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bug - unable to edit url attachment names that contain pipe character ("|" (#4313)
Encountered a related, even worse problem.

A URL with pipe character in query string won't even allow me pasting into brain or adding as attachment manually
bug - unable to edit url attachment names that contain pipe character ("|" (#4313)

Got frustrated several times that would not accept my change.

Created some tests and discovered was |.    Easily reproducible...   add attachment --> enter url of "example.com" --> rename it to "Some Title | Some Site" for example --> try to change that.

unfortunately this is a common format many sites use (e.g. "HTMLInputElement - Web APIs | MDN" if dragging in https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/HTMLInputElement)

I believe 4 were all child thoughts, the others were in same general area of brain.  my output.log only shows events as of yesterday?  assuming these are being rolled into /archive - I only see files back to the 8th, and this happened before then
Notes get stuck (are out of sync with thoughts when navigating/editing Brain) (#3984, #3910, #4285)
Another behaviour related to this I caught this morning, and one I can reliably replicate in a test brain...

If delete a note after activating plex, the active thought goes to the parent but the notes editor does not update to that thought, it just shows a blank note.  I didn't catch this the first time and thought I simply didn't have any notes).  Typing into this "ghost" note goes nowhere (as searching to find text notes turns up zero results)
pasted Local thought URLs don't populate name (#3650)
The name is always "preview.webbrain.com" instead of the thought name (or at least some safe/escaped version of it).  Is a pain to have to rename to something useful every time
Notes get stuck (are out of sync with thoughts when navigating/editing Brain) (#3984, #3910, #4285)
Is happening more frequently for me again as well.  TB9 v215 on Win10

what seems to help (but not pleasant), is clicking/touching the plex background in between every navigation
Cut command does not work within thought modal dialog
Solved this one.  Apparently some conflict with Beyond Compare's clipboard compare feature (that was running in background).   I'm also fairly certain this is cause of the frequent crashes trying to copy attachments and such.

I'm just unsure why there is conflict with TB9 and not other applications I'm using, and would like to be able to make use of clipboard compare without having to turn it off if want to use TB
The crash when deleting selection happened again.  Selected 7 thoughts with keyboard shortcut, shift click to delete.   Says has errored but offers option to continue, I click continue and multiple rapid-fire error/crash reports pop up and lock until Windows forces to shut down (see screenshot).  I'm also attaching all error logs from that sequence. Click image for larger version - Name: brain crash after deleting selection.png, Views: 155, Size: 189205
Harlan and team, my apologies if I come across negatively.  Too many years in software myself I suppose.

The point about reliability applying to data integrity is well taken and given my near reliance on TB a very good thing.

I look forward to more automated insights that my usage can provide.
thoughts were selected with keyboard shortcut, but yes otherwise exactly as you described.  I can't replicate with a test brain with the few minutes I have this morning.

Sorry, the first post appears to have duplicated each of the 3 attachments.   The one I can replicate, and from majority of attachments, is the one I will attach to this.  I've spent forever trying to figure out a pattern...used to think was from certain URL formats but get plenty of errors from local files as well now.
and another just now...  select two thoughts, ctrl-right click and select delete 2 thoughts...reports error (see attachment 1).  I continue, but then try to select and delete again, assume because were in fact deleted, now crashes (see attachment 2).  
I see TB9 is nearly complete, and blog post touts reliability as one of the key tenants...so I'm left scratching my head because I'm still experiencing multiple crashes and ongoing errors every day.

80-90% of the time trying to copy attachments I get an error like attached.  I can usually say "continue" instead of restart but is still very annoying.

A couple times a day TB9 will crash when navigating between brains (see attached) and takes forever for it to restart itself.

Tried opening an attachment this morning, and TB9 maxes CPU and doesn't do anything until I kill the process. No log, but can see attachment

I know there have been others but sort of became numb...due to the fact that realize am using beta software.
Click image for larger version - Name: tb9 pegged.png, Views: 227, Size: 72324 Click image for larger version - Name: tb9 pegged.png, Views: 227, Size: 72324
TheBrain 9 Theme - Bear Cobalt
Tried importing the theme and TB9 .213 crashed with attached error.  Restarting, the theme has now been applied and looks good.
touch screen support has removed ability to use on touch screen? (#4018)
To the best of my knowledge, this was all possible before the specific touch gestures for thoughts were added in .195
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