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How to whitelist TheBrain for Freedom.to?
That worked. Thanks!
How to whitelist TheBrain for Freedom.to?
I'm using the app from Freedom.to to block Internet traffic while I'm writing.

Freedom.to works by setting a proxy to filter out Internet traffic.

I want to whitelist TheBrain on the Mac so I can keep using it while blocking the Internet out.

Here are the Mac settings I added:

Settings > Network > Advanced > Proxies

I've added the following two domains to the proxy bypass:

*thebrain.com, *webbrain.com

However, when syncing I get the following two errors:

"Unexpected file end from server"

"Sync failed. please try again in a few minutes. Error: Uploading not completed successfully"

I also tried configuring the proxy server setting within theBrain so the proxy settings of Freedom.to could be used. I set to the address to and set the ports to 443,80. That did not work either.

Please advise.


Feature Request: Support Split Screen Multitasking in iOS 9. (#311)
Please add support for Split Screen Multitasking in iOS 9.

It will be incredibly useful if we can view web sites such as Wikipedia while editing a
brain on the iPad.

TheBrain looks amazing on the iPad Pro!

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