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anyone using TB on Windows8 tablets ?
I am also using it on my Surface Pro (otherwise known as "the precious"  - yes it is that nice).

Love TheBrain on it.  One thing - even though TB is touch friendly, I have found that I definitely need the stylus for navigation most of the time.  This is a quirk of the Surface specifically I believe, not all W8 tablets.
Solving The Mobility Challenges of TheBrain
I have a Surface Pro, and yes, the stylus does make it easier.  But I would very much like to see a touch-based Win8 version, as the resolution on the Surface makes it very small when running in Win7 mode.  Also, the webbrain is painfully small and almost impossible to use on the Surface - too little of it shows!

A slightly bigger isssue is that I have noticed a problem with BrainZips opening on the Surface and the connections between thoughts all screwy.   I haven't been able to figure out why.  (Not to hijack the thread, but I want to make this clear:   when I work on desktop Brain with Win8 running in Win7 mode, save a BrainZip, open that BrainZip on my Surface, I found that one thought was literally related to every other one - all 1400 or so!  and it has happened with 2 other smaller "test" brain zips.  So there is some issue there, some underlying instability when moving data to the tablet?  The relationships get all wonky.)

help representing timelines
In a graph database, it is possible to set a relationship of  "preceeds."  So you have something like "Node A preceeds Node B."   

I wonder if something similar could be done with link types and reports?  Maybe the thoughts would have to have numbers too though to make it line up properly?
Active Directory Visualization.
Change link type.  There are about 1000 separate children, scattered under about 8 parents.
batch process link types?
Nice idea- I will try it and report back.   I did see a post from awhile ago by Harlan that said it was not possible though, so we'll see.

Active Directory Visualization.
Oooh that would be great!  I have many-paged Excel sheets with lists of various institutions, their agreements and attributes if you want to try something different. 

I'm trying to use the brain to graph out a link analysis, because it is so much better looking and accessible than Neo4J, etc.   But I may be driven back to them, because I am having trouble making changes without crawling the entire brain and updating one by one.

It would be great to have an API that worked with Gremlin or Cypher.....

And while we're talking, I don't suppose you know any easy way to batch-update link types, my latest crisis?  [wink]

batch process link types?
I'm setting up a Brain to show the relationships between institutions.  I've been working on different versions of this, and recently realized that link types might help me make a more fine-grained analysis.

Is there a way to make a batch update of a link type?  I've managed to get everything into the selection window, but there doesn't seem to be a way to change the link type for the group. 

There are far too many to do individually, so I'm really hoping there's a way to process this efficiently.

Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated.
Active Directory Visualization.
I don't have an idea, but am hopefully watching this thread to see if anyone else does.  I have a similar issue with the data I'm using.  Updating it is rapidly becoming a nightmare.
Can Brains Really Help Infom Non-Brain Users?
One issue with not getting feedback may be how long it takes to get approved to post.  I had sent in my request for a log-in a good month before your post, and just got approved today!  And that only after hounding them...some people may just give up, but I really wanted to respond to your post. 

I am hoping that more people will get energized to participate once the ipad version is out.  I do know that some other people in my program use the brain and more and more of us are finding it especially useful for the dissertation, so the number of users is growing.
Can Brains Really Help Infom Non-Brain Users?
Hi Mark,
Just getting approved to the forum, so apologies for the delay in responding to your post.

I think this is a very interesting way of using the brain.  I appreciate how you've scaffolded the use with video, the powerpoint slides, and the help button - I think that will make it much easier for people to learn the technology.

I would consider using design to help support that even further.  The dark blue background can make the web of links very dense and a bit overwhelming.   I've been working on designing one of my brains for use by others, and it's pretty dense too.  My approach is now to make the backgrounds very light - white, or the light blue theme, or some custom colors I'm playing with.  That way the links are not as prominent at first glance, but show up nicely when a thought is activated. 

The colored text is also hard to figure out why it is colored that way - maybe a guide to that too?  Something like this:  "Red links will provide you with more in-depth reading, yellow links to our press releases" or whatever.  If the colors are not significant, I would consider drop them - it feels like they "should" mean something that way.  

I have proposed a feature for the Brain that would let us predetermine a wander path - that would really help uses like this.  It would also make presentations easier to control, as it would make it into something like a powerpoint show.   But until then, would a pinned thought that had a "Read me" approach work?  Something like a "where to start if you don't know where to start" list of suggested links?  A "table of contents" might help people access the ideas in a way they may be more accustomed to.

Another possibility might be to have it begin in outline mode, which has that tree/branch pattern people are more familiar with from computer file architecture.  Non-brain users will know what to do with that to get started.

I'd love to keep discussing about this.  I'm using  The Brain for my dissertation research, and will be running into a similar problem of sharing the data (once I ever get it done...) So I've been thinking about it alot.

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