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Brain run amok?

Okay, I thought this was their primary support method...



Brain run amok?
I got a 'Brain already open' in my Ubuntu 14.04 based brain, despite it having run fine for months.  I found the lock file in <brain name>/brain.db but deleting it just caused it to re-write the instance it was deleted.  THIS IS WITHOUT the program open.  (Closing indicates that I no longer want it to run!)

Anyway, I upgraded to the latest version, so it tries download a new copy of my brain.  When I try to extract it it STILL says I have an open brain in the way.  

So, I uninstalled TheBrain completely using the uninstall program in /opt/TheBrain/bin.


So, how and why has a program that I uninstalled, and requested NOT to run still writing files on my system?  

So, while TheBrain runs amok on my system continually writing files and eating up overhead, I cannot use my brain locally AND I'm paying for the online service to sync.  

What's going on and WHY!?  This is infuriating!

General Feedback
I too am getting familiar with the IOS version.  The IOS app is the piece that makes this product usable like it's capable of...outside of just the office.  So much of my busy life happens outside of the office.

 - I don't see a way to link thoughts, maybe I'm missing it.

 - I'm also not seeing the calendar integration.  Can I set reminders, events. etc like the desktop version?

 - Wish list...IOS has their Reminder app as part of the base apps.  I use it extensively.  I wonder if there is a way to allow theBrain to create IOS reminders (shunt it out to the reminder app, and it be linked to a thought?).  What makes the IOS reminder app so powerful is that I can tell it to remind me at a time, or when I arrive or depart a location.  This concept would make theBrain aware of my location.

It's not reasonable to expect the world in this first version, but you've made a huge first step!


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