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TB9 Web Client: Happy Discovery!
One other issue in webbrain 9--pins displayed at the top don't follow the order that I set in the desktop client, and there is no "more pins" button as there was in TB 8. Using Chrome. 
Different behavior with external monitor (#4035)
Issues with second monitor scaling persist, and I've been told by TB support that it's a know issue. One workaround that seems to help is to override high DPI scaling behavior and have scaling performed by the application (in the app properties under Compatibility) as below. Any reason not to do this? After doing this and rebooting, the text-sizing sliders don't seem to work but Ctrl+ and Ctrl- seem to work for adjusting sizes. 

Windows 10. Surface Pro 4 as primary monitor, Dell U2412M as second monitor set to extended display. Both set to recommended scaling (200% for primary and 100% for secondary) and resolution (2736 X 1824 for primary and 1920 X 1200 for secondary). 

Impossible to have access to my Brains
I know it's Saturday, but it's very unusual that here has been no response from TB either in this forum or to individual tickets (which I like others have submitted). Internal attachments on local Brains can be located through Windows Explorer searches, but it's a huge problem that we can't use the functionality we have become accustomed to.  
Impossible to have access to my Brains
Same here--happened after a Windows 10 update.
export to folders
Will the "export to folders" option in TB 8 be in TB 9? I'm always afraid I'm someday going to have to dump my Brain info into a more traditional file structure for someone.
Different behavior with external monitor (#4035)
Only one small issue remains on the second monitor issue. If I open a Brain on my primary monitor, and then drag it to to the second monitor, the text of Notes is so tiny as to be unreadable and the cursor doesn't track correctly in the Notes area. If I then close that Brain on the second monitor and reopen it, all is fine. This behavior is consistent.
drag and drop from outlook
I use it all the time. For example, I use TB for task and file  management, and if you have a task related to an Outlook email, you can drag the email into a thought in TB, from which you can open the relevant email.
Different behavior with external monitor (#4035)
For me everything is working fine now, though it wasn't at first. When I first opened 9.0.204, the notes pane was still behaving oddly (notes were much smaller, the right-hand slider was in the middle of the pane, and the cursor did not move properly on a left click). The I opened an attached (internal) Word doc, and it showed up in tiny font, and fonts in other programs (Windows explorer, desktop) were suddenly different. Then the Brain crashed (I sent in the error report), I restarted the computer, reopened the Brain and all is now working properly.
Windows 10
Surface Pro 4
Different behavior with external monitor (#4035)
Mudhenn wrote: I use TB always on my second monitor (expanded view), at work via VGA next to one with hdmi and at home even on an USB-Monitor from ASUS (MB186B+) attached to my Laptop, and for me the context-menu-positioning issues where fixed some iterations ago, so if I can help with logfiles or settings, let me know.
The problem persists whenever I have TB9 on the monitor not designated as primary in an extended setup, no matter what kind of secondary monitor or connection I'm using, so it seems to be an issue with the how primary and secondary monitors are designated in Windows 10/Surface Pro 4, rather than a problem with the monitors or connections.
Different behavior with external monitor (#4035)
Thanks--several second-monitor issues were fixed for me too in previous iterations, but these recently appeared. Keyboard commands work but a left-click on mouse or trackpad just closes the box. 
Different behavior with external monitor (#4035)
Monitor layout:
Scale and resolution (all are recommended settings)

Monitor 1: scale= 200%
Resolution = 2736 X 1824

Monitor 2: scale = 100%
resolution = 1920 X 1080

Displays are extended. No problem when duplicated. Below is what happens on the second monitor. Any left click within the thought properties box closes it. This is actually a different external monitor from the one in my original post (an HP K5A38A connected via HDMI through a Surface Pro dock), but the behavior is the same.
Different behavior with external monitor (#4035)
I've noticed in recent Brain 9 updates that things behave differently on my external monitor (HP 22VC with VGA connection and extended display) than on my main monitor. I usually keep TB open on my external monitor.  

On the external monitor, when I open a thought properties box to edit a thought name or select a type or tag, the thought properties box opens to the upper right, and any single left click within the  box just closes it. On my main monitor (Surface Pro 4), the thought properties box opens right over the thought and I can click to select tag, type, as usual. I'm using Windows 10.
Publishing a v9 Brain
Are there plans for a version of TeamBrain in Brain 9? And will it continue to be an upsell at a much higher price than Brain Pro?  I've resisted using Team Brain 8 simply because the $299 per user price tag seems high, given how far group editing in the cloud has come (e.g., Google, Office 365) since TeamBrain was introduced. But I have team members who are eager to use TB as a group, so I may bite the bullet, assuming it will eventually appear in TB 9.
Publishing a v9 Brain
It seems possible to share a web version of a Brain 9. I have a brain 9 set to public, and when I pass on the url my team can click through it--but not on all browsers. Works on Chrome, but on Safari or Explorer people end up at a login screen. I'm using it to share on ongoing strategic planning process. See it here. Search function doesn't work, but pins do. I switched this from Brain 8 to Brain 9 (the timeline will be extremely useful) when I saw the tip that said you could do this, and I tested it and it worked. Hope I don't have to go back and reconstruct this in Brain 8!

TB9 v.183, Windows 10.
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