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calculation and measurement feature (#3951)
not quite similar as excel in notes section:
what i mean is let thebrain calculate thoughts 'measerements'/ aspects.
So it will visualize a calculation: the parent is the sum of the childs....... (that is if a child has a value for teh 'measurement')

Because thebrain is basicly a database (non lineair) there should be a possibility to create 'measurements' which will become an extra database record

Maybe could tags be used for this ? Give a tag 'revenue' and be able to fill in a value field...., or give a tag 'cost' and fill in the amount of cast for that thought...... then the brain could calculate the value of the parent as it gets tagged with 'revenue' or 'cost' 

just an example.....

So it's way more then an excel table in the notes..... i think

calculation and measurement feature (#3951)

earlier i already suggested making calculation fields an option/possible in thebrain9
there were some questions about how and what i meant.

Now I tested Mindmup for a while and it has this option that i mean.

So i can create a 'measurement' or aspect for a thought/ node. And then i can add a value to it
The aspect / measurement at the  parent thought than becomes the sum of the values of the childs

For example:

i created the measurement revenue . Then i add the value of estimated revenue  for each client in the thought/ node of that client.
The thought/ node 'my clients' shows the sum of all values i entered in the child thought 's measurement 'revenue'.

take a look:
internal / embedded browser not working??
works. after update. Thank you
internal / embedded browser not working??

i don't understand why you need a screenshot. It doesn't give an notification or something the weblink just opens in my internet browser on my pc.
But i have activated 'embedded browser for weblinks' in my settings......

internal / embedded browser not working??
Hello Patrick

no. thebrain9 had an internal browser. So a weblink would open within thebrain9. It doesn't anymore.....

internal / embedded browser not working??

i have 'embedde browse for weblinks' turned on. But my links open in external browser??

what can cause this?

(windows10 )
Any Online CRM- or Task application where I can link to a task?
JohnRimac wrote: MyLifeOrganized has a great desktop app that also syncs to smart phones via wifi or the cloud. Hyperlinks can also be used to link individual objects such as tasks to other objects outside of the program such as PB thoughts. In MLO, use the "Copy as URL" command. To insert a hyperlink, such as a PB thought, one has to prepend to the thought URL "file:", without the quotes, in the Notes section of the task.
I have MLO & PB on a thumb drive that I can use on any computer. I sync to the cloud on MLO's & PB's servers. I also use an iphone with the MLO app on it. I've tried lotsa iphone apps and their respective desktop programs, if they have one. I like MLO. I use PB as place to reference. My work flow is GTD by David Allen.
However, I am thinking of doing everything in PB. I'd use webbrain for anywhere browser access. If I needed more PB power, I'd use a remote access program/service, such as LogMeIn or Teamviewer. Both programs are available on smartphones, like my iphone. The iphone Teamviewer app is free and very good.

@JohnRimacI also think about using the brain desktop through remote desktop on phones. But does the brain work good with teamviewer on mobile? (enough room on mobile screen?)
thanks for reply
virtual thoughts for online file storage (onedrive, Gdrive etc) INTEGRATION
Would be nice to have the possibility to have virtual folders for onedrive, gdrive etc. I mean the online folders. When that would be possible i can have virtual folders that also work in webbrain......

Huge integration!!!!
Windows Phone / Windows Surface RT support
RodEvan wrote: Ditto.... I'm hanging on waiting for a Windows 10 universal version.
How about an Android port to Windows 10?

indeed.... i lack possibilities for a smooth working from everywhere. 
WebBrain in Windows Phone 8-Browser not working?
is there a way to work with webbrain on windows phone? My attempts are very very disappointing because thoughts i click will cause my keyboard popping up . edit button isn't showing . in another browser on wp the edit button is there but the notes section can't be edited....

Calendar missing?
MNICHOLS2K wrote: It is very good to hear that the calendar is not being dropped from TheBrain 9.  The calendar is a key feature for how I use the brain to track time allocated to clients and projects throughout the day.  When I am working on a particular issue or client project, I create a calendar event within the brain for the relevant project's brain node.

The brain's calendar feature is extremely powerful and keeps me coming back to TheBrain as an organising and time tracking tool.

how do you get the time reported (total hours?) from google calendar.? I'm interested....

Calendar missing?
will calendar sync two way with google calendar?
i have lots of issues in thebrain8 (events created will be synced to google calendar, but once changed ingoogle calendar they won't be changed in thebrain....)
TB 9 Calendar?
Hi Heiko

nice i posted it also in june: http://forums.thebrain.com/post/integration-with-zapier-ifttt-and-the-inbox-of-tb-7144729?pid=1292633207  

certainly hope it will become possible to use ifttt ...otherwise thebrain will be much less usefull (but that's personal)

TB 9 Calendar?
Is IFTTT already possible? (Heiko says he will try to make a workaround for tasks through IFTTT)
Integration with ZAPIER, IFTTT and the Inbox of TB
thanks mcaton

ps it's a total disappointment that the calendar functionality is going to be deleted from thebrain.
I could even track my time through thebrain because i use tagtime . In the brain calendar i make events connected to my task thoughts. The event gets a name starting with #project
The amount of time defined through thebrain calendar is being synced to my google calendar and voila the time is registered on the project......

 IFTTT or Zapier integration probably will compensate the loss of calendar.....

Kind regards

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