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Brain 9: no Expanded view???
Polaris wrote: ... we're already spoiled with plenty of excellent mindmappers ...

Hello. It's my turn to disagree (albeit partially).
I arrived at TheBrain after years of sieving sand for the "perfect" mindmapping application. Which, in my opinion, to this day, does not exist.

What we have are zillions of MANUAL DRAWING tools.
TheBrain is unique in one thing :

- you dump almost any data into it
- IT draws the map

The problem is that :
- its drawing (the views) fall far short of functionality, and
- its presentation (the looks) falls far short of modern user interface expectations.

Personally, I don't want to draw anything.
I need an app where  :

- I put data
- I link it
- IT shows me the big picture
- IT finds any uncommon links

We have zillions of flowcharting tools, of project management tools, of FAKE mindmapping tools.
TheBrain is A FEW STEPS AWAY from becoming the strongest MindMapping application out there.
But it's GOT to dramatically increase its viewing capabilities, or it dies.

Brain 9: no Expanded view???
leolit wrote:
...MindMap view... can't replace freeform Expanded view ...
... For me, "normal" mode is good at information input stage ... after ... I move to contemplation stage ...

funny, I could have written these words myself, except that I found the Expanded view klunky BECAUSE it was manual.
I think we agree that TheBrain still has some way to go in terms of VIEWING information, despite the new Mindmap and Timeline views.
Expanded was very useful, but could not possibly be manual beyond a couple of dozen nodes.

I have been claiming for a long time for :
  • an automatic view between two specified thoughts
  • a view (mindmap or not) that is zoomable

But we'll obviously have to wait. My long-time feeling is that there is a development slant in favour of data-input and indexing/searching, and not enough in data viewing.
It is a dealbreaker for me too, if things stay this way.


Timeline and Events (#3481)

  • As the SINGLE most important FUNCTIONAL FEATURE since v7 : APPLAUSE  - I appreciate this feature much more than the port from Java to Native.

  • As long as the equivocal situation exists between Thoughts and Events, its usefulness is stunted :
       -    people using TheBrain as a Calendar / Project manager app will find it useful
       -    people (including myself) who use TheBrain as a Mindmapping app will find it frustrating

Nonetheless, I truly appreciate the great effort gone into this functional development. We are only steps away from having a "Timeline view of thoughts" ordered either by creation date, though name, or thought content.

kind regads
Access TB´s data model for analytics and key performance indicators extraction
This topic is actually interesting on different levels.

TheBrain is a visualisation app for loosely-structured data, which uses a database for its internal structures / data management.
Proposing to use other viz tools (I am also a Tableau user btw) to visualise TheBrain data :
  • makes sense as it would offer data views that TheBrain itself does not offer
  • presumes that TheBrain is a 1st-level data source, which it isn't really

And herein lies, in my opinion, a dilemma that finely runs through this forum generally : many people seem to use TheBrain as a data repository / general dumping ground, while others (including myself) see it as a visualisation app for data which is "anywhere".

It would be interesting to see how TheBrain team positions the product in such terms.

... a bit normal for beta releases, I would say ...

9.0.x - Rename thought
Great, noted. Thanks Mister H

9.0.x - Rename thought
Hello developers

I'm having my first go at v9.
I am a fairly heavy user of "rename thoughts", which I traditionally do with the keyboard shortcut.
In v9 it has not only disappeared as a shortcut, it's disappeared from the menu !
I know I can still rename thoughts from the UI, but can we have the shortcut back ?

thanks in advance
9.0.132 - this release enables use by those who do not have an active services account
Hey zenrain long time no speak !

gotcha, downloading !

9.0.132 - this release enables use by those who do not have an active services account
Thanks !

the beta page downloads v x.130 which, once installed, says it's the latest.
it works ok (imported a Brain8) with my Standard PRO account, but it doesnt update to x.133.

no rush though, I can wait for x.134

... need a PRO license also for the beta ... ? :-|
Thanks Harlan.

Incidentally, I DO have a PRO license, just not a PRO subscription ...

I can wait a while longer
add a due date to thoughts will make it a task/event

hi there

oh don't worry my specifics are amply vented (... documented ?)  :-)

add a due date to thoughts will make it a task/event

Quote: What I don't see so far are any good reasons to use TB 9 in place of TB 8.

I have to agree with you.
Features essential to me are just not there yet.

add a due date to thoughts will make it a task/event
I have always been somewhat perplexed by the fact that many people seem to use TheBrain as a project management application.

There are zillions of time-tested PM apps out there, all timeline- (Gantt) and calendar-capable.
TheBrain is a mindmapping app, to which some functionality has been added over time.

While I agree that dates could / should be a data type that Thoughts should handle, (mainly for sorting purposes), I find myself fundamentally disagreeing with transforming TheBrain into a PM app.

In this respect, I am actually reassured by Harlan's remark quoted above.

[BIG Feature Request] My Vision for The Brain
Very thorough post.

I've been wanting to do the same for some a while, but time is forever lacking...

We all feed into this forum our personal wishes of what TheBrain should be.

it seems obvious to me that it IS NOT a database with reporting tools.

It is more of a knowledge management tool with under-exploited data visualisation capabilities.

I 100% agree with jotapa that a software such as this NEEDS to be intelligent, rather than passive.
Of course, it needs to allow manual manipulation because text analysis alone never quite yields the wanted results.

Also, TheBrain cannot limit itself to text : personally, I need its any-data-type-to-any-other linking.

But yes, TB does need to go functionally further than it is now, and not.

Now let's get the platform change behind us and then work on functionality ... ;-)

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