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Dynamic Ontology
I did see that they made the decision not to go public, and apparently they got their start doing a lot of government work.....so who knows what is really driving the secrecy....

Your guess would be as good (or better) then mine, I'm sure! ;-)
thought names truncated too much? (#3668)
Oh, hooray, again! [smile]

Very happy discovery. Thank you, ZenRain, for coming to the rescue yet again.

Props to TB developers, too, for keeping this option available, along with all the other new resizing features. Many thanks!
Embedded Browser Setting Lost with V9 Updates
I prefer to have the embedded browser turned OFF by default, and have adjusted my preference settings accordingly.

However, I've noticed this preference setting is not holding -- and I suspect it is being reset each time I update to the latest (alpha) version of TB9.

FYI, I'm currently running TB9 (newest version) in Win7 on desktop and notebook.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Or can this issue be flagged for testing with the next, new alpha release of TB9?

With my thanks in advance,
Parent, child and jump thought: how do you use them?
Just wondering, IvanPsy....Did this blog post answer your question?

Or are there other relationship questions you still have?
Notes get stuck (are out of sync with thoughts when navigating/editing Brain)
Still having the issue on my end, as well, when testing TB9 (current alpha build) with Win7 on desktop and notebook.

Problem seems to disappear in some builds and then reappears again in others -- and, to be honest, this recurring issue is one of several that has prevented me from migrating into TB9.

I use the notes very heavily, and can't afford to risk losing data this way.
thought names truncated too much? (#3668)
Ah-ha! This post just helped me realize what I've been missing with the death of the resizing circle:
-- mouse wheel control over the font size in the plex.

Feature Request; Is there any chance the plex font size control could eventually be activated with the mouse wheel control?

For me, the mouse wheel activation of the resizing circle space has always been much smoother and easier (more effortless and less exacting) than the current process we now have to use:
  • navigate away from the active thought
  • click to activate the font size control
  • move your mouse to precisely pick up the controller
  • drag the controller to the preferred size

Even better still, could the use of the resizing circle be reconsidered and added back into V9 as an optional (non-default) feature for those of us who prefer the faster, simpler and easier option of mouse wheel control?
Dynamic Ontology
Fascinating! Thanks so much for sharing.

The Palantir software sounds quite intriguing! Do you have any experience with it, by any chance?
Apologies, IvanPsy, for the delay in following up on your request. I'm just now beginning to catch up on my backlog of forum posts.

As things have developed, using a shared brain with my adult daughter (who has ADD) has worked very well as a vehicle for sharing, storing and retrieving information. It has been especially valuable in recent weeks since I've been working very closely with her (on a daily basis) in managing several major life transitions.

The mechanism for managing this shared brain has been relatively simple and effective:
> The brain is hosted on her free account, but we both use the same login, so we can each access and edit the brain.
> Since I have a Pro Account, I've been able to create thought types with icons that help with visually sorting content in the brain, and that has proven to be very helpful to her.
> We always notify each other (via live chat) when and where we're working in TB, and we always sync both before and after making any edits. This has worked quite well in preventing any overwriting of each other's work.
> We also have 2 main thoughts for notifying each other of recent updates and changes we've made in her brain, so it is easy for her to find my recent edits, and vice versa.
> We also use a few key tags to highlight items for "Review", "Priority" etc. (However, we've kept her tagging system relatively simple, in order to prevent undue confusion and "busyness", and to limit visual distractions in her brain.)

As for gardening and organizing her brain, I confess that I've managed most of this for her, and I imagine that for many people with ADD this might be the biggest challenge in the using TheBrain.

But even without the organizational structure I've been maintaining in her brain, I still think it would work for her in my absence since she relies primarily on the search function to find what she's looking for.

As for a "Life" map being too "messy" for folks with ADD, that certainly is a very real possibility.

However, in my daughter's case, everything is stored in one location (her mega brain) and, frankly, I think that is one of the HUGE benefits of using TheBrain for a person with ADD. She always knows where to go to find anything she is looking for. No need to wonder if it is email (which is a huge quagmire for her), in a folder, or somewhere online. Instead, everything is accessible using one simple and effective search engine in TheBrain.

Admittedly, she has affectionately described this brain as "organized chaos" -- but without TheBrain to provide some structure and a reliable retrieval mechanism for her data, I suspect "UNorganized chaos" would be her much more frustrating default

Best of all, when she eventually upgrades to the Pro level, then she will be able to store most of her files and documents in her brain as well (instead of simply linking to them), and I think that will only increase her reliance on TheBrain even more.

I hope this additional info is helpful, IvanPsy -- and, if you have any additional questions, just let me know.
A New Experiment - Brain Crowdfunding
Any updates, Mark, on your Patreon projects?
TheBrain 9 as E-book ?
Can you explain a little bit more about what you mean?

A couple of years ago I did try embedding a Version 8 brain I created as a training tool for clients into an ebook-style interface they could access on their desktops. However, after just a few months of use, I ran into a problem that required creating a new GUID, and that completely broke the desktop access for my users.

This pretty much discouraged any more effort in this direction. However, with a stable GUID and a link in the ebook with details about how to download a new version (if the GUID needed to be changed), I suppose it might still work.

However, my main concern now is that the vast majority of potential readers are switching to the use of mobile devices for ebook reading -- and the epub and mobi (Kindle) formats increasingly seem to be the default/preferred ebook formats these days.

In addition, other more sophisticated digital formats for digital ebooks, such as Kotobee, often provide a more much interactive and visually appealing format than could ever be achieved with TheBrain, IMHO.

In light of this, I will be very interested to learn more about what you had in mind.

In addition, just to clarify, I'm not sure how TB9 could be used in/as an ebook since the webbrain interface is not yet fully functional. Is there a reason you asked about TB9 in particular, instead of TB8?
Please post release notes - Beta testing results (#3656)
Many thanks, pshanks!

Very much appreciate you taking time to provide this video.

A picture is worth a thousand words -- and a video is even better! ;-)
Please post release notes - Beta testing results (#3656)
Sorry I don't have time right now to create a video, but I'll try to get to this soon, if it is still necessary.

In the meantime, the process is pretty simple:
> I mouse over an attachment in the list on the active thought.
> I try dragging one attachment out of the list and across the plex to drop the attachment onto another visible thought.
> As soon as my mouse pointer hits the plex, it changes to the "Not / No Can Do" symbol no matter when I go in the plex.
-- Can't drop it as an attachment to another existing thought
-- Can't drop it a new thought into the plex.
> Nothing happens once I let go of the attachment I attempted to pick up.


Hope this helps.
TB9: Super Simple Note Style Request (#3508)
For those who are interested, please see a related notes discussion on:
> paragraph formatting
> font size display
> font size control.

Also, to my original request above for removing the default paragraph formatting, please see that this request applies to:
> paragraphs
> bullets and
> horizontal lines.

Notes options and praise (#3981)

To this request for designating the actual font size, I would also like to add a related request -- specifically that we have the option of changing the font size WITHIN a note.

Currently, the only way we can do this is with predefined font settings -- and I personally, would like to have more control of the font and font size in my notes, particularly for brains I share publicly.

Better still, would be to have the additional option of creating my own heading styles, rather than having to rely on whatever TheBrain has provided in the way of standard defaults.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request.
The Challenges of Data Visualization with TheBrain
Valuable feedback, Antonio68. Since I don't have any experience yet with the TeamBrain software, I've often wondered how these kinds of default standards and norms for brain development would be established by a team.

Would love to know more about you and other TeamBrain users manage these brain design and collaboration issues.
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