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Private Thoughts on web client
Very helpful, Harlan. Thank you for taking time to provide this additional clarification.
Private Thoughts on web client
Thanks again for your feedback and help, Harlan. Glad to hear issue #2 is already resolved. Many thanks for your ultra prompt support! :-)

Just to clarify about issue #1: if I was already logged in (in spite of the web client display saying I was logged out), how I was able to log in again?

I thought it would be impossible to initiate and go through the login process if I was already logged in -- and yet that is exactly what I did when it looked like I was logged out:
> I logged in again exactly as I would under normal circumstances and
> then I logged out again to see if the private thoughts would still be visible.

However, there was no sign whatsoever of anything being strange with the login process -- which surprises me, if (as you've suggested) I already was logged in.

Any additional clarification you can provide will be appreciated.
Private Thoughts on web client
I forgot to mention that while these private thoughts were visible in the web client, it was also possible to access them through the web client search -- in case this additional information might be helpful.
Private Thoughts on web client
Thanks for your prompt and helpful feedback, Harlan. I very much appreciate your investigation and support on this issue during the weekend, and I'll be looking forward to learning more about the results of your troubleshooting.

In the meantime, would the first issue you identified account for the fact that at I one point I could view and access my entire private thought tree even though TB9 interface said I was logged out?
Private Thoughts on web client
Since I didn't manage to capture any screenshots of the private thoughts displaying in the web client while I was logged out, I decided to check my browser history, and I found several examples illustrating this privacy issue.

The first set of screenshots below shows several private thoughts taken from my desktop brain. As you will see, the "private" icon is clearly visible on each the thoughts in each of these images.

PrivateThoughts_DesktopBrain1.png PrivateThoughts_DesktopBrain2.png PrivateThoughts_DesktopBrain3.png PrivateThoughts_DesktopBrain4.png 

The next set of screenshots reveals each of these thoughts displayed in the web client while I was clearly logged out:

PreLaunchAnnouncement.png UpdateMZWebSites.png ReferencesAll.png GrowingCollectionReferences.png Content.png Collections.png 
At one point, the web client even displayed the very top of my private thought tree [Admin] with ALL the private child thoughts visible.

I will be looking forward to feedback from TB staff in light of this additional data.
Sync Bug: Image in Note Not Displaying in Web Client
Thanks for your prompt feedback, Harlan.

Help desk ticket created with:
  • the zipped notes folder attached and
  • a link to this forum discussion.
Private Thoughts on web client
Harlan, I was NOT logged into the web client at the time my private thoughts appeared, as evidenced by the "Log In" option available in the web client while my private thoughts were on display.


This is precisely why I reported this issue as a bug.

In addition, as I indicated previously, the problem corrected itself later when I logged in and then logged back out again. Obviously, it would not have been possible for me to login (and out again) if I had already been logged in.

As for testing this issue using another browser or incognito mode, this will be helpful when the problem occurs again. In the meantime, though, since I've only observed this issue once, I have no idea how to replicate.

FYI, I was using Chrome at the time my private thoughts appeared while I was logged out.
Private Thoughts on web client
Update: Logged in and logged out again, and now my private thoughts are hidden again.

In light of this, I'm not sure how easy it will be to replicate this issue.

If there's any history of this happening, or any hints/tips for preventing this from happening, I'll be interested to learn more since I don't want to start sharing any brains created in TB until I know that private thoughts can be trusted to remain private.
Private Thoughts on web client
Just now discovered all of my private thoughts in a public brain are not private when I am logged out.

In light of this, be sure to check the display status of your private thoughts before using the new embed feature.

Will be looking forward to an update from TheBrain staff on the status of this important issue.
Web Client Wish List

Several months ago Matt indicated we could submit our web client feature requests

In light of Harlan's recent web client update, I decided to go ahead and compile my "Web Client Wish List", which I've included below. (Please note that some of the items on this list have already been documented as feature requests, as indicated by the links included in this list.)

> External links in notes automatically open in a new window
> Option to display attached links in one of two ways:
(1) Current left-hand list using internal browser ==> Add option to view full link name
(2) TB8-style display of full links and full link names at the top of the note area, automatically opening in a new window (by-passing the internal browser)
-- FWIW, I prefer the TB8-style layout since the links and link names are much easier to view, and opening the links in a new window could be a 1-step process. (In the left-hand list view, links that are not secure have to be clicked twice: once to open a warning notice in the internal browser, and again to open the link itself in a new window.)

> Match thought order in web client with order in desktop brain
--- Fix hidden thought numbering (the numbers are not hidden)
--- Provide option for hidden thought numbering to supersede thought types
> Fix bug in vertical resizing frame (brakes UI)
> Fix horizontal rule (it doesn't display in the web client)
> Fix jumbled connecting lines after navigating through several thoughts
> Fix new thought loading: When a new thought loads, the top of the note should appear in the note window (not the last position of the previous note)
> Restore the lost thought type icon that disappears when an external URL is attached to a thought
> Restore the "more pins" button
> Option to place note window on the side of the screen as the starting default in the web client (keeping option for site visitors to move the note window below the plex, if preferred)
> Fully functional directional links
> Option to add customizable arrows to links (without making the links directional)
> Option to display search results in a static window
> Option to right click on a thought from the plex and from the static search window and then open it (with a full view of the brain) in new tab/window
> Privacy indicator on private notes (when logged in)
> Option to display public thought types and hide private thought types
> Option to display public tags and hide private tags
> Option to display public link types and hide private link types
> Pin Menu
> Wander

Notes & Images in Notes
> Option to center text in notes
> Option to place images side-by-side in notes
> Option to share images in notes socially (full images, not just links)
> Option to view and edit HTML code in notes

> Visible indicator of privacy status in web client brain list
HTML export option
> Attach domain names to individual brains
> Option to rename web client links for SEO
Increase online storage capacity to 1 Terabyte

If I remember any other items I've forgotten to include on this list, I'll include them below.

In the meantime, I'll be interested to see other users' wish lists, as well.
TB9 Web Client: 2 Feature Requests for Public Brains (#321)
Matt ~

A few days ago I was pleased to see the vertical scroll bar for notes in a vertical position is now available in the web client. Many thanks!

Will be looking forward to seeing external links in notes opening a new window, as well, especially in light of Harlan's recent announcement about the new embed option that's available now for TB9 web brains.

I also wanted to find out how internal thought links in notes are going to be handled in the web client. Right now when I click on a thought link in a note I always get the following pop-up message, and I'm never able to click through to the thought itself:


In general, when I'm in the web client I do not want thought links to open in the local brain, but I can't currently figure out how thought links are supposed to open in the web client.

I'm also wondering why this message pops up when I'm logged out of the web client, since I assume this option to open a thought link "in the associated app" only applies to TB users who have local access to the brain in question.

Will be looking forward to any clarification you can provide.
Sync Bug: Image in Note Not Displaying in Web Client
Just now discovered an image in a note is not displaying in the the web client.

Tried deleting and recreating the note and syncing again, but still no luck.

Tried using the new "edit note" feature in the web client, but could find no way to add images into notes in the web client.

Not sure how to troubleshoot this one.

Please advise.
Stuck Notes Not Resolved in 234 Update

Just now received this additional feedback from WebRoot: "It's a matter of finding common signatures in the program itself in all the releases. We've added a rule to help out and hopefully that will sort."

I also suggested that WebRoot contact you directly to see if there's anything that can be done at TB end to provide the "common signatures" WebRoot is looking for.

Hope this helps.
Archiving & Summaries: Liner (web/pdf highlighter)
Don't know about apps for Scrible. Haven't look into this option.
Glad you've set-up a good working system.
Stuck Notes Not Resolved in 234 Update


I also just now had WebRoot white-list the newest (v240) release of TB9. Here's their most recent feedback:

"We have white-listed the unknown process for the Brain.exe file which SecureAnywhere had been monitoring on your system. I've gotten the guys in the Threat team to try add more rules too. Hopefully our database will update that file and mark it as good with the next release."

Will let you know if the stuck notes continue and/or if additional WebRoot white-listing is needed on future releases.

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