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What's with the Find and Replace dialog? (#3977 and #3978)
If nothing else, at least please make the Find dialog is as small as possible. It's so big, with a lot of white space, when its only goal in life is to help people look at what's underneath it.  It's so unlike the rest of The Brain. Curious what happened.
What's with the Find and Replace dialog? (#3977 and #3978)

Love the beta, except for this one pet peeve. Am I the only one bothered by it? 

The "Find and replace" dialog is completely subpar. Was it a quick last minute fix to replace a more sophisticated but buggy one? 

Where do I start.

  • The dialog needs to be a one-liner somewhere at the toolbar (similar to this website).
  • If not, then it needs to at least be modal. Search dialogs have always been modal, it's a standard. At least I've just discovered I can scroll the underlying page.
  • "Replace" is a rarely used feature and needs to be tucked away from search, available on request.
  • The background window is the primary place where I look while searching, why is it greyed?
  • I normally leave The Brain window just small enough, to avoid wasting screen real estate. The dialog takes more than half my window.
  • There is no escaping from it to look at the underlying text, because it's not really a Dialog, in the sense that you can't move it away from the parent window. If I could at least move it into the plex window, but no such luck
  • When I've found what I was looking for and escape from the dialog, I lose what I've just found, because the window scrolls all the way up. For this reason, I try to keep my thoughts very short.
  • No regex search?

That, in a program whose reason of existence is to facilitate a thinking process and organization of thoughts, is almost a show-stopper. When is this going to be fixed? I was so hoping it would be fixed in the last update, but alas, no such luck.


1. "Undo" and "Redo" need to work across thoughts. Without it, moving text from one thought to another is dangerous. For someone like myself who moves back and forth between different keyboards and OSs, sometimes I think I cut something and I did not. So I either risk loosing data, or have to copy, paste in the new thought then come back to the old thought and delete. Cumbersome!

2. Sometimes thoughts switch, but their editor pages remain stale. So I have to switch them couple more times to refresh editor page.

3. Plex window now zooms in response to Ctrl+   hooray!! But text window does not. For those of us with bad vision or multiple monitors, that's pretty bad.

4. When moving The Brain to a different monitor, the text editor keeps blinking black. At least make it blink white!

5. Please allow per-page style settings.

6. "Activate the last thought" needs to be persistent between invocations.

Open Source?
Have you guys considered open-sourcing The Brain? Or at least opening the architecture and allowing for plug-ins, like Adobe?

You have this great idea with enormous potential. With a little development, TheBrain could become a household product; and yet, I don't know anyone who knows it. Could it be because you are monetizing it too soon and too much? Make it famous by making it available, build a well-known brand, and you'll be able to monetize it. Charge 10 times less, and 20 times as many people will have a paid account. Turn TheBrain into a ubiquitious platform, and you've changed the industry. Instead, you are sitting on an imperfectly implemented great invention with a dynamite potential. It's your prerogative of course, but why?
Please add forgetfullness
Today, I am starting a new brain.

This is an uneasy decision. A single brain would have worked better for me. Now I have more than one brain to search through, and so every search is going to be a hassle. 

However, my existing Brain has grown too big, and IT'S NOT FORGETTING ANYTHING. So it's cluttered. Cluttered is not good for GTD, and is contrary to what I choose TheBrain for - to unclutter. A new brain has this fresh uncluttered feel to it - an old one does not, not to me.

I know there is the "forget the thought" option, but how many thoughts am I going to forget manually? Besides, I don't want to forget thoughts completely. I want to archive them. I want them to automatically and gradually fade, while always being on the background if I really need them; just like in a human brain.

By fading, I mean literal graying out, like in fog; and also being less prominent otherwise.

Then again, just like in a human brain, thoughts that have been accessed recently, or thoughts that have associations with thought that have been accessed recently, or thoughts with major neural pathways to them, stay.

What do you think?

Search not working

I am trying to search inside all my notes for "todo", sorted by date modified. I am not getting any recent notes, not even the note I've just created for this purpose. I've rebuilt the index and also just installed The Brain on a brand new laptop and waited for it to finish indexing - same result. Now I literally don't know what to do! Help!
How many users does theBrain have?
Sorry if this information is private, but I'd be curious to know the number of users and also, if possible, the number of paying users. I am pretty sure I saw the first number somewhere but can't find it now. Got to present TheBrain to a client, and need to make sure it has enough market share.

Please visually mark thoughts with Notes
Oh wow, just turned it on, its awesome! Thanks!
Please visually mark thoughts with Notes
Is there any way to figure out which thoughts have notes without clicking on each and every one of them? 

(a Note thumbnail on mouseover would be ideal, but any visual cue would suffice)
Useful AutoHotKey scripts?
Thank you! very interesting. I wonder if there is an alternative to waiting 200 millis?
Useful AutoHotKey scripts?
zenrain wrote: Yes, that is a possibility, and I had done some work on scripting AHK to use the xml exported by TheBrain for bookmarking (creating and accessing) thoughts. This was before you could use a keyboard accelerator for pinned thoughts.
Mind sharing the code? I know it's less useful now than it used to be, but it would be interesting to take a look at.
Useful AutoHotKey scripts?
You can get XML by right clicking on a thought -> Copy Thought. There is an XPath parser AHK script readily available, so parsing XML and finding the right nodes should be easy.

Yes, I know it's not worth it, but it can be fun. Maybe I'll get to it some day. 

If someone else does it, please post the script.
Useful AutoHotKey scripts?
zenrain wrote: Quote: This is not really specific to the Brain, because I am yet to figure out how to automate Brain navigation. For instance, how do I find out who my thought's parents and children are? 
This isn't really possible. Ok, it actually is, but would be a pain to implement. It would require using AHK to select all a thought's children (using the crawl brain and modify selection, selecting the choices you need). Then from the selected thoughts, copy to an outline, then use AHK to parse the outline and use the results for the navigation.

That assumes there are no thoughts with duplicate names, right?

Exporting a thought and its children into XML and parsing the XML seems a more feasible option to me. This way, we get children's GUID and can navigate by GUID. I can think of a couple ways of fetching a thought by its GUID, one is by converting a GUID to a URL; another, by generating an XML and importing it.

This seems tricky though; would be really nice if the developers of The Brain developed something to support such an effort. Wonder if there is any interest at all in turning The Brain into a platform?
 I don't think it would save much, if any time based on the interactions AHK would have to do to get a list of thoughts.

I have not played with it, but I suspect an Autohotkey script can be very fast if animation speed is turned to Fast. Anything other than animation slowing it down?
Useful AutoHotKey scripts?
Just started using AutoHotKey  desktop automation. I've seen AutoHotKey mentioned in the forums here and there, but it's been a while, and so many links are dead. Would be nice to combine useful scripts together.

For starters (nothing impressive I know, and not limited to TheBrain, but hey, I am a newbie and I found it widely useful for my time tracking):

Code that inserts
* current date when user types ]d  
* current time on ]t
* both on ]l


:*:]l::  ; This hotstring replaces "]l" with the current date and time via the commands below.
FormatTime, CurrentDateTime,, M/d/yyyy h:mm tt  ; It will look like 9/1/2005 3:53 PM
SendInput %CurrentDateTime% `

:*:]d::  ; This hotstring replaces "]d" with the current date 
FormatTime, CurrentDateTime,, M/d/yyyy ;
SendInput %CurrentDateTime% `

:*:]t::  ; This hotstring replaces "]t" with the current time 
FormatTime, CurrentDateTime,, h:mm tt  
SendInput %CurrentDateTime% `

My next step is to have a hotkey for posting time elapsed (since last hotkey) and for starting a pomodoro

This is not really specific to the Brain, because I am yet to figure out how to automate Brain navigation. For instance, how do I find out who my thought's parents and children are? 

Also - I recall from the evaluation version that one possible attachment was an AutoHotKey. Is it so, and if so, was it executed when double-clicked, or was there something else? 

Parent has children, children don't have a parent
Just an update in case anyone is interested. After talking to support@thebrain.com, it turned out that the problem happened because Parent is a Thought Type:

"Thought Types will never display on the Plex unless you manually Search for and navigate to them or navigate to them from the Types tab."

While I am glad I have a closure on that, I am not exactly happy with this "undocumented feature". How was I supposed to know that? Other than the tiny "This is a Thought Type" indicator in the corner of the Thought tab (which I did not even have showing by default), and other than the fact that Thought Types don't normally display on the Plex when you connect them, I had no way of knowing this thought is in fact a thought type. Now that I know this, probably don't want to see this connection; but it would be nice to have thought types look and feel visually different from thoughts, no? 

Now I will use some prefix or postfix notation for thought types I guess.

Thank you for a quick response.

The Brain's competitors
Bump! Wealth of info here. Any new products since 2012?
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