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Feature Request Tabs (#3695 and #1362)

I would add 1) The tabs are restored when opening the brain to their same status as when the brain was closed, so one can develop a set of useful locations / tabs that one uses consistently across work sessions, 2) the ability to draw links from one tab to another tab (when the tabs show simultaneously in separated windows).
Screen capture misbehaves when multiple screens (#1246 and #3681)
It will capture the area from the wrong screen sometimes.

I assume it is capturing the area from the "primary" screen rather than the intended screen. I am not sure frankly which screen is "primary," but regardless it sometimes captures from the wrong screen.
Searching with Attachments and Notes (#3409 and #3658)
Along the same lines, I found it very useful very often to limit searches to the current thought and thoughts there under rather than searching the entire brain. Is that gone? It should not be. 
Searching with Attachments and Notes (#3409 and #3658)
The Report feature allows a variety of Reports including search by name and label. One can go down the report clicking on each item and examining it.

However, as best I can tell, i cannot search within attachments and notes as part of the report feature. I have to use the search box.

The problem is that the list of matching thoughts with matching notes and/or attachments disappears when I click on one. I then have to do the search again, find my place, and click on the next matching thought .

That is not a good procedure when multiple matching thoughts exist. It should be possible to search within notes and attachments as part of the report feature.

Am I missing something? 
[Feature Request] Move/Copy Internal Attachment to another Brain
It would be cool to be able to draw links between tabs whether same brain or different brains
Feature request: Edit notes in external editor (#3652)
"I can't see this as being very popular because most people don't enjoy writing with HTML tags (or know how)."

There is no need to use HTML tags or CSS. There are plenty of WYSIWYG html editors in fact Word and Open Office will both do this.

I also opened up the html notes file and edited it. Other than a lack of automatic refresh on the surface it worked fine. Go to another thought and return and the edited html notes file appears correctly (including with features not available in the brain editor). I also searched for words added with the external editor and the search found those terms. I also didn't test synch.

Base on this, I would say adding one button access to an eternal editor ought to be an easy addition.  The editor is good an convenient but at times it would be nice to use a more feature rich editor.

I thought of a potential work around of using an rtf attachment instead of the built in note. The rtf does not preview, so this is not a good work around. I would say common file types like rtf, txt, doc, docx, etc should preview. 

The pdf preview is wonderful. The same type of behavior should occur with other common file types.

I would think there should be plug ins that preview common file types without reinventing the wheel.
Thanks. I hadn't noticed all the report options most specifically the options revealed by the first drop down.

I notice the new "Paths to Trim." That sure would have been useful in v8 as part of the import problem I described in a separate post.

I think the Report feature is well designed.

I am pleased with v9. I like the timeline.

My main immediate wish list is "preview" for more file types particularly msg and eml.

Another long term wish would be built in OCR so search will work even if the file is not a text file and has not been OCRed.  I would like this to work much like EverNote works. I think tight integration with EverNote would be good.

I know these things have been mentioned before.
I found the previous report for orphan thoughts and parentless thoughts useful at finding errors in the brain

I also found reports for thoughts with attchments of various kinds useful.

Import Imperfection (#3640)
I finally got my v8 brain imported into v9 after considerable effort.

There is no doubt now over what was preventing import.

I receive emails from an automated email generator. These emails have very long names (when dragged out of outlook or thunderbird.

The import process fails if there is a single internal attachment with one of these very long file names.

I had to go through and shorten the name of each of these file attachments.

It is too late for any improvement to benefit me, but other future people could benefit from improvement. The improvement would be either automatic shortening of excessively long attachment file names, or identification of excessively long names with opportunity to manually shorten. 
Zoom distant Thoughts on hover (#3576)
 Yes, good idea. I would say though not necessarily distant thoughts rather the nearest thoughts not already displayed. 
Unable to import from TB8 (#3564)
When I exported to XML from v8 and then imported the XML to v9 the attachments did not make it to v9 just the thoughts
Comments on Status
I tried to share it but the upload was taking forever and it never got fully uploaded. Would it be possible to mail you a usb drive?
Comments on Status
For the first time, upon trying v9 today, I felt it was ready for real use. In fact, I started actually using it. Then, I realized I can't use it because it will not sync to the internet and between my several devices.  The bottom line is that I think there has been huge progress since the last time I experimented with it, but there are still features essential to me not there yet. It still will not import my v8 brain, but I assume that will be resolved somehow at some point or I will figure out some work around. 

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