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Quick Start suggestions
Great! Delighted to know the "Quick Start" brain will eventually provide comprehensive documentation and tutorials for TheBrain 9.

Brilliant addition! :-)
Quick Start suggestions
Another Quick Start brain suggestion:
-- At some point, could you also include a brief tutorial on the new timeline function?

Publishing a v9 Brain
Great! Thanks so much for taking time to confirm, Harlan.

I'm following the continuing updates with interest and appreciation. :-)
Publishing a v9 Brain
Understood, Harlan.

The reason I asked is that right now I only have the option of changing the public/private setting in my desktop brains. I do NOT have that control option in my V9 web brains.

Currently, the only control options I have in my V9 web brain account are:
-- Rename
-- Delete

As you can see in the attached screen shots, the right click context menus in my desktop brains and web brains are not the same:

Desktop Control Settings

Web Brain Control Settings
In the future, when I am sharing my web brains publicly, I would like to be able to change the public/private setting when working in my web brain. Hence, the reason for my original question:

When the web brain is (eventually) fully functional, will we be able to make this privacy setting change in the web brain interface? Or will the public/private setting control ONLY be available in the desktop interface?
Publishing a v9 Brain
Thanks so much, Harlan, for your helpful feedback and clarification.

I confess I was initially looking in the wrong place for the "brains list" to which you were referring, and after hunting again tonight I was able find and change this setting in one of my desktop brains.

I also did discover several of the web brain issues to which you were referring (some notes were missing text, some thought icons were missing, and some notes didn't change when the active thought changed)....so I appreciate knowing the public availability of web brains precedes their readiness for being shared.

Once the web brain 9 is fully functional, will we be able to change the public/private setting in both the desktop brain and in the web brain itself?
Publishing a v9 Brain
Amazing ... and so confusing.....

@dhaney: Where/how did you set your Brain 9 to public? I can't find that option anywhere.....

Also, is your desktop brain installed on a MAC or a PC?
Publishing a v9 Brain
Part of the reason there may be ongoing confusion about the option of publicly sharing TB9 web brains is the fact that one of TB9 tips (#35) indicates we DO have the option of setting our web brains to be either public or private.

I, personally, was thrilled to discover this option in the tips -- and then I found this discussion thread....

I've had to conclude, based on Patrick's feedback, that this V9 tip applies to a V9 web brain feature that is NOT yet available.

- - - - - - - - -
TB9 | V182
Startup/Welcome brain (#3863)

I just included the the current V9 items to flesh out the full list of options I thought would be valuable.

Thanks again.
Startup/Welcome brain (#3863)

Great! A Help menu link is exactly the option I was hoping for, and neglected to mention. Thanks for the suggestion.

Would also be good to make TheBrain 9 User Guide available as a link on the Help menu, as well (whenever it is eventually ready to share) along with the current TB8 Help features:
> TheBrain Tips
> Getting Started (Tutorial)
> Visit TheBrain.com
> Check for Updates
> Recommend TheBrain
> About

Thanks again for your consideration of this request.


Startup/Welcome brain (#3863)
That's what I suspected. Thanks for your prompt feedback, Patrick.

Feature Request: Please make the new V9 "Welcome" brain accessible to everyone who is using V9.

I would like to be able to see what new users get when I recommend TB to others -- and I, personally, would like to be aware of what kind of brain design settings are being recommended.

The Challenges of Data Visualization with TheBrain
I have found this discussion to be immensely helpful....
  • I think much of the feedback Mark received from the data visualization expert was spot on;
  • I share Mark's concerns about the challenges associated with sharing large, complex brains with others; and
  • I agree completely with ZenRain that:
  • -- (1) much of the sense and sensibility in any brain is directly tied to the process of the creating the brain itself and
  • -- (2) our own design logic/intent may NOT be immediately transparent to brain visitors, in spite of our best efforts to make the brain's organizational structure clear and transparent.

I have also gone to great effort, following DrBop's logic, to create a comprehensive table of contents (TOC) for one the training brains I've created, in the hope of providing a clearer overview and context for my brain's users....

..and I'm wondering now if we could turn DrBop's suggestion into a specific feature request:

> Would it be possible at some point to provide an optional (new tab or new window) outline view in the webbrain so users could effectively use the outline as a TOC and navigation guide?

I'm also curious, Richard: do you use TheBrain, either directly or indirectly, in working with your consulting clients?
Expanded View Video
Startup/Welcome brain (#3863)
Harlan recently announced a new Startup/Welcome brain in TB9.

Apologies in advance if this has already been addressed elsewhere, but I was wondering: if we already have TB9 installed, where/how we access this new brain?

Howto ... kb shortcut for "Open Link Window" and "Edit Link Note"
I agree with you, Qwill: Lots of great features in TheBrain! :-)

However, I've never done much with link notes and link attachments for a couple of reasons:
> they are not accessible in the the webbrain and
> there is (as far as I know) no way to view/access all the links of a specific type in the desktop brain.

However, I've always been curious about how others are using link notes and attachments, and I just now found a few good use cases described here and here:
> explain why the link was created
> document when the link was discussed
> elaborate on the relationship between 2 people linked in the brain.

Anyone else have any other examples of the ways they typically use link notes and link attachments?
Bug: Recently Added Note Text Lost (#3522)
Thanks for the update, Harlan.

I'm currently running .179 and, although I'm not testing V9 very frequently these days, I do try to keep the most current version installed, and I will let support know if either of these issues occur again.
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