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Some web links not viewable in internal browser
Links to the CBS News website don't work in the TB9 internal browser.
The home page, https://www.cbsnews.com/, doesn't work nor any link to a specific article, e.g. Solar Eclipse.

Any idea what's causing the problem? 

NBC News kind of works in a quasi-mobile format.
ABC News works fine.

I've had problems with other web links but I don't have those examples now.
More interactivity on the Timeline (#4187, #4188)
I think it's a bit weird that nothing happens when I click, double-click or right-mouse click on the main part of the Timeline. Seems to me that something should happen, especially on right-mouse click, which could bring up an option to create an event for the current Thought. Other options could set the Timeline's zoom level in a way that it is more intuitive than the dot, line, square and squares.
There could even be options to create events of various durations, e.g. 15 minutes, 1 hours, one day.

Double-clicking could create an event linked to the current thought.
Also, there could be a way of going to a specific date, along with the ability to search for events from the Timeline itself.
Shorter Timeline increments and the ability to drag and change an Event's duration (#4191)

I'm looking to use the Timeline to track my activities at my desk. For example, start this topic at 12:35 and then enter the end time when finished.

I can click on the dot to go to Day View but, when I zoom in, I can't see time increments that are shorter than one hour, even though a one-hour slot takes up about 2 inches (5 cm) of screen space. If I scroll along or click on the bottom of the Timeline, I can see increments of 15 minutes (about 1/2" of screen space) but I can't select a shorter time frame. If I want to create an event at, say, 12:40, I have to create it with another time and then edit the time. At maximum zoom, there's enough space to display 5-minute increments, which would make it easier to specify the time for an event. 

Also, I can drag an event along the Timeline to change the start time but it would be nice to be able to drag one end of the event to change the duration.


drag and drop from outlook
Hmmm ... interesting.
Even though this feature has been available for a quite a while (at least as far back as TB8, with Outlook drag-and-drop available), I've never noticed it or had any reason to use it.
What is the main purpose of the feature?
drag and drop from outlook
Duplicate post.
drag and drop from outlook
dhaney wrote: I find it even easier to open the thought folder, into which you can drag an attachment or an Outlook message. Doesn't this involve right-mouse clicking to get "Copy Path to Thought's Folder" then going to that folder and then dragging the Outlook item to that folder?

This doesn't seem to be easier than dragging an Outlook item to the desktop and then dragging it from there to the current Thought.
Is there something I'm missing?
I suppose it's easier if you want to attach several Outlook items at the same time.
New TB9 version removes TheBrain from Windows 10 Start menu and Taskbar (#4206)
Every time that I update to a new version of TheBrain, it disappears from my Start menu and Taskbar in Windows 10. I then add it again and works fine until the next update.
This has been happening for months.

This doesn't happen with any of my other Windows applications.
Export to RDF (or some other formats)

Harlan wrote: These days JSON is by a huge degree the most popular text based format for complex data. It is very easy to work with and far simpler than RDF/XML.
The JSON format gives people access to 100% of the data within a brain and it is trivial to understand and parse.
I can very easily import an XML file into Excel or Access but I haven't found a way of directly importing a JSON file without creating and running code. 
Any suggestions?

Edited: I took a closer look at Atadhome's post and, after I realized that TheBrain uses SQLite files, I came up with a nice solution using ODBC along with Excel and Access. 

TheBrain Syncing
Brigitte wrote: Here is a link to a chart with all version details for your reference: http://www.thebrain.com/store/version-details/In that link, it seems that desktop synchronization is not available with the Free Edition, or even the Pro License. All that's available is mobile sync and browser access. (Also, it seems that attachments are available in the mobile app but not in the Desktop.)

What does "Synchronization" mean in the second last row of the chart?

New-line isn't always a new paragraph
Shift-Enter for no paragraph?
For me, that's too much faff.
Renaming Surprise
mcaton wrote: Yes, I'm thrilled with the 'coma trick' upgrade as well!Have you figured out a way to put people to sleep for a long time? [biggrin]

Which are my most densely connected thoughts? (3372)
Matt, the answer to your last question is 42.

As far as I know, TheBrain doesn't identify number of links per thought so it can't answer your questions.
But, somebody can probably answer your implied question: Will future versions offer the ability to identify the most densely thoughts and the shortest path between them?
Bug creating a new orphan thought (#3737)
mrsandbags wrote: In general I see no sensible way to shorten a quotation and, in any case, the quote is the thought ... i want to see the thought and not have to faff with notes.Ahh! The "no faff" argument. Got it. [cool]

Bug creating a new orphan thought (#3737)
Matt, I've seen several of your posts about problems that you're having with very long titles.
What you would be missing if you used short titles and put the full text in Notes?
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