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stability on Windows?
since upgrading to 0.245 I haven't had a crash...promising!
Does anyone else find unlinking thoughts fiddly?
Yes, I struggled with the same thing...and arrived at "solution" others mentioned...assigned a shortcut key and use keyboard only for unlinking
stability on Windows?
yes, I always try and add a comment about what I was doing to the automatic log / crash dialog.
stability on Windows?
Have you reported these elsewhere?  The stuck notes has been well covered, but I also get some plex display stuff I can't reliably reproduce, such as missing the notes icon, until I navigate to the thought (that I know has notes), then it displays, but when navigating away the icon disappears again.

My best theory on several issues is that somehow related to bad imports of my existing TB8 brains, as I can't reproduce a lot of things I run into on clean test brains created with TB9

dlorde wrote:
I don't get many crashes on Windows 10, but I do get a lot of display and redrawing issues on both laptop and desktop PCs - everything from 'phantom' window flashes to occasional very slow frame refresh (several seconds to redraw frame, captions, title bar, etc.) and plex display anomalies - stuck notes, link gate colour incorrectly indicating single rather than multiple links, certain links not displaying at all (until the brain is closed and reopened), and so-on.

One begins to appreciate how stable and reliable v8 had become...
stability on Windows?
I didn't mean to disparage TB9, in fact the opposite as I also run it all-day, every day both for work and personal hobbies.  Which is why the frequent crashes from rather routine things (switching tabs, opening attachments, clicking into notes editor, etc) is problematic.  I guess the main thing is what was brought up in this related thread -  http://forums.thebrain.com/post/unexpected-errors-9643820?pid=1303145926 - that the debugging info is being sent and received every time I restart.

another cross link for future reference -  http://forums.thebrain.com/post/crashing-and-choices-9639051?pid=1303082178

And posting here was a way to figure out if is just something unique to my brain(s) or what.
stability on Windows?
noticed all the improvements for MacOS in .244 and also that we are now at a release candidate version, but still daily to multiple daily crashes on Windows 10.  Any roadmap on this?
RC & notes editing
Pretty much agree with this sentiment.  Furthermore, I'd like there to be the option from v8 to always paste notes as text.  When I forget to use Ctrl+Shift+V, anything pasted from email typically locks up editor and sometimes crashes brain, either way requiring a restart.

As I'm typing this, I suppose a workaround for myself and others would be to switch around the keyboard shortcuts so Ctrl+V is "paste and match format"
Stuck Notes Not Resolved in 234 Update
while massively improved (happens much less often) since the announcement of fix, I do still occasionally have notes get stuck.  Windows 10 Pro, TB9.0.239
dragging attachments in .236 broken?
ignore that.  After brain crashed altogether and I restarted, can't reproduce
dragging attachments in .236 broken?
Trying to drag URL attachments just hangs the Brain on Windows 10 Pro

regardless if to create new thought (dropping onto plex) or onto another thought
Possible to set default link thickness?
I don't see how I can change the default link thickness despite using "default" as the value.  Out of curiosity, is it equivalent to 1.5 or 2 by default?
Thought - Open Attachment (Ctrl-O or Cmd-O)
1.  I really don't understand why arrow keys don't work to select from multiple attachments when hit keyboard shortcut to open.  This seems so basic?

2.  Didn't know about Ctrl+Q...but while that is cool I don't see what to do after an attachment is activated.  hitting enter just opens the thought properties modal, hitting Ctrl+O (my shortcut to open) just lands back in original problem?
minor - the icon to change notes style from notes itself is non-functional (#4420)
wow, never would have guessed that but you are correct Harlan.  If I open up report panel, or drag notes smaller or anything basically so the popup is displayed over notes itself, it works as expected!
minor - the icon to change notes style from notes itself is non-functional (#4420)
hmmm, just normal usage...single monitor on my laptop with brain full screen.


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