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Outlook drag and drop... dropped? (#731)
I noticed one thing with Brain8 that also seems to be a problem with 9, although different.
Drag and drop of Outlook items from Outlook 2016 (orfice365...) to brain 8 only appears to work if I run Outlook 2016 as administrator -- a yellow spot appears at the end of a thought, but there is nothing there.

Similarly, if I D&d an item into Brain9, it also appears to be working but there is nothing there afterwards. If I look at the com add-ins list the redemption.dll is listed as inactive. Clicking produces a message that the dll was inactivated because of a (unspecified) runtime error at startup. I am guessing you have a different means for this with 9...

I have noticed that when I upgraded my observatory PC from 7 to 10 a whole bunch of stuff broke -- interprocess communication through ASCOM now requires that all programs be tagged 'run as administrator' -- seems to defeat the whole purpose.

Startup message - there was an issue verifying the search index (#3096)

The problem is even more amusing in that case. My computer account is a windows domain account. Folder redirection is enabled by default (de fault is always de users...) which means that all the normal user directories... desktop, appdata, etc are mapped to a network share pushed out by the server -- in my case a Win server 2012 essentials domain controller. When one installs an application to be used by yourself as opposed to multiple users it all goes in this folder tree. This makes user profiles independent of the local machine. As I work from 3 different machines -- two win 10 desktops and a win 7 laptop it frees me from the curse of locality. With my Brain8 brains, they are cloud-synched but are all stored on a common (explicit) share on the server (also replicated to a NAS array).
Startup message - there was an issue verifying the search index (#3096)
Current was 129... installed but message did not stop. Did the 'shift' a few times but it had no effect. Still get that same message.

Startup message - there was an issue verifying the search index (#3096)
I get this message every single time I start the product v If it is a problem that I can fix there should be a recommended action. If internal, a log should accumulate and be reported back. Or just stop the message.
Calendar Event or Todo
Any plans on adding the ability to create or view an event or todo in the android version?
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