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Certain Application spcific URLs dont wokr
Adding a Devonthink link has to be entered twice since initial paste creates http:// in-front of the Devonthink link "x-devonthink-item://464539CE-8039-4720-8054-0A4CAC38A064".

So you end up with: "http://x-devonthink-item://464539CE-8039-4720-8054-0A4CAC38A064".

Editing location of the link once it is created iwht hte above incorrect URL, and pasting back the Devonthink link eliminate the problem.

Also in Notes Links, I cannot get this work around to work.  the http:// is put in-front of the "x-devonthink-item://464539CE-8039-4720-8054-0A4CAC38A064".

In Version 8, we could just paste a link in without this prefix being added.

Can we have an option to not put the "http://:" in-front of a URL if the applicaitoon is not known. 

BTW: If it is Omnifocus and Curio,  this prefix is not added and the links work correctly for Notes & add a URL option.
[Feature Request - Done] Link into other apps (MAC)
Also an imported V8 Brain with working URL to Devonthink, now crashes when clicked.

Advanced Search Not working for iCal, Address Book, and Mail Integration
I went back trying a couple of old V8 releases using El Capitan and found  Version Apr 24,2015 will index attachments and also advance search calendar, contacts & mail.  I may have missed a few downloads after that but thought thus might help  debugging this issue.

Advanced Search Not working for iCal, Address Book, and Mail Integration
Actually I downgraded to TheBrain version 7 for Mac and advanced search works again to find information in Word & pdf documents & mail....

So this looks like a search & indexing issue in last version 8 and  When I open a brain with v7, it detects and give info window saying index is not complete. Click OK to index and I can search for attachment content... again.

Any news on fixes to be able to file, contacts, calendar & mail index search?

Advanced Search Not working for iCal, Address Book, and Mail Integration
I ran scripts to manually unregister Brain as you suggested, and gave permission as each prompt came up during TheBrain search for Reminders, Calendar and once in a while Contacts. I now get prompted several times during a search to allow access to search Calendar, Reminders, and Contacts.   Same search does not find same results,  some emails show up the first time looking for a name, but the name is not found in contacts where it is and then next time not find anything.   The same is going on with searching inside say a Word document whether the document is inside The Brain and or file is shortcut linked to theBrain.  I also tried Utility Index.  I did uninstall and reinstall TheBrain.  I was on Yosemite and have now upgraded to El Capitan. Similar results.  I have tried manually resetting Privacy setting in System Preferences.

This is version TheBrain and tested on two different MacBook Air laptop and a Mac Mini.

Not sure what next steps would be.

Advanced Search Not working for iCal, Address Book, and Mail Integration

I have issue on two different Macs. TheBrain and Yosemite 10.5.5.
Copy thought URL problem?
I suggest for Mac version, that the "Copy Local Thought URL" option should be removed from the right click menu for the Thought until new version mentioned in the other message thread addresses the issue.  Thank you.
Copy thought URL problem?
Were the "copy local Thought URL" problems addressed on MAC?  brain:\\ is not registered with TheBrain application and when TheBrain app is selected from applications area to open URL,, the URL does not go to a thought.  At least under Yosemite, the link is not going to the thought were URL was copied.  This is TheBrain 8 Pro vers Nov 20,2014, J-1.8.0_31

Search on IOS
Ok so you really need a DB like Devonthink on an iPad with attachment links from Devonthink into TheBrain to be able to search attachment detail in Devonthink and thought search in TheBrain on iPad.

Thx for clarification.
Search on IOS
So Search on ISO can find a thought but not a phrase in an embedded pdf file.
Desktop can find both.
So when will indexing be sent to iPad with brain synchronization?

Available Now in Canada and Everywhere Soon
Ok please openTheBrain for IOS for the USA Apple store.
TheBrain is seeking iOS Beta Testers
Now that a YouTube TheBrain iPad App video has been posted,  how do we download it or use it?
TheBrain is seeking iOS Beta Testers
Can you publish an IOS update for those not in the Beta program?
AppleScript for OmniFocus
Hi can you repost a link to the script?  I get a Dropbox link error when I try to download link included in early part of message thread.
TheBrain is seeking iOS Beta Testers
This is original IOS Beta program was started June 11th, just over 6 months ago,  would you consider publishing a status report?
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