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Good work
I notice the program has a very polished look and feel. It seems to me you are pretty much there with the existing feature set. Of course, additional features can always be added. I notice even the doc and docx preview is working much better. The screen has a flash. Also, I still would prefer that it appear automatically not with a click on a button. Those things being said it now is working good.
Tab Names
Thanks. When the brain reopens, it reestablishes the tabs existing at the time of closing including name and color / theme. Also, a list of names and associated colors / themes is maintained that may be assigned to a tab so if the tab is closed an item from the list may be assigned to the tab. The list should include a “home” thought and last active thought.
Tab Names
I would like to have a tab open for each highly active matter so I can leave the matter to work on something else and then easily come back to the same place I was before.

Currently, the tab is named after the active thought which generally is not that helpful. The active thought might be something like "2017/09/22 Letter to X" which might give me little or no clue to the matter. I would like to be able to quickly name the tab in a manner useful to me.

I previously mentioned having the ability to give different themes / colors to each tab to help distinguish them. This request is along the same lines and for the same purpose.
Show child thoughts and properties in a report-like format when selecting a parent (4310)
Yes, very good idea. Sometimes, table / list view is the best way to digest info. 
Sync issues for Android
Yeah, mt brain synched on to my Android phone. Don't know what changed. 
Missing attachment after sync to another machine
johanlund wrote: Sorry, false alarm, I'm such a retard, thought the auto sync was on, the brain is great, sorry...

Ha. Ha. I am laughing with you not at you. I have been there many times and actually much, much worse
History Functionality
The thoughts I sought to activate were not deleted thoughts. Now, the action may have been deletion of an attachment but the thought was not deleted.
Yes, I have at least several times a day sometimes far more when something goes wrong whether it freezes, gives an error messages, attachment tabs disappear, etc

The good news is the integrity of the data has never been affected as best I can tell with one set of exceptions. Sometimes, a deleted attachment will reappear apparently synching back from the cloud. This happened once in mass. Lately, after changing my methods, it has been noticed only occasionally. Of course, it is much better for deleted data to reappear than undeleted data to disappear.

I am forgiving of occasional problems so long as I don't lose data. I still cannot get mt braib to synch to my android phone. It gets hung up everytime ob something.

I am sure these issues will be resolved
Missing Attachment Tabs

Sometimes, the attachment tabs go away. I am left with the brain plex and the preview / notes area but no attachment tabs to the side of the preview / notes area.

I have figured no way to bring the attachment tabs back other than exiting and reentering the brain.

I have not figured out the conditions when this happens.

If this is intentional behavior to free up screen space, I have not figured out how it comes on / off.
History Functionality
I had occasion to use the history (the clock on the upper right).

It provides on hover good history information.

I was surprised that when I clicked on a "history thought" the brain did not make that thought active.

That is what I expected and that is not what happened.

In my brain, many thought names are far from unique. My point is that finding the history thought based on its name is not easy at all since lots of thoughts have the same name.
Using Inbox
I am having a good experience on my iPad. The features are more limited than the desktop but they work well. Yes, it would be good to have some filtering or reporting features.

I cannot say the same thing for Android. I cannot get the brain to synchronize on to the Android phone at all.
export to folders
Yes. This is definitely necessary. As one example, I will never remember or have time to OCR everything that goes into brain. I would like to export everything every once in a while and batch ocr it. I can then search on the exported documents and find documents brain search would miss. I can also use search programs with more search features. This is an essential feature
Sync issues for Android
 I am getting the described behavior again. It seems to be downloading attachments. It uses the word "exporting" then when near completion it gives an error and crashes
Brain 9: no Expanded view???
Not really.

Yes, you can load documents into many databases and do searches on the contents of the documents (this is not universal at all many good databases will store the file but not search within the file at least not without "add-ins" and tweaking).

Yes, you can creates fields to describe the documents and then search on those fields for the documents.

First, no traditional database will allow flexible "links" between documents. You do various workarounds such as using "relationships" and hyperlinks or hyperlink like features. You can "jerry" rig something somewhat similar to links, but it will never be as flexible and intuitive as Brain links.

Second, it is very time consuming to enter information into fields to later search on. In my case, the most important features of a document are usually date and hierarchal File, Sub File, etc. making analogy to old fashioned files. This is easily arranged in the Brain plus other flexible links are possible outside this general organization of file, sub file, sub sub file, date. etc.

I have tried the databased approach and done a lot of tweaking but it ends up taking more time and being less flexible than the brain.

I agree that there is overlap between databases and the brain, but they are distinct with the brain offering unique capabilities.

That being said, I would like to see more database like features added to the brain but that does not make the brain a data base program. I would call it a hybrid between a database and a mind map.

There is no other mind map to my knowledge that will efficiently manage mounds of data particularly attachments like the brain.

My point was that what makes the brain uniquely valuable is its ability to manage efficiently large amounts of data (organize it flexibly, search it, and synch it). Its main value is not and never has been drawing pretty pictures.

enkidu wrote: Hello

I am for example interested in more search flexibility such as regular expressions, logic operators, sounds like searches, automatic ocr, etc. than more ways to tweek visual appearance.

Just about any modern database does this.
Brain 9: no Expanded view???
I do not believe the comparison with mind mapping programs is valid at all.

Mind mapping programs cannot handle the vast quantity of data that a brain can handle.

Attachments will quickly bog down almost all if not all mindmapping programs. Mind maps take more time to make. You throw the data into a brain, make a link or links possibly a type and tags -- the brain does the rest. The emphasis is on the data not the appearance. 

Some mindmaps do not allow any attachments and others only one per node. Even if multiple attachments per node are possible, it takes more time and has less flexibility and will bog down

For me, fiddling with aesthetics is not productive. I am much less concerned with fiddling with visual aesthetics as some mindmapping programs have endless visual options and more interested in efficient handling of large amounts of data.

I am for example interested in more search flexibility such as regular expressions, logic operators, sounds like searches, automatic ocr, etc. than more ways to tweek visual appearance. I would though like to have different themes for different tabs.

I would like the ability to draw links between tabs. I would like more and better previews. The pdf preview is good. The doc preview is not

I don't disagree with expanded view but I don't think comparing the brain to mindmap programs is valid. Apples and oranges.

Mindmap programs to my knowledge do not search inside attachments
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