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"Paste thoughts" with update only, not create new thoughts
That works great! Thanks!

I can see that would tie in nicely with WebBrain, which I don't use.

Good stuff!
"Paste thoughts" with update only, not create new thoughts
No, I don't see that.  Version 8.0.22 Pro. Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

If I'm updating a block of Thoughts, will I need to confirm overwriting for each conflict, or just once for the entire paste operation?

Click image for larger version - Name: Step_1_Select_Thoughts.png, Views: 95, Size: 27.22 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Step_2_Copy_Thoughts.png, Views: 93, Size: 28.55 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Step_3_Paste_Thoughts.png, Views: 92, Size: 50.15 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Step_4_Duplicated_Thoughts.png, Views: 92, Size: 36.16 KB
"Paste thoughts" with update only, not create new thoughts
I have a lot of Thoughts that occasionally require automatic updating the notes or label fields.

I can modify the data in the XML, but when I "Edit --> Paste Thoughts", it duplicates the Thoughts. I've even tried selecting the Thoughts to be updated. Same results.

Any way of forcing a "Edit --> Paste and Update Thoughts" to only change fields, not create entirely new Thoughts?

And, logically, an "Edit --> Paste and Delete Thoughts" to only delete Thoughts by GUID?

Process periods in Thought names as commas?
I'm doing some network documentation, and have organized my Thoughts by IP address.

E.g. Top of the network is named "142", then a node down is named "142, 113", etc.

This organizes the addresses hierarchically but makes searching difficult since most people would normally search with periods as delimiters. E.g. "".

Would it be possible to have an option, as an attribute of a Thought type, that would cause periods in the Thought name to be treated as commas are currently treated?

This would facilitate any hierarchy that used periods as delimiters.
Click image for larger version - Name: Snap_Level_1.png, Views: 45, Size: 124.96 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Snap_Level_2.png, Views: 42, Size: 124.44 KB
Launching file with a parameter
Yes, I guess that passing a parameter to a DOS file is something that would never be useful.

What would *really* be nice is to be able to pass parameters, and substituting Thought metadata as a parameter:
Launching file with a parameter
Thanks for the response.

That is what I am trying to do, but do not know the syntax to launch a .BAT file with a parameter (such that I could pick up %1% in the .BAT file) and direct as needed.

Just specifying:

file:///C:/Tools/RDP/LAUNCH.BAT MyNodeName

doesn't seem to work.
Launching file with a parameter
I would like to have an attachment that when clicked, launches a generic .BAT file, and be able to pass a parameter, such as a node name.

My attachment looks like this, but is not working.

file:///C:/Tools/putty/LAUNCH.BAT -load CMOC0N

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