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So Again, Where is Webbrain?
I think that "web brain" is more descriptive than "web client". [wink]
How do I turn off the Tag indicator?
Wait, you already got what I wrote before I deleted it when I realized that you were talking about the web client?
Did the change in Preferences solve your problem?
Google Calendar
According to the list of New and Improved Features in Version 9: "Events can now be synced both to and from Google Calendar".

One Event, two or more Thoughts (#4333)
shatcher wrote: Another way would be to do a combination of Tags. Have a tag for each month and a separate Tag for each day. This way each Tag is reusable, and not just taking up space. Ex: I have 2 test Thoughts: "Anything" and "Nothing". Anything has the Tags 9 and November, Nothing has 9 and October. If I search for 9 and click on the search result, both Thoughts are linked to 9. Hovering over them shows me their month Tags and I can easily distinguish dates. On the other hand, if I had a lot of October dates and searched for October, I could easily tell which Thoughts had which date by hovering over them to see the numbered Tag I assigned.Are you actually using this method? [confused]

Sorry, but this sounds a bit bizarre:
Create 43 Tags for months and days. Also, create Tags for an indeterminate number of "Years".
Use three sets of text variables to emulate a date/time field, instead of using a date/time field.
Use Tags like "January" and "February" by accessing them from an ungrouped list.

Also, given that multiple Tags can be added to a Thought, it would be quite easy (especially when editing a "date") to make the mistake of adding October and November to the same Thought, along with 30 and 31, along with whatever other Tags are needed for this Thought. 

And, we still don't have a way of creating Tags without adding a new Tag to a Thought.

Next thing you know, you'll be suggesting we use special characters in a Thought's name, along with a comma and a period ... [wink]
Google Calendar
It was part of TB9 for a while. See this post by tomcal123.

The keyboard shortcut is no longer available. 
Better separation of Thought Types and Link Types in Report area (#4345)
As far as I can tell, the only way of selecting thoughts by Link Type is by going to the Report area and selecting Types. The list shows Thought Types and Link Types but it's not obvious where the Thought Types end and where the Link Types begin.

Seems to me that there should be a clearer separation between the two types of Types. 

Also, I noticed that selecting by Link Type results in both sides of the link being displayed in Reports but the linked thoughts don't show up next to each other in the list. A bit confusing.
One Event, two or more Thoughts (#4333)
Definitely. [thumb]
I suggest that almost always (rather than sometimes) it would be useful to link an Event to more than one Thought. An Event is rarely about only one thing. Right now, if I want to link multiple participants, ideas, products and projects to an Event, I have to create some kind of "pseudo-date/time event/thought" and link all the related thoughts to this extra, redundant Thought, and then link it to the Event, with none of the related thoughts actually linked to the Event.

I think that it makes more sense to have an Event as a special kind of Thought that has additional date/time fields available. This would not only allow an Event to be linked to more than one Thought, it would make all of the Thought functionality available in the Event/Thought. (See Timeline and Events.) There could even be an option to display Events in a list for any Thought that is linked to the Events.
Show child thoughts and properties in a report-like format when selecting a parent (4310)
sibleyd wrote: Sometimes, table / list view is the best way to digest info. Succinctly summarizes one of the limitations of TheBrain.
File management
There are two ways of viewing your attachments: "as Tabs" or "as a List". It seems that you are viewing attachments as Tabs.
You can change this by right-clicking in the files/attachments area and selecting "Attachments as a List".
I think the list will give you what you want.
Show child thoughts and properties in a report-like format when selecting a parent (4310)
When there are many thoughts linked to a parent, I find it difficult to get a quick overview of those thoughts in Normal View. Sometimes Outline View is better but it can be difficult to navigate and it doesn't provide a count or a preview of the child thoughts.

It would be nice to have a report-like format that is similar to Evernote Views (Snippet, List and Card) and to be able to activate that view for the currently-selected thought. It would be similar to a Report but with more info: Date created/modified, one or two lines of the Notes, and/or a preview of the first attachment.
XML Import in the brain 9
You can import the XML file into a new brain in TB8 and then import the TB8 brain into your existing TB9 brain.
TheBrain 9 documentation
Thanks metta.

Some more comments about this: The design philosophy from the beginning has been "If it needs a manual, it's wrong" .

It's wrong if you need written instructions to do the basics. But, it's wrong not to provide written instructions for advanced functions.

The iPhone set the standard for complex technology that is easy to use. Guess what? There's an iPhone User Guide, along with lots of information on the iPhone Support website

TheBrain 9 documentation
shatcher wrote: The software evolves too quickly for us to keep it up to date easily.
Also, the new round of tutorial videos that are in the quick-start brain (Help > Create a Quick-Start Brain) is going to be fairly comprehensive when it is complete.
So, the software evolves too quickly for you to update the written documentation but you'll be able to update your tutorial videos? [confused] Quote: Most people don't read manuals anymore (right?)Did they ever read manuals?? In any case, most people don't use TheBrain so the question is: What do most TB users want, especially new users? If you're trying to please the old-timers (who already know all the important features) then there's little reason for written documentation, especially if there are few new features. But, for a new user, all features are new, and as Mudhenn points out, TB is an expensive tool, not a game.

As a comparison of written documentation, Evernote has 200 million users (as of July 2016) and this is what they provide: Evernote Help & Learning.
TheBrain 9 Development Interview
Interesting.  Quote: A dedicated team started working on TheBrain 9 at the same time as work began on TheBrain 8. After a year of development version 8 was ready for release and it seemed like the new code for version 9 was well on the way to replicating the core features of TheBrain. The team that worked on version 8 was now able to reinforce the version 9 team. We thought we might be done in another year. Two years at most. But the devil, and the beauty I’d argue, really is in the details. All of the small seemingly innocuous options and little things that the software does may seems like minor adjustments and adornments but in reality they probably took up over 80% of the development time. Now that it is finally ready for release we’ve worked on TheBrain 9 for well over 5 years.When the preview version of TB9 was introduced in December 2015, it was practically unusable. I didn't realize that there had already been more than three years of development. Quote: The move away from Java was a huge investment for us as a company and a significant risk.... But thankfully it has all worked out. It's not clear to me that "it has all worked out". Yes, it was a good idea to redesign and rebuild the software. The interface is cleaner and the performance is better. But, it seems that the required resources (money, people, expertise) were not available so the development has been limited: Several TB8 features were removed rather than improved (Calendar, Expanded Views, Virtual Thoughts) and several others have been delayed, e.g. Saved Reports, printing, integration with Google Calendar. I've never seen any other software where the new version had so many features missing in comparison to the previous version. 

TheBrain is unique so I am still using it for some specialized projects. I'm waiting for new features and more of the desktop features in the iOS app and in Webbrain.
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