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Notes get stuck (are out of sync with thoughts when navigating/editing Brain) (#3984, #3910)
Just now ran into the "stuck note" issue again.

Documentation of the steps I took are detailed below, and a copy of my output log is attached.

Steps Preceding Stuck Note
> Opened TB9 on my Win7 notebook
> Linked an existing thought as a jump thought to the active thought
> Edited the note in the active thought
> Navigated to the jump thought ==> Note from preceding active thought was "stuck" in the note view
> Navigated to a parent thought
> Returned to the preceding (child) thought ==> Note was no longer "stuck"

(FYI, somewhere in this process I synced, but I'm not sure when.)

Hope this helps.
Beta 9 - Window Auto-hide, transparent? (#117)

Thank you for your feedback, Harlan. I appreciate you taking time to address this issue, and shed some light on the factors that have influenced the decision not to bring the dock/hide feature into V9.

Based on what you've said, it sounds like there are several important considerations here:
> focusing on "mission critical" features as the top priority
> difficulty in terms of implementing this feature in V9

> user confusion using the dock/auto-hide feature
> redundancy with new features in Windows 10

I understand completely that "mission critical" features must be the top priority. My only hope was that the dock/auto-hide feature might be an option that could be reconsidered as a future enhancement -- at some point after the official release of TB9.

That said, if the complexity of today's windowing systems has made it more difficult now to implement this feature, I can see this would be sufficient reason to retire this feature.

However, I confess I'm not sure why using multiple windows/tabs and having multiple brains open at one time are "are largely incompatible with the auto-hide feature". I routinely have 2-3 V8 brains open at one time, and I use the auto-hide feature all the time with each of them.

In addition, i am puzzled by your comment that the dock/auto-hide feature required "quite a lot of time and effort for users to learn and understand". You, of course, are much more keenly aware of the amount of support required to help users make sense of this feature -- but from where I sit, the dock/auto-hide feature is considerably simpler and easier to use than several of the features that have already been incorporated into TB9 (timeline and events, setting up custom hot keys, managing proxy settings, etc.)

(In addition, the dock/auto-hide feature was always an optional feature of TB8, so new users never needed to bother with it, if it didn't suit their needs.)

Perhaps most importantly, after reviewing some of the new Win10 features you described above, it is still not clear to me where the redundancy lies with the dock/auto-hide feature. Specifically, I'm not sure which of the new Win10 features will allow for the functionality bmac described:
-- "The other beauty was that you could simply drag a file onto the auto hide icon for dropping into the brain in the current thought."

As such, the dock/auto-hide feature provides for significantly greater efficiency and ease-of-use in integrating new content (links and files) into an already open brain.  In addition, when using the dock/auto-hide feature:
> no keystrokes are required to open or minimize TB (as is required with the built-in Win7 docking feature) and
> the desktop is not obscured (as is the case the with the split screen mode)
In light of this, could you (or any other other Win10 user here) explain in more detail how we will be able to drag/drop links and files into an open brain without:
> cutting/pasting content between multiple windows (or virtual desktops)
> without multiple key strokes to open and/or minimize windows, and
> without obscuring the desktop using split screens?

Creating/Editing/Deleting URL in Notes (#4036 and #4058))
While we're talking about the notes menu, are there plans to add an alignment option (left, right, center) into the notes menu?

I use this frequently in TB8 for both images and text, and I've been missing this in TB9.
Paste Image Not Working in Notes (#4064)
Thank you, Harlan, for sharing this update on the paragraph formatting issue.

I very much appreciate your consideration in making plans to address this issue for those of us who prefer a super simple option for styling our notes, especially in light of the fact that offering this option may not be easy to do.
Creating/Editing/Deleting URL in Notes (#4036 and #4058))
Great ideas!

+1 for optional preference setting to keep full notes menu displayed (without the pull-down and hamburger menus) when the note size is reduced (emulating current the menu behavior in TB8 notes)

+1 for thought link suggestions when creating hyperlinks in notes -- if feasible?

Also, are there plans to add an alignment option for images and text into the notes menu? (left, right, center) -- I've been missing this in TB9.
Feature Request: Icon Control Options (#4048, #4056, #4057)
Thank you, Matt!

Very much appreciate your consideration of these requests. :-)
Beta 9 - Window Auto-hide, transparent? (#117)
I share your confusion and frustration, Bill, since my daily, full-time use of TheBrain depends on the dock/auto-hide feature in TB8. It allows me to keep 2-3 brains open at one time with no space lost on my task bar or in my system tray, and virtually no space lost on my desktop.

Like you, I too have scoured the Internet looking for a solution that could replicate the behavior of the dock/auto-hide feature provided in TB8, all to no avail.

Also, since I'm still a Win7 user, it is unclear to me how Win10 will provide the ease of use and all the functionality available in the TB8 dock/auto-hide feature -- so I very much appreciate you sharing this question.

I will also be looking forward to feedback from TB staff and/or any of the Win10 users here in the forum about how the "built-in" docking feature in Win10 compares with the dock/auto-hide feature in TB8.
Notes get stuck (are out of sync with thoughts when navigating/editing Brain) (#3984, #3910)
Thanks for confirming, Matt.

If this problem occurs again, I will be sure to share any additional information that might seem relevant.
Note Link Icons
Understood. Thanks for your prompt feedback.
Feature Request: Icon Control Options (#4048, #4056, #4057)
Thank you, Harlan, for sharing this tip for accessing the thought/link properties with one click.

Very helpful! :-)
Feature Request: Icon Control Options (#4048, #4056, #4057)
This post about our new hyperlink icons has prompted me to ask about several other icon control options I'd love to see -- if they are feasible.

(1) Would it be possible for users to choose the default icons for:
> the note indicator
> the event indicator
> the private thought icon

(2) Could we also have the option to turn OFF the attachment count indicator?

Currently this indicator significantly obscures the icons I assign to my thought types, and having a clear, clean icon is far more important to me than knowing how many attachments are assigned to a given thought.

(3) In addition, would it be possible for users to have separate controls for the display of the note and event indicators? (In my case, I'd usually like to turn the note indicator off, and leave the event indicator turned on.)

(4) I'm also wondering: are there any plans to add the thought type and tag icons to the right-click menus for selecting the thought types and tags? This option is currently available in TB8, and for those of us who are visual and rely heavily on the use of icons, having the icons in the right click menu would be a huge help.

(5) Similarly, are there any plans to add the link colors to right click menu for editing link types? I often use unnamed but colored links, and having the link color display in the list of link types would also be extremely helpful.
Note Link Icons
Hmmmm.....I actually preferred the original blue arrow icons. (The new icons now look, to me, very much like a checked checkbox.)

Is there any chance users could have a preference option to choose the style/color for link icons?
Creating/Editing/Deleting URL in Notes (#4036 and #4058))
+ 1 -- Thank you, Pat & Matt!

These right click menu options for managing hyperlinks has been on my features-to-request list for quite some time!

Thanks so much for providing such clear illustrations and getting this into the mix. :-)
feature suggestion: hashtags for inline tagging (#4038)
Love the suggestion, actually.

I'm quite fond of TB to begin with, and anything like this that would enhance it still further, would be icing on the proverbial cake! ;-)
Notes get stuck (are out of sync with thoughts when navigating/editing Brain) (#3984, #3910)
I am syncing Windows to Windows.

The original notebook installation DID have both the text and the attached/embedded image on the SAME note.

I also ran into the same problem this evening (with a "stuck" note) in my desktop installation (also Win 7). However, tonight I was able to "unstick" the note by randomly changing the active thought a few times....Nonetheless, it did take a bit of fiddling to accomplish.
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