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Export selection as OPML
Just wanted to add my +1 to this feature!

By that, we would be enabled to visualize our important data in other tools, which would enhance the possibilities very much!
[Fixed Issue] Can't login using a password that contains special characters.
Thanks Harlan, in fact I used the correct email address and password and it did not work.

But I had another idea: Changing my password in the way that it does not contain special characters (! and & in this case) made it work. 

[Fixed Issue] Can't login using a password that contains special characters.

unfortunately, for me it is not possible to login. After entering my username and password it shows "Login failed. Please try again.". 

Login via webbrain.com/myaccount works fine. 

https://preview.webbrain.com/ shows "Hello, world." (Is that correct?)

Are there any issues currently?

Thanks in advance!


Retain URL Icon as Thought Image when Adding Files

Will try and check what works best for me at the moment. Haven't thought about adding another child thought ... [wink]

Retain URL Icon as Thought Image when Adding Files
Hi @all,

quite often, I drag and drop a web url from my browser to create a new thought. Upon doing that, TheBrain downloads the website's icon and adds it to the thought. In the second step, I save the website and add the files to the thought, which removes the URL icon and sets the standard "multiple files exist" icon.

In the current 8.0.x version, is there the possibility to somehow retain the URL icon as thought image when files are added?


Best Regards,
Expanded View Bug
Anything new on this?

Save images from the Internet locally
Quote: Using HTTrack (http://www.httrack.com/) you can put whole websites (not only single webpages) into a brain (i.e. software documentation that's only available online).

Thanks again!!!
Save images from the Internet locally
Quote: How are the images lost? I've no problems saving the images from Firefox (see video in the attached zip file).

Thanks very much. I did not know, that I can drag an drop (move) the folder to the thought, so I had only the file without images in there.

Great tip!
Save images from the Internet locally

this is a working example:


Thank you for your tipps. In principle, I want to have a copy of some webpages, e.g. gartner.com, in my brain. For my private brain, I use evernote to capture the webpages and then transfer the evernote notes via an autohotkey script to TheBrain, but for my business brain, cloud services are not allowed (so I use copy and paste).

Normally, the copy and paste method works finds (see above for wikipedia). When saving the webpage as file in Firefox, the images are unfortunately lost too. Maybee I should go the way over a generated PDF, but very often, webpages don't look good as PDF....

For webpage parts, I proceed like you mentioned in B.

What do you mean exactly with "images of the current webpage (its own HTML code) but not images that are referenced from the webpage"?

In my opinion, images are always referenced by some url in the HTML code.
Save images from the Internet locally
Yes, exactly [smile]
Save images from the Internet locally
Hi Patrick,

thanks but I think there is a misunderstanding.

Steps working example:
- In Firefox, goto URL: http://thebrain.com/files/5813/3496/0378/TheBrain-Stacked-home.png
- Copy graphic
- Goto TheBrain notes window
- Paste
--> the Image URL of the image in the notes window (image properties) gets rewritten to a local URL.
--> Works Fine!

This normally works also, if I do not copy only an image, but some HTML with image.

Steps not working example:
- In Firefox, goto URL: http://www.gartner.com/technology/reprints.do?id=1-1QLGACN&ct=140210&st=sb
- CTRL + A (select all)
- CTRL + C (Copy)
- Goto TheBrain notes window
- Paste
--> the Image URL of the images in the notes window (image properties) do NOT get rewritten to local URLs

Maybe you could shortly look again into this. Hope it is reproducible.

Save images from the Internet locally

I recently observed that even if I have activated the option "Save images from the Internet locally",
the images url is e.g. "", so to say not locally. I copy and pasted the image again from one brain thought to another but it did not change.

If I am offline for example, I can not view the images of the note...

The issues can be similiar to
but I think
is a different issue, or am i wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards

Win 7 Pro
Resizing of Icon Dialog
ah, ok! I didn't find it with the search. 
Transfer Evernote-Notes (with attachments) to TheBrain by XML
Hi Patrice,

I can not imagine the behaviour that TheBrain window is always on top, e.g. if you open a link is due to my script.
Could you reproduce it by restarting your PC without starting my script? 
Is it only after or when using my script?

Which are the other bugs you mentioned that stopped you to use it?

If you give me some informations, I'm happy to resolve them.

Best regards,
Resizing of Icon Dialog
v8.0.0.2: When trying to resize the icon dialog, it always flips back to a specific window size.

v8.0.0.1: I remember that i was possible to resize it in

I liked the possibility to resize it to simply view more icons at once. (Would like it even more if I could specify the size of the icons in the preview).

Win7 x64
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