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TheBrain 9 documentation
Thank you too, Sean, for your support and consideration.

I always appreciate how open TB staff are in response user feedback, and I'm grateful for your availability here to help as we are all learning what the new TB9 has to offer.
Notes get stuck (are out of sync with thoughts when navigating/editing Brain) (#3984, #3910, #4285)
This is mystifying, Matt.

How could the output log mention 9.0.212 under the following circumstances?
(1) The output log I shared is the only output log in this folder: TheBrain > Logs
(2) I am running 9.0.216.

I will go ahead and delete the output log now, and then I'll do my best to document any future issues with this "stuck note" problem.
Can not use chinese input method on notes (#4220, #4288)
Sounds great, Matt. Thanks for confirming and forwarding to engineering.
v 215 running extremely slow on Windows
2 more possible clues about this slow performance problem....Don't know if this additional information will help at all, but I thought I'd share it just in case.

(1) Sync Issue
Before closing down TB9 (since it is now too slow to use), I tried syncing to capture my most recent edits, at which point I discovered one of the consequences of this slow performance is that the changes on a recently edited note appeared to be completely LOST after the sync.

However, when I closed and reopened TB, the edits were restored. Somehow the slow speed of TB apparently prevented the most current version of the notes from loading after a sync.

(2) Shutdown Issue
When I attempted to close TB again (after reopening it to check on the lost notes), I had a hard time getting the application to close. At one point, it looked liked had shut down, and then it popped open again.

Turns out one of my custom theme settings was taking forever to load, and this (apparently) prevented TB from shutting down completely. Once the theme was fully loaded, then I could close TB, as usual.
v 215 running extremely slow on Windows

I'm running V216 on Windows 7, and the application is running impossibly slow here, as well. Might be related to a resource issue on my computer (Chrome tends to munch a lot of RAM) -- but I'm not sure the problem is just with my computer.

See the attached screenshot taken before I closed Chrome and restarted the brain. FYI, I have an extremely small brain in TB9 (only a few hundred thoughts), and this seems like a LOT of resources for TB9 to be using:


Apologies for not remembering to capture the output log that corresponds with this screen shot.

I have, however, attached the output log, along with another screenshot, for my current brain session which is also running like molasses:


> Animation speed setting is fast
> Internal browser and previews are disabled
> "Update displayed content on hover" is turned on because I use (rely on) it all the time.

Hope this helps.

Where's the Expanded View? (And other features?)
@dewdrop: I'm also wondering: would the outline view in either TB8 or TB9 help with the visualization capability you need?
Where's the Expanded View? (And other features?)
dewdrop wrote:
All the documentation & videos are for Version 8. Maybe that should be the default demo download instead of a beta that doesn't have most of the features in the videos?

I agree completely. Very confusing for new users to see videos of V8, and then download V9. This actually confirms my previously expressed concern about the default V9 download.

@dewdrop -- At this point in the V9 development, there are several features in V8 that have been intentionally retired (sunsetted) and/or that are yet to be integrated. A master list of which features fall into each category has not yet been provided.

However, 3 of the retired features that immediately come to mind are:
> Dock & Hide
> Resizing Circle
> Expanded View
> Advanced Tools Layout

You can search in the forum for more details about each of these changes, and perhaps other users here in the forum can confirm other features that we know have either been eliminated or will (eventually) be added?

Another more tedious option would be to use the advanced search in the forum (for the last year only) on the following terms:
> Feature Request
> Missing Features

Hope this helps! :-)
Can not use chinese input method on notes (#4220, #4288)
Running TB9 (V216) on Win 7 PC and Notebook -- Dealing with the same special character bug (and get the same results) on both machines.

Here's an image of 4 special Wingding characters I just now tried to add:


Here's the result I get when I insert each of these characters into my notes.


FYI, I consistently get the same alternative symbols each time I try to insert these special characters.

I have not yet tested this issue with any other special character sets.

I have never been able to get this function to work, starting with my very first V9 installation last year.

Hope this helps.
Notes get stuck (are out of sync with thoughts when navigating/editing Brain) (#3984, #3910, #4285)

I don't know if the following bug (new to me) is related or not, but here are the details.

> Running TB9 (alpha channel) on Win 7 desktop
> Just opened TB and successfully updated to v216
> Edited a few thought names, created a new thought and created some new links
> Right clicked on a non-active thought (with notes) and opened it in a new tab ==> Discovered the notes on the thought in the new tab were completely GONE (Note was completely EMPTY)
> Tested and confirmed that I was NOT hovering over an adjacent thought or link.
> Confirmed that the notes are still present in their original location on the original tab.

Current output log is attached.
TheBrain 9 documentation
Many thanks, Matt!

Always appreciate your supportive feedback and consideration of user requests. :-)
Can not use chinese input method on notes (#4220, #4288)
Thanks for your prompt feedback, Matt.

I'm heading into an appointment now, but I'll be glad to provide a few screen shots during the next day or two....if not this evening.

Thanks again!
TheBrain 9 documentation

Looks like you and I were responding at the same time.

Just now saw your post, and I agree 100%! ;-)
TheBrain 9 documentation

I agree with you completely, Mudhenn. Thanks for taking time to share your feedback on this issue.

Even with the more "streamlined" interface in TB9, there are still so many "hidden" features and functions in software that I'm not sure documentation in the "tips" will be adequate. (If nothing else, the tips don't include a search function or an index.)

In fact, the more I've thought about this, the more the logic here eludes me:
> If the "less discoverable" features in TB9 can be adequately documented in the tips, then why would creating a manual (with an index) be such a "beast" of a task?
> Conversely, if creating a manual really is a beastly task, then how could the tips ever adequately capture everything that otherwise would have been included in a manual?

I'm also confused by Sean's comment: "The software evolves too quickly for us to keep it up to date easily."

I do realize that creating documentation is a demanding and exacting challenge. However, in this context, it seems like one (obvious?) solution to keeping the manual updated would to put the user guide documentation online in a brain where it could be maintained as a living document and regularly updated as the software evolves.

In fact, I thought TheBrain was already moving in this direction with the creation of this online knowledgebase for TheBrain 8:
> https://webbrain.com/u/165S

I hasten to add, I understand the intention now may be for TheBrain 9 Quick Start brain to serve as this "User Guide" -- and I personally do like the videos provided in this brain. However, in it's current form, the Quick Start Brain does not include a detailed index, and it cannot be dynamically updated if it is provided as a downloadable template rather than as an online web brain resource.

In addition, since individual users have already attempted to provide "user guide" documentation for TB8 in their own web brains, this suggests to me there may be more than a few users would find an online "brain" manual to be of value of TB9:
> https://webbrain.com/u/11Fu
> https://webbrain.com/u/12EZ

Finally, I confess I'm also concerned about the fundamental design assumption Sean mentioned:
> "If it needs a manual, it's wrong".

I understand there are benefits to having a clean and streamlined user interface. However, if this particular assumption has been the guiding principle for the development of TB9, then this may actually confirm concerns that have been shared elsewhere in this forum that too much simplification of the user interface may actually run the risk of "dumbing down" the entire application.

Since TheBrain has historically been unique in its class, with a rich, versatile and customizable feature set, I do hope the long-term development of TheBrain 9 will follow in this tradition -- and I do hope reconsideration will be given to the merits of providing more detailed documentation for those users who want to take full advantage of all the great tools and features TheBrain has to offer.

Brain Constrain (Problem importing very large V8 Brain) (#4283)
Thank you, Harlan, for your follow-up, clarification and help.

Many of us with mega brains will be looking forward to learning more about how this issue is resolved for Jim, in case we might also run into a similar challenge.
Brain Constrain (Problem importing very large V8 Brain) (#4283)
Thanks, Jim, for offering to keep us posted on your progress. I appreciate and share your concerns if huge amounts of space are going to be required to mange the megabrain import process.

Will be keenly interested in the advice of TB staff and other brain users who have successfully navigated the megabrain import process.

Also, can anyone from TheBrain explain what (if anything special) was required to import Jerry's megabrain in the TB9? My understanding is that he managed to migrate his very large brain into TB9 quite some time ago.

However, Jerry also does not use the notes or attachment features (except for attaching individual web site URLs), so this is going to be a complicating factor for those of us who have:
  • used the notes feature heavily and
  • imported many documents and images in our mega brains.
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