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Transfer Evernote-Notes (with attachments) to TheBrain by XML

I've try it and bugs made me stop using it. But even if don't using it I'm still having an issue ; thebrain window is always focus on top of all windows (i.e if I click on a link in TB, Chrome window open behind TB window). Do you know how to stop that ?


How to view ALL thoughts ?
Quote: I tend not to use tags, because they take up precious screen space & clutter the plex.

You cas make a tag visible or not in the plex. Create it the look at its properties to disable its display in the plex

How to view ALL thoughts ?
Hi endiku,

And a tag "all" ?

brains from evernote tags
Feedback about TheBrain, GTD, Dropbox and IFTTT here : http://forums.thebrain.com/post/TheBrain-GTD-Dropbox-and-IFTTT-6482551
TheBrain, GTD, Dropbox and IFTTT
Hi TheBrain users,

Here's a little feedback about TheBrain, GTD, Dropbox and IFTTT.
I've tried IFTTT. Since two months now.
I'm a GTD user. My brain is located on my Dropbox.
I've programed some actions with IFTTT like searching titles in RSS flows of websites I follow, when found, I've ask IFTTT to generate a new file with website, the url, title... all informations in it in a directory on my Dropbox. This directory is the directory associated with my GTD inbox thought in my brain. So when I do my daily or weekly review and I scan this automaticaly created file in my Inbox thought, it's easy to me to create an appropriate action or reference, just moving the file from the inbox thought directory to the new action or reference thought directory. It's also possible to tell IFTTT to deposit automaticaly some IFTTT files in the directory of reference thoughts, supplying the references.

And... THeBrain automaticaly discover new files in brain directories and index them so they are automaticaly searchable !


"Cloud" for the Author?

Why not using two tags on each thought; the author's name and the book's title ?

Selecting thoughts without children
Hi all,

I'm looking for a way to select all thoughts with no children. There is special reports to a lot of things but not that.

Any idea how to do that ? 


Searching contact infos from Omer Aziz
Hi Patrick,

The brain is presented in this webinar is available somewhere?

Can't drap & drop from outlook into TB 7045
Thanks Patrick !

"manually add the redemption.dll within Outlook" has been the solution.

Can't drap & drop from outlook into TB 7045

After re-installing my pc, I can't drag and drop any pieces of outlook in TB. Or to create a new thought or to add an attachement to an existing thought. Nothing happens in TB.

FYI: existing outlook attachements/links of my brain (outlook://...) open well when activited

Outlook 2010 version : 14.0.6123.5001 32 bits
TB : 32 bits (re-installed after outlook whithout outlook process)
Java...: look at my signature

Thanks for your help

Unusable undo in notes editing
Quote: Please don't decrease the auto-save frequency, just make it so that it works "as expected".

From release notes :

Quote: Version
May 10, 2012
• Fixed: Auto-save of notes prevents the local undo within notes from working
o Auto-save now only happens after 30 seconds of idle time

Unusable undo in notes editing
Quote: I translate "this is normal" by "that's the way it is implemented"...
I had already figured out the menu undo option but you certainly agree that having to go to a sub-sub-menu option using the mouse can be very cumbersome and annoying, specially since the possibility exists and it would/should be easy to associate a keyboard shortcut to it.
Please don't decrease the auto-save frequency, just make it so that it works "as expected".

Thank you in advance.

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