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Event Colors?
pthompson wrote: I'm not able to replicate the check mark getting stuck. What OS are you on?

macOS 10.12.3 -- looks like a beehive -- the last one clicked is one used for coloration -- but the control's weirdness probably needs fixed.

Event Colors?
1) Not sure what the color selector in event properties is supposed to change -- where is it visible?

2) When a color is changed, the old color is still checked

Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
A minor display glitch here -- this thought (Klad a`Devna) has three events, same duration, same time.  The thought and its connector to the timeline appears underneath the event duration bars.   I don't know where it should be, but probably not where it is.

Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
Harlan wrote: Re: reports for timeline - what would you like the report to include? Thoughts that have events?

The simple one is thoughts that have events.

The more complex one -- but perhaps more utile -- is thoughts that have events within a date range (begin / end date)  -- actually right now we have "Time > Modified Between" as a report parameter (with start / end dates input).  So maybe we could have "Time > Events Between"?

(All of this in companionship with the Tags, Type, etc., filtering, of course.)
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
The iconography of the Timeline is very clever -- well thought.  Good job.

I like being able to grab the duration bar (or whatever it's called) for an event and slide it along the timeline to reposition without changing the duration of that event.

However I would also like to be able to change the duration.   Say, by option-click-hold-drag one or the other end of the duration bar for that event -- grow or shrink the duration with that action.   This would be a little faster than opening Event Properties and fiddling with the start/end fields there.

In the event tab for a thought the "Create Event" push button shrinks down to "C" when that panel gets shrunk.  (Especially on a smaller screen laptop.)   Maybe it would be better to just use a + sign icon instead of the push button -- in the same location?   Looks cleaner and doesn't get lost.

+1 for Alex's suggestions (somewhere) to add Events to reports.
Suggestions for "events" (#3588 and #3589)
Harlan wrote: Clicking on an event activates thought/link if there is one and it is not active.
Looks good.  Just for clarity -- do you mean clicking an event activates the thought/ link and does not open the edit dialog?
Quote: Button to open event from thought properties won't work because there can be multiple events per thought/link. This is what the events tab is for.
The button idea is intended for rapid access to the edit dialog.   Maybe the button should perform the same actions (chained) as click the button, then click Create Event, then start with the dialog.  Speed to entry is the goal.
Suggestions for "events" (#3588 and #3589)
b157 release notes wrote:
  • (#3574) Activate thought or link attached to an event when clicked in timeline

I suggest that a single click (without a modifying key) on the timeline event brings that thought or link into focus on the plex.  And ⌘-click does that and brings up the event config panel.   Now, in b157, a single click brings up the panel.  When clicking, I usually want to navigate, not configure.  (The exception, of course, is clicking thoughts themselves.)

I also suggest adding an icon / action to the thought configuration panel to activate the event config dialog (i.e., like the clock icon here -- placement for illustration purposes only):

link type, direction (#3557)
Aren't parentage and linkage two different, and possibly non-consistent, relationships?   B could be the child of A (parentage), but B could be an exemplar for A (linkage).   So Jane is Mary's mother, and Mary is Jane's role model.    One of those things that induces headaches because it is not wrong it is merely different [crazy]
Attachments Lists Enhancements

  1. Drag a document from DEVONthink to a thought on the plex -- succeeds; added to that thought as an attachment
  2. Drag a document from DEVONthink to a empty space on the plex -- succeeds; creates a new thought, whose name is the attachment name, and adds the document as an attachment
  3. Drag a document from DEVONthink to the "content tabs area" while "Attachments as Tabs" is the display option -- fails to add the attachment
  4. Drag a document from DEVONthink to the "content tabs area" while "Attachments as List" is the display option -- fails to add the attachment
  5. Drag a document from DEVONthink to the attachments list while "Attachments as List" is the display option -- fails to add the attachmen

The test results are the same whether drag or option-drag are used.   The latter merely makes a copy of the document that is stored internally in the brain.

Methods (1) and (2) have always been my default practice, so, personally, I'm not "missing" anything, feature wise.   Methods (3), (4), (5) are nice to have but if they don't work for DEVONthink I don't care.   Just pointing out an inconsistency.
Attachments Lists Enhancements
New features described above for attachments are fine.  Thanks!

I can drag a document from DEVONthink (on the Mac) to a thought and the document is aliased to the location within that DEVONthink database's internal folder structure.  This is good.  I cannot drag the document to the attachment tabs, however.   On drag, it looks like v9 is going to accept the file, but it never finishes the job.   Dragging from DEVONthink to attachments is a good thing if it were possible to implement.
Manual download of b152?
Harlan wrote: 9.0.153 is out now on the alpha channel.

Thank you!  Downloaded it.
Manual download of b152?
I was on b150.  b152 had been released.  I had missed b151.

When I opened b150, TheBrain informed me there was an update and it installed b151.

Now I can't get from b151 to b152 -- Check for Update tells me "The latest version is already installed". The beta version at the b9 download site


is b150

How can I get b151 to advance to b152?
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
zenrain wrote: A few first impressions.
What Alex said.

I think I was expecting Timeline to be a timeline of thoughts in the open brain (e.g., timeline of create dates, I guess).  There's still possible a kludgy method for this if we avoid syncing with Google calendar (when available), which won't be hard for me since I don't want to sync.  But we'd still have to add an event to every new thought, which is a two-step process.

If we could (a) drag existing thoughts to the Timeline and (b) have a setting or button or something that automatically adds new thoughts to the Timeline at creation time, so we don't have to do the bit of adding an event to the new thought.

Timeline is a brilliant but unexpectedly different feature.  I like it that it's part of v9, I don't like it that it seems to be intended for a Google-oriented use case.   Early days, of course.
End of beta?
The Software Releases and Updates section of the forum has been wiped clear -- are we now feature-complete for v9 final?
Can't connect to Preview Webbrain from mobile devices
Cannot access in OS X Safari either.

(BTW, your link is broken.)
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