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[Question... Request?] Thought Links in Notes
Oh yes it's a must have feature! +1
maximizing the plex
To have the search controller and notification it’s very useful. But It will be very good to be able to concentrate on just what I need at any given moment … thing like for example Photoshop, SHIFT+TAP hide the tool bar, TAP hide the menu… or any custom shortcut.

This give us focus to what we need to see and free screen real estate.

Brain location in the hard drive
Could it be possible to select in which part of the hard drive to store thebrain?

[Feature Request] Nesting in Thought Types (and Tags?)
I do the exact same thing, and yes it will be very useful to have variable size and collapsing list like for example the tags in evernote.
Sort options?
By thought Tag!
Bluk edinting
Will it be possible to mass edit multiple selected thought? For example, giving them all the same tag or making them private all at once...?
maximizing the plex
I’m missing this feature very much: double-click and maximize the plex or the note you have double clicked.

Also it will be good to reduce the size of the icon on the top of the plex (home, font size…) or even better to have a shortcut (Ctrl+anything) to hide it. Or TAP to hide everything but the brain plex and notes.

[Feature Request] Plex high-resolution image/PDF export
+1 here. Vector output will be very useful indeed.

ctrl+x or ctrl+v
In the last version I'm not able to cut or copied part of an existing note on the same note;
ctrl+x or c don't work;

inherit of propriety
Some views... but no answers. I guess the idea is not share by anyone?
Maybe is just me who need that...but anyway I think it could be a very big time saver...

Ok, I'm quitting
I will be very interested to see a development timeline... or at least some info on the things to come.

inherit of propriety
Hello i'm new to the forum.

I'have been playing for years with the free version of the brain and now i just became a pro user and I am very satisfy.[thumb]

Here a things anyway: Why is the "private" option in the thought not inherited by the next thoughts under it. I know that technically the fact that the brain in non linearly hierarchical per nature is problematic to program how can be a parent thought and how is a children thought.
But, they must be a better way then crawling through the brain? maybe "inheriting by default" option in preferences? And if there is a conflict rise in between thought... give the chooses to inherit from one of the parent?

This also could be extended to other characteristic of thought with option in preference to inherit thought type, links type...


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