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Problem with Editing Plex in iOS
The problem is no matter where I place my finger and hold within the thought box, sometimes the context menu refuses to appear.  Sometimes it takes multiple efforts to make this happen, or sometimes I have to refresh the page in order to make this happen.

I wonder if there is another method you might introduce in order to bring up the menu.
Problem with Editing Plex in iOS
It seems the webbrain doesn't work well with the touch screen in my iPad (retina).  Sometimes it makes multiple efforts or takes a minute before I can bring up the "edit" menu.  I don't have the same issue with my iPhone, but I do with my iPad.  I don't have the same issue with all the other iPad programs; so, I assume it's related the Webbrain.
Thought URL
It looks like Thought URL is not working from external applications.  Searching the forum, it looks like it's working in the Windows environment.  Anyone can confirm?  Also, any news on update for this for Mac?
entering or editing notes in WebBrain from iOS devices
In order to create new child thought, you would have to hold your finger over the future parent thought to bring up the pop-up menu.
entering or editing notes in WebBrain from iOS devices
There is one missing feature that is critical-the ability to enter new note or edit the exiting note in the WebBrain.  I know it was mentioned that they are coming, but it's been awhile since it was mentioned.  In absence of native iOS apps, I think this feature becomes even more critical.  It's the only thing that is preventing me from transition all my notes to theBrain at this point.
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