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TheBrain not responding
Ok, done. Thanks Patrick.
TheBrain not responding
No, this is the first time I'm trying it, so I've never seen it work properly.

It seems to freeze at various points soon after starting. One thing that will get it to freeze immediately without fail is to add a child - when the dialog comes up to ask for the name it freezes right away.

I've recorded a 20MB video of it happening and also have the logs - should I upload these for you?
Is it ok to publically post the log file? It has a guid in it, associated with me.
TheBrain not responding

I'm trying to run TheBrain on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS with Java version "1.8.0_45". The program seems to not respond to clicks, or it responds for a short time before freezing. I can resize windows but they don't redraw.

I've tried with Java 7 and it does exactly the same thing. Is there anything I can try to help debug the issue?

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