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TheBrain statistics screengrab.jpg    
Above my input. It would be nice to understand the analysis of these figures and get some advise what can be improved. I have been using TheBrain for three years now as mechanical design engineer in product design.
This Brain contains research of materials and technology, companies and contacts, links to Internet, local library Intranet, documents like CAD files, drawings, PDF's , reports, images & photo's, all orders placed (using tags for the category) over the years linked to suppliers and data sheets (using a though template), project management, to do lists, etc.
This Brain has grown and improved over time in structure (parent, child, related). But if there are better ways to do this? How to find out?
Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Gerard

Sharing one brain file - knowledge & project sharing
I have been using The Brain for two years now professionally for engineering projects, contacts & website, supplier info, orders I placed, experience documentation, opening CAD, XLS and DOC files, etc.
I like to take all one step further but am afraid TheBrain does not offer a solution to this.
The home plex of all the information is <My name> and is located on a server.
I can create a new plex above <My name> and call this e.g. <Company> and make this the new home plex.
Now I create several new name (colleagues) plexes under <Company>.
Suppose each colleague engineer has TheBrain running on his/her computer, each engineer could start using the same file adding their daily information about projects, etc.
TheBrain file <Company> would grow into a knowledge base and if I look for certain info I would find that someone might allready have some relevant information that I can use. Would that not be great.

Problems I can see are:
- the one file <Company> needs to be shared with all users and be able to be edited simultanious by these users.
- the file will grow really big I guess, everybody storing the information in one file.
- document control; I do not want others to change my files
- link problems; what if folders on the server are renamed, this would break all kind of links.
- other?

Does TheBrain offer a solution, or does anyone know of a solution.
Your input is much appreciated.
Gerard Boterman

Very slow - sometimes not responding for a minute or longer
Thanks for all the input, that is great.

I use the Brain both at home as well as at work as design engineer.
I use it to open many work documents (templates, procedures, manuals, QC documents, standards) as well as many CAD files, all on the Intranet or my local PC. I also have hundreds of links to supplier websites to quickly retrieve technical info of parts, all linked to emailed quotes and all my orders I placed over the last two years.
I use tags to product groups > showing all suppliers (linked to websites) > each supplier showing contacts (with email links) and hitory of orders > each order showing details, possible links, etc.
All works brilliant - but sometimes so slow.

It seems I cannot use folder links, which seem to freeze the program. so I use shortcuts instead.
Working with CAD computer (64 bit) I got dual screens, one displaying the Brain all the time. When I switch to this screen and click on a thought, that is the point when it happens that I get no response for up to two-three minutes, when finaly the program starts working again.

I take this Brainzipped file home and run it on my computer, obvious it is not connected to the network and therefore might search for links that are not there.
Q1) Is there a way to remove these 'dead' links and/or shortcuts or disable these? Meaning, can I clean up the workfile, creating a home version - all Internet links remain.
Q2) When you suggest to run of a solid state memory drive, does this include running The Brain on this this as well or just the working files?
Q3) Can this be a USB key or memory card, or is is an actual external drive connected to a USB port?

I am running the latest version of The Brain so I do not think the problem is related to the version.
Thanks, Gerard
Very slow - sometimes not responding for a minute or longer
I have contacted support several times. The replies I receive have never been very helpful - sort of as they were not interested.
Very slow - sometimes not responding for a minute or longer
Thanks for all the feedback. I still have issues in how quick the Brain starts up or responds.
Start up time is 46 seconds.
I have got a high spec HP Elitebook 8730 work station which I use for CAD, so it is not the system.
My hard disk is well maintained and defragged.
I have not tried moving links to notes yet, but will try this. But then again, I like to have my links under the Thought tab. That is where these belong, isn't it?
Thanks, Gerard
Very slow - sometimes not responding for a minute or longer
Yes, heaps of links - is there a way to disable this from happening, so the Brain will only access these when required or opened?
Finding external links
My Brain has become quite large over the last year (929 thoughts, 1062 links, 50 tags)
How can I find thoughts (entries) in my Brain that have external links, so I can organize these or remove them when not required any more?
Looking at my statistics, I got e.g. one internal file attachement.
How do I find this one?

Thanks, Gerard
Very slow - sometimes not responding for a minute or longer
I am running The Brain 7, latest version on a 64 bit Windows 7 fast CAD PC, dual monitor.
The second monitor displays my Brain with many links (Internet, files, network) and relevant information for my work.
Frequently I click on the second a plex and the Brain is not responding for a couple of minutes as if working in the background or something.
How can I stop this from happening?
Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks, Gerard

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