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Stretching the plex?
Patrick Thompson, Dec 11 09:50 (PST):

Hello Jeroen,

Thank you for contacting us. There is currently no way to stretch the Plex into a vertical position. The closest thing to attaining this would be done by using an Outline View: (View > Outline). 

Import from older version?
Tracy, Dec 11 09:03 (PST):

Hi Jeroen,
Thanks for contacting us. Yes, you can open a 5.5 Brain file with v7. It will convert the brain and then open. Download v7 from http://www.thebrain.com/download Open TheBrain and go to File>Open Brain. Select your brain you want to convert and open.

Stretching the plex?
Can I stretch the plex in vertical direction (PB Now it seems all very concentrated on one line. When I place the Tools to the rigth or the left I have enough screen to stretch it and make it more readable. Links are all very horizontal orientated and start to blur/merge.

Import from older version?
Can I import a brain made in Personalbrain into TheBrain 7?

Online options without Cloud Service?
Hi there,

I'm using a Pro Trial of TheBrain7 at the moment. Just discovered TheBrain and I'm very enthousiastic already. I really feel like buying but then the Pro License, not the Pro Combo, that's above budget for me. That will mean no Cloud Services.
What other (free) possibilities do I have to put theBrain online and download whereever I have internet connection, and have a similar use as I experience now with Webbrain (that's the cloud service right?)?


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