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Multiple Sets of Pins
Now, since multiple tabs can exist for the same brain, it would be useful to have more than one set of pins.  Different tabs focus on different things and different pins are helpful.

The pin set could be manually selected for the tab, but the selected set should persist each time the program is reactivated. There would of course be a default pin set.

Possibly, the pin set could be automatically selected based on "rules" of some sort. I have not fully thought this out, and I am not sure it would be feasible.
Questions/comments after first-look at TB9.0.192 on Win 10 (#3987, #3988)
Most of these things are not problems that I experience.
Or, in at least once instance, I disagree with the suggestion. Specifically, I don't think it would be good for an attachment to open immediately and automatically when dragged into the tab or list area. Most of the time I just want to store it. I don't want it to open.

I agree very much the feature of searching just the though and thoughts "under" it should return.  With a large brain, I am very often interested only in search a portion of the brain and most of the search results are irrelevant. I view this feature as very important.

I agree that the display of search results should be improved. I think the "report" function under "attachments" should include the ability to search not just the name of the attachment and the name of the thought/label but also the contents of the attachment.  I also think the ability to have a line or two or three of context is essential. I have many thoughts with the same name and the thought name by itself is often not helpful.

This is not in the above comment but I think the preview of doc/docx should be improved (automatically displayed without a preview button). I also think eml and msg should be previewed.

Event Reminders (#3982)
This works nicely but it is not flexible enough for me.

For example, I have deadlines of 30 days before some events. The reminder allows reminder maximum 21 days before the event. I would like to enter like 45 days for a reminder (30 days plus another 15 days).

Yes, I can enter the flag as a separate event but it would be nice if I could enter whatever number of days I wanted as an event reminder (more than 21 days).
What's with the Find and Replace dialog? (#3977 and #3978)
Must be a version other than windows. Don't notice this on the windows version.
Create Orphan thought (#3770)
Why would one want to create an orphan? I try to avoid orphans
Please post release notes - Beta testing results (#3656)
I would urge the following as priorty v9

1. Doc. & Docx preview. Currently, it does not work on my systems. No preview button

2. Eml & msg preview

3. Attachment search as part of reports

4. Option to limit search to thoughts under active thought.
Importing large v8 brain fails.
I had similar problem. In my case, I solved the problem by shortening the attachment names that were very long. I don't remember exactly how I located the offending file names, but I found them and went back into the brain and shortened them
Suggestions to Improve Attachments
Cool. I didn't realize the tabs could be moved. Thanks.
Suggestions to Improve Attachments
The order of the tabs is always the order of creation. It would be good to b e able to sort by file name, date of modification, date of last view, or arbitrary order as determined by user.
Doesn't work on tablet with low Specs
It says immediately after launch:

TheBrain has encountered an error. If you'd like to help us solve this problem email the file c:\.... to support@thebrain.com.Thank you.

Insignia Model NS-PO8W7100.
Automatic Email Link in Notes Area
I am talking about pasting text of the email address into the notes area.

Sometimes, it will insert arrows on either side and you can click to bring up the email program with that address.

Here, you can see that the arrows are not there.

I just pasted the text of the email address into the notes area.

Doesn't work on tablet with low Specs
I have a windows tablet with low specs (2GB Ram, 32GB drive).

The Brain will not function on the Tablet.
Automatic Email Link in Notes Area
Sometimes, an email pasted into the notes area does not result in the automatic link. How do I get it to create the link?
Popup Notes Editor
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