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Release 227 not running on my windows laptop
I faced the same problem with 228.

Works with 229.

PS: Still not able to update with user only access (admin required).
I let you guess how easy it is to solve this kind of problem when you don't (officially) have admin access ...
Syncing HTTP 500 error
500 internal error since this morning.
TB IOS Can't login when switching back to TB 8
Keyboard "fixed".

Unfortunetly no keyboard nor login screen appears at all [tongue] [tongue]

( hangs after a few secs).

PS: Same happens on wifi / it's not a (bad) 3G problem.


Harlan wrote: Thanks for the feedback. The keyboard blocking problem after switching has been fixed for the next release.

Due to the way the app store update process works, we have decided to make the new version of the app replace the older version, meaning it will not be possible to have both installed at the same time. This is why we enabled switching between version 8 and 9 directly within the app.
Logging sync records takes ... ages (> 24h)
Anything I can do to avoid this ?

(> 100'000 sync records are "logged").

This is for my 2L brain, first sync on TB9.
TB IOS Can't login when switching back to TB 8

Here you go.
Maybe you guys have an iPhone ++ ?

As for the feature request, I'd prefer if you do it quickly, as it would be really helpfull now (during the beta).

IMG_4731.PNG  IMG_4732.PNG  IMG_4733.PNG 

shatcher wrote: Roger,

Can you send a screenshot to support@thebrain.com of the dialog blocking the login? We tested it here and it did not block, but it might be a different screen size. As for renaming the beta so v8 and v9 can run at the same time on iOS, I can add a feature request for that.

Cheers, Sean
TB IOS Can't login when switching back to TB 8
zenrain wrote: I am... [biggrin]

Tx Zen, I feel better now …

TB booklet doesn't work with TB9 IOS beta ?
Ever since I installed the beta from Testflight, the booklet allowing us to save page to TB doesn't work any longer.

My guess is that the app path or something must have changed, and hence the script no longer works:


It now brings an error:

"Safari can not open the page because the address is invalid".

Anyone smarter than me who could help me correct that script ?

Also, is that booklet/script supposed to work for TB 9 as well ?

(Please tell me we will keep the "inbox" functionality [smile] ).

Again, it might be useful to name TB beta differently, so that we can keep TB8's functionality intact, and beta test TB9.

Just my regular 2 cts ...
Utilities > Check for modified attachments
Any update on this issue/topic ?

I have many "modified attachments", can't tell why/where, as I'm not opening those files outside TB.

I have a new instance of my brain on a PC (where my original device is a Mac).
Could that hurt ?
TB IOS Can't login when switching back to TB 8
When switching from TB 8 to TB 9, TB ios correctly show the login fields, but when switching back from 9 to 8, the login fields are hidden (by the keyboard, which you can't hide).

One has to kill TB in order to get access to the "login" button.

Also, when switching from 8 to 9, TB ios remembers the login mail, which is nice.

Finally, remember your password might be different on TB9 than on TB8 (it happened to me).

Keep up the good work !


And might it be possible to name TB 9 beta differently in testflight ?
So we could keep TB9 beta AND TB8 open at the same time ?

I still use TB8 as my production brain, and having to switch back and forth between it and the beta is annoying.
2L sync fail (again)
Any news ?
2L sync fail (again)
Here we are again [smile]

2L doesn't sync with server.

Will send the output.log referring to this thread.

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