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Impossible to have access to my Brains
Yes i.m having the same issue across all devices, Mac and iOS. Hope they sort very soon.
Crashes on login screen V9.0.0131
I took the plunge and completely re-installed macOS, and I can report that TheBrain9 works 100%. There must have been something amiss before.

Crashes on login screen V9.0.0131
I can't find any logs via finder, however attached is the Problem Report you get when it crashes, hope it helps



If you anything else let me know.

Crashes on login screen V9.0.0131
Downloaded the latest version on macOS Sierra.

When I start the application I get the Splash screen then followed by the login screen which quickly crashes. 

I'm unable to get past this point. What I'm i doing wrong???

TheBrain 8 works perfectly .
Can't open Brain in iOS App
Why have we not had an update yet? Apple doesn't take that long to approve apps!! I pay a lot of money for this service and it doesn't even work!
Can't open Brain in iOS App
Thanks zenrain. It isn't me then! Look forward to the fix
Can't open Brain in iOS App
I'm new to using TheBrain and its just what I need.

So I have now installed the app for both my iPad and iPhone, the app opens fine and let's you login into your account. Your Brains are then displayed but I don't seem to be able to open them.

What I'm I doing wrong?.

I have a iPhone 6 Plus and a iPad Air both running iOS 9.0.1

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