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How much Data Can Be Stored on a Cloud Services Account?
Where/how can we check to see where we stand in terms of our current file storage usage in TB9 and TB8?
Brain v9 can't sync to server with large attachment filenames
You wrote: "v9 limits the filename for attachments (including the full path) to 150 characters"

Did support say anything about the feasibility of providing a long-term solution to this issue? Specifically, increasing the total number of allowed characters in attachment file names?
Bug: Newly Attached Parent Doesn't Show Initially
> Added new parent to child thought
> Navigated to child thought ==> New parent did not appear
> Attempted to add new parent again ==> New parent did not appear
> Navigated to existing parent, and then returned to child thought ==> 2nd new parent thought is now visible.

Output log attached. Running TB9 (version 231) on Win7 desktop.
Note Edits Not Syncing in TB9
= Update =

Sync problem with note edits resolved as mysteriously as it appeared, after making several more edits in the desktop brain, syncing again and then syncing my notebook brain again.

At this point, I have no idea why the sync process did NOT work earlier this evening, and then it DID work later in the evening, since the sync process I used each time was identical.
If I switch to Brain9 now, what significant features will I be missing?
Forgot to mention that speed and performance in TB9 are more subject to the speed of your hard drive than in TB8 -- which may be an important consideration for anyone who does not have a fast hard drive.

Also, for those who have not yet seen your other forum questions, there are reports of issues with Outlook integration. (I don't know any of the details on this, though, since I'm not an Outlook user.)
Note Edits Not Syncing in TB9

Just now made an accidental, and disconcerting, discovery while troubleshooting an attachment-related bug: it appears the notes in one of my thoughts did NOT sync between my desktop and notebook brains, despite repeated attempts to sync between the 2 brains.

Screenshots and output logs from both brain installations are attached. Running version 231 on Win7 Desktop and Notebook computers.

Admittedly the difference between the 2 notes is only one word (for vs. on) -- but, for the purpose of syncing between brains, there should be NO differences at all once both brains have been accurately (sequentially) synced.

Note Text on Desktop Computer
Note Text on Notebook Computer

If I switch to Brain9 now, what significant features will I be missing?

As Mark pointed out, the incomplete web client is the most severe limitation right now.

Other limitations and/or missing features in my Win7 installation are detailed below. (I don't know if Mac installations exhibit different behavior, and I don't know if some of the items I've listed are bugs that may, at some point, be fixed.)

Whether you will consider these missing features to be "significant" or not depends on how you use TheBrain. For me, the absence of these features, along with significant speed and performance issues in TB9, means that I'm still keeping my primary data in TB8.

Missing and/or Limited Features

  • Notes
    • Font selection is set at the theme level -- with no option to change fonts within notes
    • Extremely limited control over line-spacing
    • No font size indicator in notes
    • No alignment option
    • No tables
    • No easy access to code view
    • Right-click menu in notes no longer has an insert link option
    • Checkboxes now strike through the adjacent text when checked, and there is no option to remove the strike-through
    • Inserting special characters is available, but does not (yet) work
    • No easy click option to open the notes (only) in a compact floating window
    • There is no "save" button now for the notes, and the "Edit > Undo" function (Ctrl+Z) often removes more than the most recent edit.
  • No static pane for search display with search terms highlighted
  • No static pane for editing thought types and tags
  • All thought icons assigned by thought type disappear when accessing thought properties (Only manually assigned icons show up in the thought properties box.) 
  • All thought colors and icons are lost in the right-click menus for "Set Type" or "Set Tag"
  • Copying the icon from an existing thought appears to be gone
  • No way to capture an image of the notes in V9 

Click Intensive Changes

  • Back/forward navigation buttons frequently become non-functional when making changes in the note editor. This means an extra click somewhere outside the note editor is required before you can resume navigation.
  • Note access is completely lost when you access attachments
  • Drag/drop to move attachments is gone. Cut and paste is available, but if you want to drag/drop, the attachment will be copied from one thought to another, and then you'll have to go back and delete the attachment you originally wanted to move.

Sunsetted Features

  • Virtual thoughts
  • Dock and auto-hide
  • Advanced tools layout
  • User Manual
Who has made full switch to Brain 9 and what is your experience
Just curious, sibleyd:
> Are you on a Mac or a PC?
> If you are on a PC, what version of Windows are you running?
Bulk Color/Icon Editing?
Glad you found a strategy that is, at least partially, working for you.

You wrote: I couldn't find the way to assign the desired color to the "thought type" when I added them all to selection via the thought select window.

I'm not sure I understand what the issue was with assigning the desired color to your thought type:

> Are you saying you couldn't find a way to assign a new color or a new type to multiple thoughts all at once?
-- The only way I know to assign a new color to multiple thoughts is by assigning them all a new type to which the preferred color has been (or will be) assigned.

> Or, were you unable to find a way to set the desired color on a new thought type itself?
-- FYI, I just now checked with support at TheBrain, and I learned they have not yet created a video that illustrates how to set the thought type color properties, but I could explain the process in more detail if it would be a help. Just let me know....

You wrote: No way to override/wipe custom formatting though?  I manually changed the colors of a lot of these tags previously, and they are stubbornly holding onto the colors I assigned rather than taking on the type colors.  Still a step in the right direction, anyhow...  Thanks again!

Manual color changes will always override type colors -- so, if I understand you correctly, each tag with a manual color assignment will have to be reset back to the default, in order for the tag color type to appear. Does this make sense?

Bulk Color/Icon Editing?
I assume when you refer to "nodes" in your brain you mean "thoughts", right?

If so, this definitely is possible. :-)

(The reason I ask is that the tiny "nodes" or circles on each thought are called "gates" and each of them is colored, as well. However, their color is determined by your theme settings.)

The trick is to create a unique "thought type" and assign the desired color to this type. Then this colored type can be assigned to multiple thoughts at once.

Are you using TB8 or TB9? Instructions for creating and assigning these thought types varies depending upon which version of TB you are using.

If you don't find what you need in any of the following tutorials, just let us know and we can try to point you in the right direction:

> V8 Tutorials: http://old.thebrain.com/support/tutorials/

> V9 Tutorials:
-- http://www.thebrain.com/support/tutorials
-- In addition, there are quite a few video tutorials available in the "Quick Start Brain" which is available on the "Help" menu in TB9.

Hope this helps! :-)
Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated
+1 for full-featured reports. I'd hate to lose functionality we have in V8 when migrating to V9.
A couple of questions about the Notes Editor
Glad you liked, dlorde!  [smile]
Show thought context in search popup menu (#3374)
@puckja ~

Here is an in-depth discussion of many of the V8/V9 search features.
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