, etc. of thoughts change when I switch to another theme (somewhere around the fifth step of your process, Alex).  But the background image never changes.

Something seems amiss with v9's theme management ability to correctly link to the source image for the background of an imported brain -- which might be the root cause of the "loading thumbnail" message.   V9 theme management is looking for the image and cannot locate it.  On the other hand, the plex knows where the image is and loads it successfully.

I'm just making up an explanation because it feels good from an alternative facts perspective.  I have no idea what I'm talking about -- consistent with the zeitgeist these days.  [biggrin]
"loading thumbnail" never finishes b172
zenrain wrote: I've had this occur also, when changing Themes. To fix this I've changed the theme again and then changing it back. It usually updates the thumbnail.
Oh my, I'm going down a rabbit hole.

First, I wasn't changing themes.  (This image is from the "Brains" page anyway -- there are not themes on that page.)

But then, I opened the brain and tried to change its theme.   The brain was imported from v8 to v9.   I cannot change its theme in v9, it seems.  The brain has a background image that I must have applied somehow, sometime years ago in v8.   How that happens -- lost to history and not remembered.   I have no idea what any of this might to do with my original problem -- which still isn't solved.   (I imagine I can solve it by deleting the brain -- but then I fall into the other rabbit hole where it's impossible to delete a remote brain if i delete a local brain.)

I think I'll just stop right here :-)
"loading thumbnail" never finishes b172
This is a brain imported from v8.   B170 was installed when it was imported.   Now in b172 this message displays and never finishes.   

I'm finding it difficult to trust the completeness of imported instances of my important, large, legacy v8 brains.   There's no way of validation to tell if the import contains the same note content, links, attachments as the original, is there?   It would take days to do a side-by-side compare on my own.
Deleting brains

Deleting brains could be a friendlier process

  1. If we use Delete Local Brain... then the contextual menu option to Delete Remote Brain… is no longer available.  How then would we delete the remote brain?
  2. So, if we don't delete the local brain and try to delete the remote brain, we get an error


I suggest just one contextual menu command: Delete…, which would lead to a dialog asking "what do you want to delete" and in the dialog offer two checkboxes: Delete local brain and Delete remote brain.  So we could do either one, the other, or both, in a single action.   This dialog could even offer to create a backup archive before deleting.  

Then, next, we could be shown the standard are-you-sure-your-data-will-die-and-you-will-be-sad dialog.

Also, in the cloud app.thebrain.com if I delete a brain, the are you sure dialog opens, the brain is deleted, but I cannot dismiss the dialog.  I assume this is just another annoying Sierra/Safari issue -- since Safari 10 does not work with a lot of web dialogs.
Version 9.0.169 is it a Mac only release? (Resolved)
Mac version 9.0.167 does not think there is an update available  (i.e., "the latest version is already installed").   And the download page does not have 9.0.169 available for Mac.

No big deal.  169 is not significant.
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