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How to earn money with a knowledgebase in TheBrain?
Hi Metta,

Re what the embedded business climate risk brain is set at: The settings for our embedded brains are set at width 1500 and height 900. I don't change them to 100%/100%. When we want to reduce the size, I change the pixels (e.g., width 750 and height 450 if I want it to be half the size). Hadn't thought about using %, and realizing that makes good sense.

Re how to embed the brain and how to get hyperlinks that go into the embedded brain rather than going to webbrain: That's a bit hard to just post here and since I'm not an expert or even a really knowledgeable user of HTML I would probably not explain it well anyway. The links that allow linking to the embedded brain are HTML codes that go into the text on one's webpage. We had someone design a plugin that we installed on our Wordpress website, and then there are two shortcodes for the iframe for the embedded brain and for the links that then go straight into the embedded brain. If anyone wants all the info and the plugin, send me an email.

Undesired automatic screen magnification during capture of thought icons
Hi Patrick,
Thanks for the clarification, that makes sense.

It doesn't seem to matter if I have anything other than the Brain open or not -- perhaps I should have been more clear about that. It doesn't have anything to do with browsers or programs. It happens 100% of the time whenever I use the "capture thought icon" function. I've tried it in different Brains. Doesn't matter what browser, doesn't matter if anything else is running, doesn't matter what I am trying to capture whether it's an image online, in a program such as Word or Excel, or on the desktop. 

Yes, I, too, am thinking there is a setting somewhere in the new laptop that is causing this since my old, 4 yr old, slow Lenovo works just fine with the Brain (other than being so slow I could hardly use it anymore). But I don't know what to look for. Was hoping someone might have come across this. 

Undesired automatic screen magnification during capture of thought icons
Hi Patrick,
Could you clarify what you mean by an "app out setting"? 

As far as I know, there is nothing magnifying the screen. It looks perfectly normal for every application except Brain thought icon captures. Do you have something in mind that I can look for?


Undesired automatic screen magnification during capture of thought icons
I'm at normal resolution for the laptop screen, haven't zoomed in or out. On the old laptop (a 4 yr old Lenovo ThinkPad), if I went to capture an image for thought icon, the resolution would not change/magnify/totally change the way it does with my new laptop. With the new laptop, there doesn't seem to be a way to capture the image as it actually shows on the laptop screen. (I can use Snagit but that adds time/steps, so it would be nice to get the Brain capture icon function working properly...)

Are these two images below better?

What the laptop screen REALLY looks like:
image 2.png 
What the screen suddenly looks like when I've clicked on "capture thought icon":

Does that help?
Undesired automatic screen magnification during capture of thought icons

I'm seeing an issue with my new laptop. When trying to capture an image for a thought icon, the destination screen magnifies itself such that the image I'm trying to capture is no longer in the position, or the size, I want to capture.

Example of an image as it looks when I capture it:
Example of the actual image before I do "capture thought icon":
I'm using Windows 10 on an Asus ZenBook UX305.  

Ideas, anyone?

Laura Kosloff

Brain Freeze?
Here is my own update....

1.  I encountered the completely whited out plex, too, among my various "playing around" to see what Brain 8 would/would not do. Not in response to indexing, but during a "let's see what happens when I search for a thought I know exists."  Moment of panic. Exited Brain, went back in and all looked fine.

2. Per the request of Matt from Brain support, I sent him a couple of output log files yesterday after errors occurred in Brain 8.  Here is his response from just a short while ago today: 

"Our engineers have found the cause of the problem, but we have not yet found a solution. We hope to have a new build available soon that will resolve this problem."

Like you, I'm back to Brain 7 for now since I can't get much work done with the software freezing every few minutes.  Hopefully "soon" is soon.  My husband and I, too, have used Brain since 2009 and I do not recall having had such massive problems in the past with an update.

best wishes,

Brain Freeze?
Hello LaVerne and BHurd,

I am wondering if either of you have any updates to this thread -- have you continued to see these issues with Brain 8?

I installed Brain 8 just a couple of days ago and I am seeing all of the issues you mentioned in this thread.  Have tried uninstalling and re-installing, hasn't worked. So trying to see what else to try.

I've played around in Brain 8 in a large brain (18,000+ thoughts) and in a smaller brain, no difference.

thank you,
Laura Kosloff

using:  Brain, J-1.7.0_40
Windows 7, 64-bit
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