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marcus wrote:
I took another video - you can really see how slow it is by watching the green hover indications, then if you turn the volume up some and listen for the clicks you can see the delay between clicking and anything happening:

Harlan, I tried to reproduce marcus first video, where he is moving the selection between two thoughts. In that minimal example, the reaction time on my machine is much faster. 

However I can absolutely agree with the second video he posted. (and previous) slow navigation and high CPU on OS X (#4505)
metta wrote:
Previously Harlan wrote:
> V9 is more dependent on fast disk IO - if you have a slow HD it will affect V9 more than V8.

I thought that might be related to the speed issues I'm having on both of my Win7 installations. However, I'm wondering: is the speed of your hard drive not the issue, marcus and a_d?

I already posted a benchmark of my ssd in the thread in a post before. In my opinion, since I'm using a SSD this should not be an issue. (and previous) slow navigation and high CPU on OS X (#4505)
Hi Harlan, 

thanks for your fast response. 

In fact (maybe I did not write it that clear in my first post), I see a general "lag" when using the UI in TB9. The important part is the navigation in the plex, cf
I clicked my mouse in the moment you a red circle. The animation of the circle gives you an impression how much time passes before the application switches to the next thought. To me, there is a significant difference between TB 8 and 9.

At the same time, I observe some lag when opening a menu as for example the options menu. My assumption is/was that these are somewhat connected. 

To me, the issue of marcus looks similar, but I cannot say it is really the same. To me, at least my issue, seems not only to relate with UI animation, but reaction to a click event. Will try to reproduce marcus issue on my machine later...

My Brain is stored on the internal SSD, with the following benchmark: 

as-ssd-bench INTEL SSDSC2BF18 02.11.2017 08-18-34.png (and previous) slow navigation and high CPU on OS X (#4505)
Harlan, Matt, 

I would like to add my observations to marcus' thread, since I am experiencing similar issues which prevent me from migrating to TB 9. Until now, I did not migrate, since the slight delays when using TB 9 are somewhat annoying to me. The "flow" is simply missing. 

First, I tried to capture my observations first using a screen recorder. However, the screen recorder is interfering with the application speed for rendering the content. (Files ScreenRecorder_* in Dropbox). For completeness, I uploaded them nevertheless. 

Then I simply used my SmartPhone Camera (Files Camera_* in Dropbox). In that case, you can clearly see the different response times of TB 8 and TB 9. I clicked my mouse in the moment you a red circle. The animation of the circle gives you an impression how much time passes before the application switches to the next thought. To me, there is a significant difference between TB 8 and 9. 

Coming back to the screen recordings. In file "ScreenRecorder_TheBrain9.flv" at second 22, you can observe a delay when clicking the menu. 

I also checked my machine's memory. At the time of the recording only 64% of 4gb physical memory were used, which lets me assume there should not be any swapping issues. 

TB9 version:
TB8 version.
Windows 10x64
Dropbox Link:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cpqh5crjvxidur0/AAAq4RqHAVoBsvJ0DRQDcrSPa?dl=0

How can I further support solving the issue? I would be really happy to be able to switch to TB9.



Export selection as OPML
Just wanted to add my +1 to this feature!

By that, we would be enabled to visualize our important data in other tools, which would enhance the possibilities very much!
[Fixed Issue] Can't login using a password that contains special characters.
Thanks Harlan, in fact I used the correct email address and password and it did not work.

But I had another idea: Changing my password in the way that it does not contain special characters (! and & in this case) made it work. 

[Fixed Issue] Can't login using a password that contains special characters.

unfortunately, for me it is not possible to login. After entering my username and password it shows "Login failed. Please try again.". 

Login via webbrain.com/myaccount works fine. 

https://preview.webbrain.com/ shows "Hello, world." (Is that correct?)

Are there any issues currently?

Thanks in advance!


Retain URL Icon as Thought Image when Adding Files

Will try and check what works best for me at the moment. Haven't thought about adding another child thought ... [wink]

Retain URL Icon as Thought Image when Adding Files
Hi @all,

quite often, I drag and drop a web url from my browser to create a new thought. Upon doing that, TheBrain downloads the website's icon and adds it to the thought. In the second step, I save the website and add the files to the thought, which removes the URL icon and sets the standard "multiple files exist" icon.

In the current 8.0.x version, is there the possibility to somehow retain the URL icon as thought image when files are added?


Best Regards,
Expanded View Bug
Anything new on this?

Save images from the Internet locally
Quote: Using HTTrack (http://www.httrack.com/) you can put whole websites (not only single webpages) into a brain (i.e. software documentation that's only available online).

Thanks again!!!
Save images from the Internet locally
Quote: How are the images lost? I've no problems saving the images from Firefox (see video in the attached zip file).

Thanks very much. I did not know, that I can drag an drop (move) the folder to the thought, so I had only the file without images in there.

Great tip!
Save images from the Internet locally

this is a working example:


Thank you for your tipps. In principle, I want to have a copy of some webpages, e.g. gartner.com, in my brain. For my private brain, I use evernote to capture the webpages and then transfer the evernote notes via an autohotkey script to TheBrain, but for my business brain, cloud services are not allowed (so I use copy and paste).

Normally, the copy and paste method works finds (see above for wikipedia). When saving the webpage as file in Firefox, the images are unfortunately lost too. Maybee I should go the way over a generated PDF, but very often, webpages don't look good as PDF....

For webpage parts, I proceed like you mentioned in B.

What do you mean exactly with "images of the current webpage (its own HTML code) but not images that are referenced from the webpage"?

In my opinion, images are always referenced by some url in the HTML code.
Save images from the Internet locally
Yes, exactly [smile]
Save images from the Internet locally
Hi Patrick,

thanks but I think there is a misunderstanding.

Steps working example:
- In Firefox, goto URL: http://thebrain.com/files/5813/3496/0378/TheBrain-Stacked-home.png
- Copy graphic
- Goto TheBrain notes window
- Paste
--> the Image URL of the image in the notes window (image properties) gets rewritten to a local URL.
--> Works Fine!

This normally works also, if I do not copy only an image, but some HTML with image.

Steps not working example:
- In Firefox, goto URL: http://www.gartner.com/technology/reprints.do?id=1-1QLGACN&ct=140210&st=sb
- CTRL + A (select all)
- CTRL + C (Copy)
- Goto TheBrain notes window
- Paste
--> the Image URL of the images in the notes window (image properties) do NOT get rewritten to local URLs

Maybe you could shortly look again into this. Hope it is reproducible.

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