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"open with" (#3788)
Yes, I can activate "show in explorer" and activate "open with" but that is a few extra steps.
"open with" (#3788)
The "open with" does not appear in list mode either.

"open with" (#3788)
When I right click on an attachment, various options appear including "open."

What does not appear is "open with."

The vast bulk of what I do involves pdf files (or email).

I have two pdf editing programs each with its own strengths.

My point is sometimes I don't want to open the pdf with the default pdf editor. Rather, I want to open it with the other pdf editor.

This is a long winded way of saying I would like for "open with" to appear as an option.
Stray Icon
No. I wasn't using list view. My best recollection is the stray icons appeared when I double clicked on the icon in the note/preview window attempting to open the associated file. I can't duplicate this morning. In every instance this happened with an email file ad opposed to pdf or doc or whatever. I will update if I can isolate further.

My current wish list at the top is 1) more previews, 2) ability to limit search to current thought and thereunder, and 3) ability to have a "report" with my search results meaning sea rch od attachment contents as opposed to current report searches
Stray Icon
I am getting a stray icon from attachment in upper left of the screen (enlarged) regularly. The icon persists and will not go away except by closing the brain and restarting it. I am not sure what initiates the icon but once it is there it stays there and will not go away. IconError.png 
OneNote / TheBrain integration
By the way, the auto link that appears in the NoteTab is very functional. It has both a link to the local OneNote and a link to the Web OneNote. The Local OneNote appears very fast. The only disadvantage is it is not right there in Brain view area automatically .
OneNote / TheBrain integration
I get the same result when I click on the Enter URL button after clicking Add Attachment and Pasting the URL from the web version of OneNote for the desired page directly from the URL in the browser as when I paste the copied URL using the right click copy URL from the local OneNote or the right click Copy Link to this Page feature from the Web version of OneNote.
OneNote / TheBrain integration
I tried to duplicate this without success on a windows system.

I not only could not get a link to OneNote to appear in the web browser, the same occurred with all the other online office apps.

It seems to be hung up on the approval of my credentials / login.

It switches the URL to a login URL and then just stops.

I will note that the Office URLs work fine when I click the button to open in external browser.

Also, they work fine from the automatic link pasted into the note tab.
Advanced search

Yes, Search of course is a huge portion of the utility of the brain, so searches should be as powerful as possible with all the standard operators and some not so standard but fairly common like "sounds like" and fuzzy and even "natural language" and concept semi AI.

Under v8, one could search using other search engines such as DT Search just being careful not to alter anything. I assume this is still possible, but I haven't figured out the file structure to know for sure.

Better quickview for office docs (#3727, #2480 and #2800)
First, I am getting the same thing. The error message comes up the first time, but when I click the preview button a second time it works.

Second, I don't like the preview button. I think it should just just be there like the pdf preview.

Third, once the preview of the word document is displayed it usually persists even after clicking a different attachment (pdf). In other words, it does not switch over to the second attachment.

Oops. The word preview came up on the first try without giving an error message first. Behavior is not entirely consistent.

Some of the time the preview is correct but sometimes the preview is cropped as the picture illustrates (both the left side and top side are cropped). When it is cropped like this, the preview is often corrected when something changes such as maximizing or minimizing in other words something forcing redrawing of the screen (haven't identified exactly the scenarios).

Untitled picture.png  

Better quickview for office docs (#3727, #2480 and #2800)
I know I am being repetitive and I know you indicated this will be addressed, but hoping for your patience enhancement of  preview functionality is by far the thing that would improve the utility of the Brain for me the most.  I think the Brain for my purposes should at a minimum preview eml, msg, doc, docx, odt, rtf, and txt. I have for several years tried to avoid using any image format other than pdf but other image formats like jpg, png, and tiff have some use for me and I am sure use for others. I don't so much care about xls, xlsx, ppt, and pptx, but I am sure others do. The way pdf previews is extremely useful, and it would be very nice if these other formats previewed similarly.
Better quickview for office docs (#3727, #2480 and #2800)
screenshot 1.png Screen shot 2.png 
So, it shows a "Preview" button instead of showing the document. When the preview button is clicked, it gives an error message as indicated. I do have word installed on my system, and word seems to function properly on my system. I am not sure if you are invoking word somehow or doing this completely with your own code.
Better quickview for office docs (#3727, #2480 and #2800)
Mine doesn't even show the first page of the word doc. It has a preview button that has never worked
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