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file drag and drop from outlook (#731)
I agree msg files need to be handled specially.

I am not sure the text needs to be put in notes. Preview much like pdf I think better.

This way you view the email under the corresponding tab and notes are available for something else.

Besides, there may be multiple emails under a single thought and there  is only one note tab

I don’t get too excited about dragging directly as opposed to the desktop then the brain.

Yes, that would be good but compared to other things a very small thing.

The preview of emails is a much bigger thing IMHO.
That size limit applies to web brain not a local brain.
I recall a brain size limit of 30GB. You may be exceeding that. They need to make that limit higher
Full text search
There are a number of very sophisticated programs that will index entire hard drives or any portion of the drives.  I don’t see how these would hurt the brain because they read but don’t change the indexed folders. I have used one of these for years and have found brain attachments in some instances when a more sophisticated search was useful. Once it finds the desired attachment then the attachment can normally be located easily in the brain. I have used a long existing program called DT Search although I have not compared it to competitors in many years.

My point is that different programs have different strengths. The vast majority of the time the Brain search is perfect for the job.

My biggest issue in having all documents searchable is OCRing of non text documents. It is too time consuming to OCR every document when I handle the document. I certainly cannot go back and OCR old documents one by one. I have tried batch OCR outside the brain and the process never goes smoothly. I know no way to batch OCR documents in the brain other than possibly a macro but I know that would not go smoothly. This is why it would be so very cool if the brain automatically did OCR on brain contents
Very difficult to make note icon go away (#4521)

I have note icon switched on.

The problem is it doesn't go away when I delete the note.

Even deleting all space characters does not make it go away.

I think it will go away most of the time if you delete all characters including space characters and click remove inline formatting but I am not sure even that does the trick all the time.

It seems to me that if there are no visible characters the icon should go away.

Should not have to hunt down invisible characters, inline formatting, etc. 
Download Attachments as option (#336)
In your other response, you mention the limited capacity of many IOS devices.

Yes, but many don't have limited memory.  My Ipad has 512GB.  I know some Iphones have 256GB. I think some may have 512GB.  

That of course is enough space to hold a very substantial brain in fact I think your web service maxes out at way less than that. 

I understand some phone cannot download all attachments but some can. 

I am not arguing with you. I am just thinking out loud.

The ideal situation would be to have the option of downloading all attachments or not.

Of course, sometimes, you cannot predict what attachments you may need in advance.

I think part of the problem is some people have such universal internet that the need for offline access is minimal. 

Actually, I would have internet access near 100% of the time on my phone but not my Ipad. 
Structured Attachment Tabs
I am suggesting opening the attachment folder using the brain "show in explorer" feature not opening the folder entirely outside the brain. 
Structured Attachment Tabs
It just occurred to me that I could possibly achieve the result with a little difficulty by opening the attachment folder and creating subfolders. I have never done this being not sure whether this would mess up the brain. Would this be a permissible practice? 
Structured Attachment Tabs
I often end up having a bunch of attachments to a single thought.

I may have the original document and then several revisions of the document.

I will usually have the document in both doc and pdf. 

I very likely will have a series of emails sending it to various people

I may have multiple fax transmission receipts.

I may also have email responses or letter responses.

Sometimes, I end up with 20 or even more attachments to a single thought 

It would be useful to be able to arrange the attachments in a structured manner (like a collapsible outline)

Yes, the attachments could be broken into related sub thoughts, but I think it is generally best and quickest to have all the attachments related to a single document in one thought. Making an analogy to my brain, all these attachments really are a single "thought." 

Download Attachments as option (#336)
I was hoping the change in IOS version not downloading attachments would be temporary. I bought IPad with high memory for the purpose of having the attachments with me even when not on the internet.
Download Attachments
I was hoping the change in IOS version not downloading attachments would be temporary. I bought IPad with high memory for the purpose of having the attachments with me even when not on the internet.
Who has made full switch to Brain 9 and what is your experience
Am I missing something? The video seems to show near instantaneous response.
Who has made full switch to Brain 9 and what is your experience

That is my list. Since making that list, I added enhancements to note search and replace so the search and replace can operate globally over a selected group of thoughts/notes or a thought/note and all its children, grandchildren, etc.

The improvement most pressing now from my perspective is improvements in previews. I put my emails into Brain (msg and eml files). It irritates me that I cannot see them like I can see PDFs. I also find that the doc/docx preview does not work a good percentage of the time. Even when it does work, it isn’t automatic. I think the preview should just be there like the pdf preview without having to press a button.

I think all common file types should be previewed.
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