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The Challenges of Data Visualization with TheBrain

I feel like I see this reaction frequently.  Why don't you use this solution or why don't you use that solution? My sense is that generally the people making these statements haven't been given a good presentation on the capabilities or workings of TheBrain.  Until you have worked a bit with TheBrain or at a minimum received a thorough presentation on the capabilities of TheBrain, you won't appreciate the advantages that it provides over alternative methods of communication.  Just my experience.

PB as source for metadata and file tagging

With respect to an API, I have used the BrainXML format to successfully load and update TheBrain.  There is some documentation around but I can't lay my hands on it currently.  I have created some but it isn't really ready for prime time sharing. 

The structure is very logical.  Pretty much EVERYTHING is a thought (except NOTES), even LINKS are thoughts, which is why they can have properties like thoughts.

Export a simple brain and follow the pointer.  Look at the properties like the A and B links in a link.

Let me know if you are interested in my notes.

WebBrain Wander Speed

Please make sure you read that I was referring to wander speed  WHEN VIEWING THE BRAIN on http://www.webbrain.com .  There is no Preferences > Advanced when viewing a WEBBRAIN. So I am assuming you are telling me to make that change from TheBrainPro 8 software prior to syncing with the Cloud. That clearly changes the speed when viewing in the TheBrainPro 8, but I am trying to change the speed of wander on WEBBRAIN.com.  I have changed it in TheBrainPro 8 and not seen any change on webbrain.com after sync.

 GlobalSettings.jpg BrainSettings.jpg
Thought Icon expand during Wander
I would like to suggest a new feature tied to the Wander function.  I would like an option to cause the current thought's thought icon to automatically expand, if the wander speed is set to a sufficiently slow speed.  Clearly there would have to be some threshold speed for this to be realistic.  Specifically, I am thinking of a Brain that might have presentation slides as thought icons.  But other brains that might benefit are easy to imagine: Classic cars, airplanes, photo montages.

WebBrain Wander Speed
I've done some searching through the forums, but can't find a topic on controlling the wander speed on a WebBrain.  Is this possible?  If it isn't currently possible, I would like to see it added as a Feature Suggestion.  Even the ability to set the default wander speed as the owner of a brain for WebBrain viewing would be helpful.  Sometimes going through the thought names quickly is the goal, but sometimes, you would like to pause to give time to view the Notes.


Rich Wood
"7 >= 7" fatal message while loading
The load just completed and I didn't get any errors.  I guess it had something to do with re-sizing the window at an inopportune time.
"7 >= 7" fatal message while loading

I'm wondering if anyone has seen this message "7 >= 7" go floating up in the plex while loading BrainXML?  

I am testing some enhancements to my brain and while loading BrainXML, near the end of the process, I received the "something bad happened contact TheBrain" dialog followed by the floating detail message "7 >= 7".

I am rerunning the load now to see if it happens again.

I was messing around with the window size at the time.
I was trying to get the "Progress" status window to re-size so I could see the complete text.

I am attaching a "modified" screen print.  I obscured parts of the image to hide our content.


Rich Wood
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