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TB9: Super Simple Note Style Request (#3508)
Very glad to see others share an interest in this feature! Hoping there will be enough support for this super-simple-note-style to make it a reality.....Thanks!
Bug Report: Lost/Missing Features in TB9? (#3355)
Thanks for checking on this, Matt. I rely heavily on the hover feature, and would have no reason to intentionally change it.

Of course, the change (theoretically) could have been made accidentally, except for the fact that (to my knowledge) I had not adjusted any preferential settings since upgrading to the current version.
Bug: Recently Added Note Text Lost (#3522)
Just now checked and the 2nd sync button is NOT grayed out. Had I wanted to, I could have run 2 syncs simultaneously.

In fact, I've done this frequently (in the past).....and I've NEVER seen the sync button grayed out.

Currently running on Win7

Hope this helps!
Bug: Recently Added Note Text Lost (#3522)
I don't think the sync button on Brain #2 was grayed out -- and I do think the sync processes for the 2 brains probably did overlap.

In light of this, is it best to assume we should NOT sync 2 brains simultaneously?

If so, will TheBrain eventually be designed such that we do NOT have any other sync buttons available while another sync is already in process?
Bug: Recently Added Note Text Lost (#3522)
As luck would have it, the problem just now recurred (running on Win7)

To the best of my ability, I've documented the sequence of preceding steps below:
> Navigated to an existing thought in my brain.
> Added one line of text in the note on this thought
> Synced.
> Added bold highlighting to a portion of the existing line of text.
> Added one more word (with blue & italic formatting) to the existing line of text.
> Synced both brains that were open in the current instance of TheBrain.
> Returned to the still active thought, and the new added text (blue italic) was GONE.

Output log is attached.

Hope this helps -- and thanks again for your troubleshooting. Your efforts are genuinely appreciated since I can't make the transition into V9 as long as this kind of data loss is still occurring.
Bug: Recently Added Note Text Lost (#3522)
Thanks for your efforts, Matt. I'm not sure how to recreate this issue on command.

However, i'll be sure to grab and send the output log if I run into this disappearing text issue again.

In the meantime, thanks for your ongoing support and feedback.

Bug: Recently Added Note Text Lost (#3522)
Running on Win7

> Created new thought
> Added checkbox bullet text in thought note to test cut/paste
> Successfully cutted and pasted formatted bullets
> Added a new line of text below the checkbox bullets
> Attempted to drag/drop a URL to new the new list view of attachments on this ame active thought (didn't work)
> Instead created a new child thought by dropping a web URL into the plex
> Discovered the new line of text previously added into the active (parent) thought note was now gone
> Closed and reopened TheBrain
> New line of text was still gone

FYI, my brain has been extremely slow to respond all day, and was slow to respond when this incident occurred, so that might (?) be part of the problem....

Didn't know if my output log would be of any help at this point since the brain has already been closed and reopened again.

Please advise.
custom sorting via drag and drop (#3437)
+1 for the option to arrange/sort thoughts via drag/drop into any order manually on the normal view of the plex.

Hidden numbering is a great feature which I will increasingly use in the absence of the drag/drop ordering option.

However, the benefit of the Drag/Drop ordering is clearly speed-of-use on the fly.

In addition to the great example provided by danlandrum above, I would love to be able to quickly drag/drop daily task thoughts to place them in my preferred order.

Priorities can change in a heartbeat throughout the day, so a quick manual reordering (dragging/dropping -- not renaming or renumbering or retyping or retagging) would allow my task list to reflect my most current and urgent priorities.

As it is, since I never had the option to manually order thoughts in V8, I've resorted to using a completely different software application for my daily task management. Not optimal, I know, but quick drag/drop reordering is that important for my task management.

In light of this, having this drag/drop ordering option in V9 would allow me to seriously reconsider using TheBrain for ALL my task management in the days ahead -- and that would really be great!
Content Window Always Opens to Events Tab (#3465)
+1 for Notes (with content) as the default tab on events
Creating link to a folder? (#3251)
I personally haven't done much at all with Virtual Folders in V8 since I had some (serious) problems when I first tried using them.

In lieu of using Virtual Folders, I switched to attaching a folder shortcut to a thought. Usually I just drop the folder shortcut into the plex, and it does the trick: Thought is automatically created and automatically named with easy (attachment) access to the folder in question.

(FYI, the behavior is identical in V8 and V9 on my Win7 installations.)

Will this strategy provide sufficiently similar functionality in V9, or am I missing something here?
Dragging Attachments into Plex in TB9 (#3418)
Just now updated my original bug report (above) with my brain version #. Apologies for not remembering to include it initially.
Misc. Notes Issues (#2058)
Thanks, Matt!

FWIW, I'd like to be able to reduce images to relatively small sizes (whatever your engineers can manage) in order to make more images visible in the notes at one time.

This will be especially helpful later on when the table function is available since I frequently put small images inside individual table cells.
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440, #3495, #3517 and #3518)
Running on Windows 7

Entire search function is very slow -- not just Notes and Attachments. Doesn't seem to matter what I'm searching for.
TB9: Super Simple Note Style Request (#3508)
Hooray! Many thanks, Matt. [thumb]

Will be looking forward to the possibility of seeing this implemented. (Fingers crossed)
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