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Brain 9: no Expanded view???
Thanks leolit for reminding me that the Expanded view in TB8 allows many levels of thoughts.

Recently, I asked about something similar -- Using TheBrain to display business processes (flowchart?).

Anyway, according to Harlan: "the features that we have left behind for the moment pale in comparison to the benefits offered by TheBrain 9."
See http://forums.thebrain.com/post/in-case-you-dont-have-a-calendar-8200542?pid=1293033504
Timeline and Events (#3481)
The import from TB8 does not bring in Calendar events. 
Will this be available in upcoming versions of TB9?

Also, will the Timeline be available in the iOS app?
Timeline and Events (#3481)
From Version 9.0.150 Release: "Allow keyboard shortcuts for timeline toolbar commands"

Timeline and Events (#3481)
This is a great feature! [thumb]

A few things, though ...
  1. I'd like the default name of the event to be the name of the linked thought, similar to how the Calendar works in TB8. Currently, if I don't specify the Event name (which curiously is identified as "Summary"), the Event is not saved. 
  2. Likewise with color: If there's a linked thought, the Event color should default to the color of the thought. Also, perhaps there should be "Event Types" with a color specified for each type.  
  3. It would be nice to add an Event by right-mouse clicking on a Thought, instead of Add attachment/Add Event.
  4. For me, "All day" is really "On a specific day with no specific time". I don't need the timeline to show a 24-hour event, but instead some indication (perhaps at midnight or at noon) that there's something on that day.
  5. Given that the Event input window shows duration when specifying the end time, it would be nice if we could see the duration when viewing an Event, and perhaps even filter by duration. 
  6. Have Reports filter on Thoughts with Events, and with the option to specify a date range.
  7. Have a way of exporting Event data.
  8. When navigating with the small calendar (at the far right), we should be able to specify a date.
  9. Have a right-click menu on the timeline itself with navigation options.
  10. When I create an event from the timeline, it's annoying to see what's behind the translucent Event entry window.  The window should be opaque.

I think that the timeline could be very useful, especially if there's some way of having the events identified in the Plex, e.g. have something like the Thought Label or the Tag indicator, and filter Thoughts based on Events. 
Cursor bouncing around in Notes Editor (#3344 and #3398)
Is there a way of stopping the email notifications when someone responds in this topic that I started? 
How does TheBrain development team use TheBrain to track development?
I hadn't thought of TeamBrain. It's basically TB8 with multi-user collaboration, right?

How do you know that a thought has been "assigned" to you?
How do you track multiple pieces of information for various projects and clients? How do you track dates? How do you integrate with email, contacts and calendars?

I guess the big question is: Will there be a new version of TeamBrain based on the TB9 architecture?
No indication of progress when downloading update

I just launched TheBrain 9.0.144 (Windows) and received notice of an update to 147. 

After I initiated the update, there was no indication that the update file was being downloaded.

I even checked for the minuscule greyed-out text that sometimes appears in the tabs. Nothing.

Using TheBrain to display business processes (flowchart?) (#3406)
Thanks Matt but I'm just looking for some feedback/suggestions/examples of how other users have used TheBrain to display business processes.

For example, do you use TheBrain to document feature requests?
How does TheBrain development team use TheBrain to track development?
Part of my job involves software development and, over the past two years, I've tried to use TheBrain to help with that development, but it has been quite a challenge.

I'm wondering how TheBrain development team uses TheBrain to help track software development.
Even general guidelines would be useful.
Thank you.
Limit the numer of thought columns (#3417)
FWIW, now that I understand how it works, I created a sample brain and imported 200 items linked to the home thought.

At a resolution of 2560x1440, I get 16 columns at full screen, with middle text size and middle thought space, and with the Notes section hidden.
Strangely enough, if I display the Notes section as 1/6 of the screen on the right, I still have the same number of columns but the last three on the right are not visible unless I scroll.

If I reduce the text to minimum size (barely readable), I get 6 columns.
Limit the numer of thought columns (#3417)
I have two columns and I don't see any way of changing that, other than playing around with thought spacing, text size and window size, and even then, the most that I get is four columns.
Limit the numer of thought columns (#3417)
What is a "thought column"?
Changes to intern web browser? (#3410)
zenrain wrote: To disable the built-in browser choose Preferences > UI and uncheck Embedded browser for web links.
See Harlan's post on this thread for more information about its intended use.
Thanks zenrain.

So, if I uncheck Embedded browser for web links, a link will open immediately in my external browser, where my credentials are saved, but I lose the preview function of the embedded browser.
If I check Embedded browser for web links, I get the preview function for web pages, which is great if I don't want to interact with the website, or I get an unnecessary page preview and then I click the "Open" icon to view pages that require a login or other interactions.

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