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Shakespeare Brain
Just downloaded it and put it in the research section of my brain. Very helpful, thank you.
TheBrain Development Update
Oh, that's exciting [smile]
TheBrain Development Update
Just my 2 cents: For me, cloud sync is a big part of the reason I made the plunge. It's my first year, and I'm more or less doing it as a test run. I'm going all in and managing all kinds of information in TheBrain that are relevant to myself and my plans. Having all of this with me all the time is a huge factor.

Having said that, I'm more a fan of the concept than the software itself. The Mac version doesn't handle text like the rest of the system does, TextExpander and other clipboard related apps don't work with it, and it even interferes with Keyboard Maestro (keyboard shortcuts don't work when TheBrain is active). So I'm very much looking forward to a native version, although I enjoy it a lot already.
Varying responsiveness of the plex and an empty bubble
Same here, also on a 5s. Oftentimes it just slowly blinks red (the note's border that is) for a few seconds before zooming in. Not too major, but noticeable.
Best workflow for journalling, high numbers of connections
You mean for example tag the entries "TheBrain" instead of linking them to a dedicated child note?
That does seem like much less of a hassle.

How (if at all) would you connect the TheBrain note with the TheBrain tag? Just tag TheBrain with TheBrain..? Regular connections to category-thoughts don't seem to be allowed.
Best workflow for journalling, high numbers of connections

I'm just trying out keeping a journal in TheBrain, because I think it makes sense to connect the entries to whatever I write about. If I write something about TheBrain, I connect that journal entry with the note "TheBrain" which is a child-note of the "Software" note.

However, if I make a journal entry every day, the number of connections to certain notes are going to be numerous.
I don't want dozens or hundreds of links jamming up the screen when I look up a writing app, so for those notes, I make a child-note, for example "TheBrain journal-connections". That's what I connect the journal entries to, so I get all of those at a glance, but the TheBrain-note is free of all the junk.

This works so far, but of course it requires a dedicated child-note for every note I'll connect from my journal entries.

Does anyone have a better idea?

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