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Append the same text to notes for all selected thoughts?
Is there anyway to add some text (for example the name of a book which was the source of the thought) to several thoughts at once based on which are selected?  
Is there any way to prevent types from displaying in a webbrain?
I'm looking for a way to filter my thoughts for selection so I can export different parts of my brain for different purposes.  However, I don't want my brain's viewers to see the means I use for filtering our specific thoughts.

 Using private vs. not private is too limiting as I'll need more than 2 values (private or not) for filtering

I know we can't hide tags and that types show up in a webbrain when you cursor over the thought.  

Is there anyway to prevent the type from showing in the plex when you cursor over a thought in a webbrain?  Is there any other way to categorize thoughts that won't show up in a webbrain?

Print reports in TheBrain 7
Thanks!! That's it.
Print reports in TheBrain 7
How do you print a report or copy its text?  It used to be that you could use Edit > Add report to selection, then use Edit > Copy as text, but there no longer is an Edit > Copy as text option.
Prevent tags from showing in cloud webbrains
In TheBrain 7 I have hidden my tags so that they do not show up on my Plex (on my Mac Lion).  I would like them to be hidden in my online webbrain too, but they are showing up there.  

I tried forcing a resync, but that had no effect; the tags still displayed in my webbrain.

How do I hide tags in a webbrain?

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