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Local Thought URLs -- will this work after the betas end
Local though URLs depend on the form shown here and the identifier "preview.webbrain.com".

brain:// preview.webbrain.com/QLM66GoNjsTu1Emhg5uaDA/sznJBsUHEU60Id2UcTyPIQ/November2017 

When TheBrain 9 is finished with betas and no more "previews" will these URLs continue to work, and work into the future (TheBrain 10, etc.)?
Google Calendar Sync!!
danlandrum wrote: It might be less confusing if the act of linking automatically included a synchronization
Agree -- I was thinking a "Sync Calendars" button in the area in the Timeline where its controls are would be useful.

Quote: The ability to link to more than one would be helpful.
Google Calendar Sync!!
It's partially two-way.   Events added in a Google calendar in Google do not get brought down to b231 until something else has changed in a brain locally or remotely and TheBrain has something to sync.    
Google Calendar Sync!!
Looks like it all works now -- one way sync only
Google Calendar Sync!!
b231 adds Google Calendar sync -- wonderful [smile]

No joy though == b231 gets stuck on "getting remote changes" and the calendar doesn't sync.

Also -- is it one way sync -- TheBrain to Google -- or is supposed to be two way?
Cannot drag email on Mac
Confirmed in b230.   I cannot drag a message from Mail to TheBrain.   I cannot copy a message URL from Mail and paste it as a thought, or paste into an URL attachment for a thought.

However, I can drag a message from Mail to the desktop (as a .eml file) and then drag that file to the plex, where TheBrain then creates a new thought.

And I can copy the message:// URL from Mail and paste it into the text area of a thought.

Strange behavior, though, when that new thought has the focus -- moving the pointer around the plex I get a strange flickering display.   When the thought created by dropping the .eml is no longer the thought with the focus, the flickering disappears.

So, several issues.
All I want to do is Renew
pvonk wrote: There doesn’t seem to be any subscription status, like when it expires. 
Exactly so.

A well designed user profile should (a) explain when my subscription will be renewed, (b) tell me how much the renewal will cost, (c) give me an on-line option to stop the subscription.   I don't want to have to call a sub-contracted call center, and especially do not want to talk to a machine or a person who is paid to convince me not to cancel.   These elements are merely polite and generate good will.   In my case, the renewal was announced a week or so ago in an email -- a fait accompli, with no advance warning or option to cancel or decline.   
All I want to do is Renew
TheBrain company's redesigned website makes is very difficult to (a) figure out what the status of my TheBrain Combo account is, and (b) renew the subscription.

Why cannot we just have a link that says "My Account", we can log in, see the remaining period on the subscription, and renew.

I.e., I want to give the company money -- my subscription expires in 5 days -- but the company doesn't make it easy because there's nowhere on the website to do that.
Random theme? Why?
That's fine.  I don't.  I make a lot of new brains.  Horses for courses.   I'd rather set my default theme by option and if I ever want to change, then the selector is always available.   IMO, setting a random theme is sort of like assigning a random font to each new note.
Random theme? Why?
  • New Features
    • (#4257) Assigns a random theme automatically when a new brain is created

Ugh.  Why?  Yes, I know that the select-a-theme dialog opens also when the new brain first opens, but who would think that assigning random themes to new documents is a good idea?   I've never seen (or wanted) a theme-based app to do such a thing.

Please deprecate this "feature" asap [crazy]
TheBrain 9 Theme - Bear Cobalt
Very nice Alex.

I'm not a fan of dark-mode themes, but this one breaks the mold.   Thanks for sharing.
Delete a Brain -- just delete it
We have "Delete Local Brain…" and "Delete Remote Brain…".

Can we have a simple "Delete Brain" which will remove all copies everywhere?  

With appropriate "Are you sure?" dialogs and dire warnings.  

I have a surfeit of test brains and would appreciate a simple once-and-done command to blow each of them away.
When will a 64-bit version be available
Apparently Apple is soon phasing out support for 32-bit applications.


TheBrain is not a 64-bit app, according to System Information on macOS 10.12.6.

Will there be an update to 64-bit?
b202 question
  • (#4070) Ability to create a new thought by adding on to an existing thought name

How does this work?  "Adding on" where -- what dialog?
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