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A Brain for Tablets that can sync locally via cable. Not related to OS.

This is a pretty lonely forum. A year and no post! Doesn't anybody using The Brain use Android?

I have been using the Brain since PC version 4 or 5... can't remember precisely, but it has been a while. So when the tablet versions came out I was immediately interested, and I installed the Android beta version last year. I am using a Samsung Note Pro 12.2.

I posted my first impressions on the beta forum, which were: "that I could not sync locally via a USB cable, and that there is no pen input available". This was noted by the forum moderator at the time, but a year on and nothing has been improved or changed....

I see that on the IOS forum, the same issues are also discussed, so it is not only an operating system topic. See: http://forums.thebrain.com/post/thebrain-ios-no-local-copysync 6833699?pid=1286064945#post1286064945

What is happening with those "apps"? Are they still in development?

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