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Export of TheBrain to Neo4J


Thanks for your answer. Trust me, XSLT is not the best way (I explored that already). My current prototype is written in C# but without GUI and only supports theBrain ->Neo4J and theBrain -> GraphViz (dot syntax), without yet all the bolts and nuts of theBrain features.

Now that there is a javascript package to read/write xmind files, I have completely swapped to NodeJS biotope (standalone javascript, without a web browser)

I may start a project later and publish it on npm (javascript packages for NodeJS) for the kind of transformations that you have suggested.

Until that feel free to take a look at my current projects:

'mixin-interface' (more than 8000 downloads), as well as 'mixin-interface-api' and 'design-patterns-api'

Best Regards

Michel Kern


Export of TheBrain to Neo4J

I have developed a prototype to export XML ThBrain to neo4J Graph Database. If someone is interested to test or contribute, please feel free o contact me

Michel Kern

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