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TheBrain Syncing
Brigitte wrote: Here is a link to a chart with all version details for your reference: http://www.thebrain.com/store/version-details/In that link, it seems that desktop synchronization is not available with the Free Edition, or even the Pro License. All that's available is mobile sync and browser access. (Also, it seems that attachments are available in the mobile app but not in the Desktop.)

What does "Synchronization" mean in the second last row of the chart?

New-line isn't always a new paragraph
Shift-Enter for no paragraph?
For me, that's too much faff.
Renaming Surprise
mcaton wrote: Yes, I'm thrilled with the 'coma trick' upgrade as well!Have you figured out a way to put people to sleep for a long time? [biggrin]

Which are my most densely connected thoughts? (3372)
Matt, the answer to your last question is 42.

As far as I know, TheBrain doesn't identify number of links per thought so it can't answer your questions.
But, somebody can probably answer your implied question: Will future versions offer the ability to identify the most densely thoughts and the shortest path between them?
Bug creating a new orphan thought (#3737)
mrsandbags wrote: In general I see no sensible way to shorten a quotation and, in any case, the quote is the thought ... i want to see the thought and not have to faff with notes.Ahh! The "no faff" argument. Got it. [cool]

Bug creating a new orphan thought (#3737)
Matt, I've seen several of your posts about problems that you're having with very long titles.
What you would be missing if you used short titles and put the full text in Notes?
Totals and other calculations
Thanks Matt. Ctrl+click does allow me to drag and select thoughts and then to get a count in the Selection List.

But ... I don't have to do something similar in other applications to get a count. For example, I can see how many email messages are in my Inbox or in any of my email folders just by going to the folder. Likewise with contacts, tasks, notes, songs, photos, files or anything else in a folder. 

I'm pretty sure that TheBrain has to count the number of thoughts before determining how to arrange them in the Plex. Couldn't that number be displayed somewhere?
Using web link to mobile Wikipedia article instead of to main article
It looks like the Wikipedia article about TheBrain could use some updating.
Not sure who should edit it.

For comparison, the article has a list of links to other "Concept mapping and mind mapping software".
Totals and other calculations
Try Command (⌘) + click.
You should get a list to the left of the Plex that shows the Child thoughts.
Integrating more information into the Plex (#3736)
One thing that's missing is the ability to specify what is displayed when hovering over a Thought:
  1. Thought Icon
  2. Thought Type Icon
  3. Attached or linked file.
I think that's the current order of precedence but I'm not sure.

If there's more than one attached or linked file, I can drag a file to the top of the list (or drag a tab to the left) to specify which one is displayed when hovering, if there's no Thought icon or Type icon.
Totals and other calculations
Thanks Matt but I was talking displaying the totals in the Plex.

The comparisons could be special reports or graphs.
Totals and other calculations
It would be nice if there was an indication of the number of thoughts being displayed in the Plex, or the number of Child Thoughts that are under a Parent thought, or the number of thoughts for a Type or Tag.  
Next would be some comparisons of the number of thoughts, e.g. percentages and ratios of various subsets.
Automatic calendaring of Thoughts (#3715)
sibleyd wrote: I have thousands of thoughts with dates, literally, the process of moving dates into the date field manually would be unbearably tedious and time consuming.Harlan offered a possibility about Date-Thoughts and Events: Quote: With regard to date-thoughts, what about this: perhaps we could for thoughts where the name can be parsed into a date and then associate events with those automatically. We could also do this at thought creation time. So if you created a thought named "2017-05-11" for example, it would add that as an all-day event on May 11.If indeed that's possible, then it seems to me that it would be easier to update a Thought's Date/Time field rather than create an Event and link it to the Thought.
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