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Lost feature in Brain 9 : Search result window

Did we lose what I considered as one of the best features in TheBrain to search the database in a comprehensible manner : the search result summary window?

In Brain 9, we only get a list of thought to pick from, but no search results with searched words highlighted.

I am starting to loose interest in the new version.  Please convince me otherwise.
Lost feature in Brain 9 : Replace attachment locations (#1283)
Is it me, or did we lose possibility to replace dead links across the database?
2017-11-29 08_09_57-Clipboard.png 
Lost feature in Brain 9 : Event reminder length
Why can't we set event reminder for longer than 28 days?  Used to be able to set a custom value, which I used a lot to track yearly conferences and expositions.


Lost feature in Brain 9 : "Paste Notes Link" not available anymore.
Paste into notepad gave this:

"CentreMail - Photo de notre insert apres 1000 shots
<REPLICA 8525771F:00458D67>
<VIEW OF30023266[biggrin]B9B6C52-ON852577B6:0057F709>
<NOTE OF8525771F:00458D68-ON852581D8:004BF8D2>
<REM>Database 'CentreMail', View 'Assigne - Dominic Brunelle', Document 'Photo de notre insert apres 1000 shots '</REM>

and it used to give me the following link in TheBrain8 and priors:


Thanks for following up.

Lost feature in Brain 9 : "Paste Notes Link" not available anymore.
We used to be able to "Paste Notes Link", from IBM Notes software, and it would create a thought with link to document directly in Notes.

It does not work anymore in Brain 9.  It does not generate the notes:///... link.
Linking a thought to a folder
In the new version, will the files (virtual thoughts) in the linked folder be indexed.
Calendar clean up.

is there a way to clean up old calendar entries?

I use the calendar to track todo list by projects.  After some time, the events list gets crowded and I am looking to efficiently delete old entries.

Any clues?

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