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Clicking on an Event in the list
When I click on an Event in the list of Events for a Thought, there's no indication in the list that I've selected the Event. 

Yes, the relevant Event is activated in the Timeline but the Event should also be highlighted in the list, which would be consistent with all the other lists in TB9 and with other software that I've used.
Order of Types and Tags in web client (#305)
Actually, it's when I click on a Thought to make it the active Thought and then I click on it again to view the Thought properties, and then click on Types or Tags, in the web client.
Dragging a link from the internal browser to the Plex (4258)
I see that this is working now.
Searching for Private thoughts (#1813)
This was available in TB8 but I don't see how to search for Private thoughts in TB9.
Is there a way?
Order of Types and Tags in web client (#305)
Types and Tags don't show up in the web client in alphabetical order when clicking on a thought and viewing Types and Tags.
How do they show in your brains when you view them online?
Order of Types and Tags in web client (#305)
When clicking on Types or Tags in the web client, the choices appear to be in random order.
Shouldn't they be in alphabetical order, with Types nested?
Some questions about Thought History (#4532)
Harlan wrote: History track back since you started using version 9.Is there a way of getting rid of the history? I really don't need a list of all the changes that I've ever made. The modification log makes the database about 5 times bigger and it makes importing a backup file much slower. I think that it also makes syncing slower.

Is lifetime history some kind of enterprise-level requirement?
Priority in displaying icons and images (#4536)
I used to use icons for my thought types but I found that they interfered with the display of attached images and URL links.

All of the following can lead to an image being displayed to the left of a thought's name:
  • Thought icon
  • Thought type icon
  • Attached image (internal or external)
  • URL link
It seems that a Thought's icon overrides the Thought Type icon, both of which override an image, and the image overrides a URL icon.

It would be nice to be able to use all four possible sets of images and specify which one is displayed to the left of the thought's name.

Some questions about Thought History (#4532)
Although it is not obvious to me how the history could be useful after a few days, I must be missing something. What is the main benefit that users are deriving from the long-term history?

Also, it seems that a lot of work went into the colors: Nine shades of color, plus white, just to display when a thought was changed, in addition to viewing the date/time. Seems to me that this would be more useful if there was a way of viewing changes for all thoughts to see if there was some kind of pattern in editing thoughts. Alternatively, the change data could be exported if someone is wondering about early-morning changes vs. late-afternoon changes.

One more thing: History displays the user. Is TB9 now available as part of TeamBrain?
What are "internal" and "external" folders?
In Statistics/Notes and Attachments, I see "Internal Folders: 0" and "External Folders: 0".

What are these?
Searching for thoughts that have Events (#3611)
It would be nice to search for thoughts that have Events, similar to how we can search for thoughts that have Attachments.
Some questions about Thought History (#4532)
When I click on the little hourglass in Thought Properties, I get a list of changes to that thought.
For some thoughts, the list is quite long. 

What am I supposed to do with the list? For example, I see that a year ago on December 7, 2016 there's "Changed note" but I can't see the changes and I can't revert to a previous version of the thought. Actually, I don't really care what the changes were a year ago.

What is the point of tracking changes forever? 

What do the colors mean? I see grey, pink and purple, with three shades of each, along with white. 

Trying out TheBrain9: how to move a thought to a different parent
Brigitte wrote: We may not create a Brain 9 manual, for a few reasons...
The design philosophy from the beginning has been "If it needs a manual, it's wrong" 
- The software evolves too quickly for us to keep it up to date easily
- Most people don't read manuals anymore (right?)
Take a look at what Apple does for the iPhone:  http://help.apple.com/iphone/11/

Also, how about something like TheBrain Knowledgebase?
Who has made full switch to Brain 9 and what is your experience
mbaas wrote: The HUGE bonus for me is that I can now view and edit my thoughts on the iPhone [smile] The iPhone app has always allowed you to edit the name and color of thoughts in a TB8 brain, but not as easily as you can now in TB9. Also, the TB9 version allows you to see and edit the thought's Type and Tags, which, in a TB8 brain, could be changed by adding or removing Types and Tags as parent thoughts. 

The TB9 iPhone version is definitely better than TB8 but it's still difficult to see very many thoughts on a such a small device. It would be even better if there was a way of (optionally) viewing child thoughts as a list.
Cannot delete part of a quote when composing a forum post
Sometimes when I respond to a post in this forum, I press the Quote button to grab the contents of a user's post and then I want to delete some of it.

If I select text starting from the opening Quote tag, I can't delete the text. If I select text elsewhere, I can delete.
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