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brains from evernote tags
Oops..ifttt vs iftt.
brains from evernote tags
Wow. Have you seem mohiomap.com and bubblebrowserapp.com? They produce visual maps based on Evernote tags. This would be a fabulous thing to be able to do with TB. Please consider it. I have never gotten into the hang of using TB due to its lack of mobile features...

Also, with iftt and zapier people can create cross-app tasks for themselves. If thebrain was on those sites it would be so helpful. Also it would help expand the market base. I have been making my latest app decisions based on whether the service is on iftt or zapier..I figure that the companies on this bandwagon are at least progressive enough to allow users to have more control over their technology. Plus it seems so clear that a meta app experience empowers users and keeps services in the loop which may otherwise have been abandoned due to lack of particular features.like what has happened to me and TB. Unfortunately.
Repeated Sync already in progress notification
Patrick, thanks. I hope it is near the center of the radar map as it is not an occasional problem for me but happens dozens of times per day.

Repeated Sync already in progress notification
I am getting a frustratingly frequent message when working in my auto-synced brain: "A sync is already in progress." I have to click Okay to clear the window. The brain is 548 thoughts, 665 internal file attachments, 54 external. This has been going on for weeks. I have ample bandwidth.

Any ideas?

Ideas about how to capture information on the fly
Thanks to each of you for good suggestions. I do have PhraseExpress (a Windows type of text expander) which has some pretty powerful macro functionality...hmmm. I will start giving things a whirl. It helps to know I'm not alone in finding this frustrating!

I believe the ultimate success of this product will depend heavily on their ability to stay apace with mobile solutions.

Ideas about how to capture information on the fly
I love the desktop version of theBrain. Webbrain on android and ipad devices is not usable for entering thoughts. Even a desktop browser is slow, with a noticeable lag between entering a new thought and seeing it on the screen.

I have lots of thoughts on the run, with only my phone in hand. I tend to capture them in Evernote Is there any automated way to get those into my brain? Or some simple manualized way?

I just don't see myself manually re-entering everything I do on the fly into my Brain. I would love to use theBrain for everything, though.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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