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Brain 9: no Expanded view???
I do not believe the comparison with mind mapping programs is valid at all.

Mind mapping programs cannot handle the vast quantity of data that a brain can handle.

Attachments will quickly bog down almost all if not all mindmapping programs. Mind maps take more time to make. You throw the data into a brain, make a link or links possibly a type and tags -- the brain does the rest. The emphasis is on the data not the appearance. 

Some mindmaps do not allow any attachments and others only one per node. Even if multiple attachments per node are possible, it takes more time and has less flexibility and will bog down

For me, fiddling with aesthetics is not productive. I am much less concerned with fiddling with visual aesthetics as some mindmapping programs have endless visual options and more interested in efficient handling of large amounts of data.

I am for example interested in more search flexibility such as regular expressions, logic operators, sounds like searches, automatic ocr, etc. than more ways to tweek visual appearance. I would though like to have different themes for different tabs.

I would like the ability to draw links between tabs. I would like more and better previews. The pdf preview is good. The doc preview is not

I don't disagree with expanded view but I don't think comparing the brain to mindmap programs is valid. Apples and oranges.

Mindmap programs to my knowledge do not search inside attachments
Tabs / Backgrounds / Themes
I would like to be able to assign a different background / theme to different tabs.

I find it difficult to keep straight which tab I am on and I end up using the same tab for everything.

I would like to have my blue tab, my red tab, etc. so I can keep the different tabs straight and can more effectively use different tabs for different purposes.
Renaming Attachments (#4152, #4167)
You are totally misinterpreting what happened.

I dragged it out of the brain to put it somewhere else (a different program).

I renamed it within the brain.

Then, the old name and the new name would both be within the brain (the old name would sync back).

I don't know where you got that it dragged it back into the brain thus myself creating the second instance.

I have been continuing my work in a different way to avoid what happened happening again but it did happen.
Renaming Attachments (#4152, #4167)
While thinking about the best way of renaming an attachment, I set a keyboard short cut to do this, and that is clearly the most efficient way of doing this. However, the method used to rename the attachment may or may not have anything to do with the problem at issue.
Renaming Attachments (#4152, #4167)
By the way, I don't know why I didn't use the pencil Icon, it would appear it may be quicker and nicer way of doing it putting aside the problem at issue.
Renaming Attachments (#4152, #4167)
I would right click on the attachment "tab" and select "rename." In addition to renaming the attachment, I would drag the attachment out of the brain on to the desktop (I was putting a copy of these attachments somewhere else in addition to renaming them).

I almost never if ever used the pencil Icon rather I used the right click.

If the pencil icon method avoids the problem that would be good to know. I'll do some experimenting.

I was working on my primary windows desktop.  I sync both with a windows laptop and an ipad.
Renaming Attachments (#4152, #4167)
When an attachment is renamed, it syncs back the attachment with the old name, so you have the same attachment with both the old and new names.

I had this consistently happen to hundreds of attachments after I systematically renamed the attachments.

Also, if one attempts to rename an attachment to a name already existing within the thought, there is no error message. It just ignores you, so it may take a while before realizing why you are being ignored.
Feature Request: PDF Viewing using Browser Plugins
This is similar to my request for "open with" so pdf and other attachments may be opened with the desired program which may not be the default program. I understand there are technical obstacles but a worthy addition at some point
My summary of status
I say Brain 9 is doing very well. It is a wonderful tool.

I am very positive but this is about what could be better for me not what is already great.

Sometimes, the notes get confused with the wrong note displayed.

Sometimes, the attachment name is abbreviated.

Sometimes, the report does not show all the matching items.

The above things are all temporary. If you do something to refresh the correct data shows. There is nothing wrong with the data itself

The preview of doc and docx files usually doesn't work. Further, the preview should be automatic (no preview button).

Additional file types should be previewed (and searched)

The contents of linked web pages should be searched like v8 did.

Search of Events Added
Yes, the shift click thing is good.
Unsuccessful Attempt to Install
I never got a response to my request for IOS Brain (or it went to spam and is gone)

I called your office and you'll suggested I fill out the form again

But, when I tried, it said I had already filled out the form and could only fill it out once.

Links to Evernote in a Brain working now. (#4037)
For some reason, when I put the "Copy URL" into the tool bar on Evernote and click it rather than using the right click menu to "Copy Note Link," it no longer says "Welcome Back" as the name for the Evernote Link attachment in the Brain. Rather, it uses the name of the EverNote note as desired.

Even more curious, when I uses "Cnt+Alt+L" for a shortcut to "Copy Note Link" in Evernote, the name of the Evernote link attachment in the Brain is gibberish.

These are almost certainly issues with Evernote not the brain.

It seems like using the "Copy URL" in the Evernote tool bar is best.

In ideal world, it would be possibly to drag and drop the Evernote link into the Brain.
Links to Evernote in a Brain working now. (#4037)
Outlook does not provide a url for individual emails. This was easily solved by forwarding the outlook emails to gmail which does. The gmail links work good within the brain.

It does display the following message at the top which is a minor irritation: "This version of Chrome is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported browser."

The way I see it is that by linking to webware like this you get the best of both worlds. The information can be organized in a brain way while still having all the search and other features of the webware.

I believe the contents of linked web pages are not being indexed like with Brain 8, but I think I saw that this is on the todo list.
Links to Evernote in a Brain working now. (#4037)
I have started putting links to Evernote in the brain.

If I remember correctly, I tried this months ago and it didn't work acceptably. I think there was some discussion here about that.

It is working very well now.

I will next try Outlook.  It seems to me with so much being cloud based now, if a link to the email program works well, no need to put the msg file in the brain.
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