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thought spacing in all views
Thanks, but I do not see a sliding bar for Thought spacing in the Look and Feel tab. The only sliding bar is for animation speed. This is Brain Pro Edition v.
thought spacing in all views
Is it possible to increase the spacing between thoughts when they are arranged in a column in the plex? In Windows 7 they are so close together it is difficult to see which gates belong to which thoughts.
Order of thoughts (#3497)
Newest to oldest is rather surprising. It might be good to have the option to choose newest to oldest or oldest to newest. I understand that there will be more ordering facilities in Version 9.
Uninstalling TheBrain 9
I downloaded TheBrain 9 and after a few days installed it. When I tried to run it it turned out to be expired. So I uninstalled it using Revo Uninstall. After this I found that Brain 8 was absent so I installed it again. Clearly TheBrain 8 and TheBrain 9 beta are not altogether independent of each other.

While installing TheBrain 9 beta I noticed that Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 was installed [there seems to be a lot of it]. I was rather surprised at this since I thought version 9 was native code.
Order of thoughts (#3497)
I notice that when I change the order of thoughts via Options: Arrange Thoughts by: Creation Date, the thoughts appear in *reverse* order of creation date. Can this be changed?
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