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Create Thought from a Google Calendar Event
Creating Orphans would be no problem. Plus it would have the option to create one instead of automatically creating one. This would be great. Just saying. Thanks
Create Thought from a Google Calendar Event
Since the brain 9 is allowing two-way sync of calendar events. Would be nice if we create a google calendar event and when it syncs to the brain would allow us to create a thought from the event. Right now, when it syncs a google event, we have to create a thought to attach it to. I'm just saying, it would be nice.
Is there a quicker way to add a web link (URL)? (#3634)
pasting local links to OneNote will not work. Only the online version of OneNote.
Outlook Emails Issue
bmac wrote: Do you really mean that the content of the email is not copied to the notes window? If that is what you meant, then that is correct because the thought had already been created So theBrain Simply copies the email to the thought. However, if you drag the email to the Plex itself, a new thought will be created and the contents of the email will be copied to the notes window.

Thanks for the tip. You are correct. 
Outlook Emails Issue
enkidu wrote: Hello

As a fellow user, to save everyone's time (yours included) it's customary to specify application / OS versions / 32 or 64bit / ...


Thanks, will do next time I post. Good day
Outlook Emails Issue
If you create a thought in the plex and then drag an outlook email to this thought it will not copy the content of the email to the thought note. 
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