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Auto-renaming of related thoughts is freaking awesome
As far as I have been able to tell, if you add the comma after the thought is created it doesn't automatically add the parent name and create the relationship like it will on create. 

However if you manually type in the comma and parent name and save, the brain does recognize the pattern and creates the relationship.

so if your parent is apple and your child is sauce

and you edit sauce thought name to 'sauce,apple' or 'apple,sauceyou will end up with the same behavior as if you had initially created that thought that way. 
Auto-renaming of related thoughts is freaking awesome
I haven't been following the forum closely, but in case you have not yet had praises heaped upon you for this little (BIG) improvement -

The little feature that adds the parent thought name to a newly created thought when you place a comma before or after the title, then automatically hides the parent name to keep the plex uncluttered - I use it all the time. But that's not the improvement.

That's been around a while. Really powerful organizational tool. But it used to be very fragile - if you renamed the parent thought you were screwed because you had to manually update every child thought to match.

Not anymore. When I tweak the name of the parent thought, voila! It tells me how many 'related' thoughts there are and asks if I want to update their names to match.

So awesome.

ScreenHunter 19.jpg  ScreenHunter 20.jpg
Opening web link from thought icon crashes the brain (#4055)
Verified this morning, I no longer have this problem. Thank you!
Opening web link from thought icon crashes the brain (#4055)
I dont know if this helps, but I noticed this morning that I also get similar error when I try to use the 'open in browser' button in the internal browser. ScreenHunter 12.jpg 
Opening web link from thought icon crashes the brain (#4055)
this happens to me every time I try to open a hyperlink by clicking on the thought's icon...

ScreenHunter 09.jpg  ScreenHunter 10.jpg  ScreenHunter 11.jpg 
Can't navigate using arrow keys after using accelerator to forget thought (#3998)
Thought I would just add that once in the 'frozen' state with the red reticle, hitting the escape key 'escapes' the situation (how appropriate...) so pretty easy workaround.
Can't navigate using arrow keys after using accelerator to forget thought (#3998)
Badly titled... screenshots and description below.

I use the keyboard alot, including the arrows to navigate to thoughts and take actions on them.

When I navigate to a thought and use my accelerator to 'forget' it, the 'selection circle' (what's the official name for that thing?) jumps to the active thought (fine), turns red and just freezes (not fine.) If I then keep trying to use the arrows to move the selection circle around again, nothing happens. It's just stuck there until I click on a thought with the mouse, then I can move around with the arrow keys again.

Is this intentional for some reason I'm missing? Bug?

ScreenHunter 07.jpg  ScreenHunter 08.jpg  

Renaming thoughts
Got it, thank you for quick answer to a simple (and maybe obvious) question. I'm back to The Brain after a year of absence, playing catch up on what's new...

Also noticed I the shortcut works when moving the 'focus' around using the keyboard arrows, which I used to do all the time in 8. Awesome.

ScreenHunter 05.jpg 

ScreenHunter 06.jpg 
Mouse wheel resizing option
Ha! So easy. Thank you. 

I'm a long time user but for the last year or so tried to go a different direction... no good. I'm back. But now I'm playing catch up with recent developments.
Mouse wheel resizing option
In 8, in Preferences > UI you could toggle the option for "Mouse wheel resizing" and when hovering on the active thought, could zoom the plex in and out using the mouse wheel. Awesome, used it all the time. Will this make a reappearance in 9?
Renaming thoughts
I'm sorry if I'm missing something really obvious but there doesn't seem to be the ability to rename/edit a thought in 9? The standard F2 keyboard shortcut doesn't work, and there is no Rename/Edit command in the keyboard shortcut table in order to assign one (like there is in 8)

If I'm missing it, sorry -- but if it is missing it's a killer!
Outlook drag and drop
For what it's worth this is something I also use extensively, every day. Thanks for the good workaround tip Harlan.
Brain 8 Imports with version 9.0.85
I'm having trouble importing an 8 brain. I suspect that it is a problem with this particular brain and that the v9 import is not directly responsible, but I'm not certain. Screenshots below. And sorry for the ignorance, but what's the best way to get you the log file (if you need/want it?)

ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 24 07.14.jpg 
ScreenHunter_02 Mar. 24 07.15.jpg 
Issue/Feature 9.0.84 - Plex movement on double click to maximize
Hurrah for 9.0.84 and its fresh round of goodies!

A note on the double click to maximize functionality. In brain 8 the plex stays in place when you double click to maximize/minimize. In 9, it repositions with the appearance/disappearance of the notes pane.

Not sure if that was an intentional change, but on first impression I much prefer the old way.
Major Improvements Added in 9.0.82
Hooray for Arrange By! Now I start using 9 in earnest...
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