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Feature Request - Edit Multiple Thought Names At The Same Time (#3666)
It would be really helpful to have the ability to make selections of a group of thoughts and then find and replace specific words, especially if you happen to use naming conventions and want to change them into something else.

For example, if you use 'colour - blue', but you want to change it to 'hue - blue', you would make a selection, and find 'colour' to replace it with 'hue' and this would affect all selected thoughts.

Also, the ability to make a selection and then be able to 'add text' before or after would be great as well.
Takes Forever To Backup to Archive on Update
Thanks for the suggestions.

I'm using the latest mac os sierra, and attempted clearing out my hard drive, rebooted, run first aid, etc. I also tested out the same brain by importing it and attempting to back it up to a new brz on another pc, and the same problem occurs.

I'm not certain if this is relevant but it often takes about an hour to import, where most of the time is spent importing 'deletion markers', of which there are about 20, 000.

Also, my brain regularly crashes when making new thoughts, and upon restarting, the thoughts are usually still there, but are often not connected to the parent thought they were created under. Nevertheless, constantly having to restart is not that big a deal as it is much faster than the same brain running in TheBrain 8, overall.

In addition, my brain has started taking about 5 minutes to load upon restarting my mac, where it used to be instant before.

The phase of the process it gets stuck on for a couple hours when attempting to backup is : 'exported brain properties'
Takes Forever To Backup to Archive on Update
- my brain is rather large, with about 55, 000 thoughts and 100, 000 links, about 25 MB in size (brz)

 - before update, it would only take a couple minutes at most, but now, it takes a few hours/overnight

 - I backup my brain regularly and I realised this only started happening after the latest update.

 - any insight/help would be appreciated, or perhaps this could be fixed in a later update.
Wallpaper Tags
Yeah, that's exactly what I had in mind.
[Feature Request (?)] TheBrain8 XML no longer seems work with TheBrain9?
Thanks for clearing that up, and yes, it is your script I am referring to, which has been a great help, as both a DEVONthink and TheBrain user.

Perhaps it was wishful thinking for me to expect something intended to be used with TheBrain 6 to still function with TheBrain 9, and should consider myself fortunate that it has even worked thus far.

Nevertheless, should you or anyone else be willing to work on it, I'm still hoping that the resources necessary for that to happen will be made available.
[Feature Request (?)] TheBrain8 XML no longer seems work with TheBrain9?
I recently tried to import some Devonthink XML scripts after upgrading to Brain9, but it seems the file storage format has changed (?) and this no longer works.

TheBrain is great at knowledge management and organisation in a way that Devonthink is unable to do, though it excels in other areas. It would be a shame to lose the synergy between the two that has served me well with TheBrain8.

I was hoping for some workaround/fix, or perhaps some form of DTD reference could be made available for us to access, so the scripts could be modified to work with TheBrain9?
Integration with DevonThink Tags
Does anyone have an updated version of this script that works with TheBrain9? 
[Feature Request (?)] - Option to 'Hide Links' In Brain 9 (#3057)
Apologies in advance if this is already there in some capacity or I've missed some obvious workaround, but I've recently upgraded to Brain 9, and it works great, except there doesn't seem to be an option to hide links.

I'm used to hiding them to prevent them from cluttering up the screen and slowing down my workflow by having to load them all every time I activate a new thought. 

Are there plans to re-implement this feature?
Wallpaper Tags
It would be cool if we could set wallpaper/backgrounds for tags, or maybe have a special type of 'Wallpaper Tag' so that different areas of TheBrain could have different backgrounds. This could act as a visual identifier or 'icon' for a whole group of thoughts, and also add some variety. Users would only be able to set one 'Wallpaper Tag' for one thought, of course.
[Documented Feature Request] Search for existing thoughts also when inserting/adding multiple thoughts at once
Perhaps a real simple example of how the list method might work? Someone mentioned that it's similar to a request of mine, and I'm trying to get a better idea of its application.
[Feature Request] 'Pin Boards'

perry wrote: There is also this request: documented-feature-request-search-for-existing-thoughts-also-when-insertingadding-multiple-thoughts-at-once which would make using the keyboard to achieve this much quicker.

 I’m not sure if I completely understood the last part about copy/pasting lists of thoughts, but everything else does sound pretty useful, and I hope it gets implemented. Not quite the same thing, though.

  zenrain wrote: Cxiym, I don't think this something I've run into having issues with on my workflow, so I can't really speak to the request.

 One thing I will mention, which isn't a resolution but may help, is you can set up a tag(or tags) and assign your frequent linked thoughts to that (I myself have a tag called frequent [smile]).

 You can pin this tag, and then ctrl + click the tag (in the pinned thought section, tested in both V8 and V9) to select all it's child thoughts. Then you can right click the selection and choose to link as parent (or child or jump). 

It's not quite as quick as having one thought serve as a placeholder to many, but it may speed up your current workflow, or give you some ideas on the possibilities.

 I actually already do something like that, but I appreciate the….”thought”, anyway. Thanks.

  korm wrote: What's the difference between this "pinboard" and the existing B8 and B9 feature: make a selection of whatever you want to select, and then from the contextual menu Set Selection Tags > New Tag  (or choose an existing tag)?  If you want to pin the tag, then search for it and pin it.  If you're tired of the selection, forget the tag.

 That would allow me to set a ‘placeholder’ for a group of thoughts, but it doesn’t allow for connections between placeholders.

[Documented Feature Request] Search for existing thoughts also when inserting/adding multiple thoughts at once
Could you elaborate a little more on how that last part about copy/pasting works? 

[Feature Request] 'Pin Boards'

perry wrote: So, does that mean there is an actual link between any of the Thoughts? eg: when you create the links between the 10 thoughts in one group with another 10 thoughts in another group the links would be real, so if you viewed one of the Thoughts individually, you'd see its 10 links?

 I'm still wondering what a use case would be? Do you see it as a permanent grouping or temporary whilst creating a structure?

 Yeah, there would be an actual link between thoughts. 

 I often find myself creating a whole group of thoughts, and then wanting to link all of them as children of another group of thoughts.

 I could see myself having a few ‘permanent’ placeholder thoughts, containing specific groups of thoughts I often link to all at once, and creating ‘temporary’ placeholders to link groups of new thoughts to these ‘permanent’ ones that I use often. Or there would be just one ‘temporary’ one, which I use consistently, and unlink all its children when I’m done with a transfer.

 So I guess for me it would be a mix.

  perry wrote: So the outcome would be the same as adding a Thought via F6/7/8 and searching for the required Thought? ...a bit like having a graphical version?

 I did wonder about Grouping of Thoughts by things like Type, Tag, Date Part, etc... which is not dissimilar to your Expandable Pins, in the sense that they're both groups of Thoughts (although your 'Expandable Pins' are user defined, rather than driven by meta data).

 I do like the concept of having expandable / collapsible groups (like in the MindMap View), as I think it'd make using complex maps easier without having to refactor them permanently: so maybe there is a call for Expandable Thoughts (that can be Pinned)... although I think that only makes sense in an Expanded or MindMap View.

 Yeah, it would be the same outcome, except it saves time getting there, especially to thoughts I link to often, as they would all be up in the ‘pin area’ which now just holds a whole lot more pins than what is currently practical. So less thinking, less typing.

 Also, if I hover over the expanded pins, it might visually suggest to me connective possibilities that I might not have as easily considered otherwise.

 It would basically be just like the existing pin system, but better, so I could still see it being useful in Normal View, as long as you use pins, but even if you don’t, it’s good to know someone else has another use for it.

 Regardless of whether it comes in the form of expandable thoughts/groups which can be pinned, or as an optional feature of the pin area itself, it just would be great to have a larger selection of pins accessible.


[Feature Request] 'Pin Boards'

Thanks for replying guys, 

 Perry, the idea of having pin boards as an in built 'system thought type' is a great idea. It hadn’t occurred to me that to add/remove thoughts to it, users could simply switch the thought type. Perhaps they could be called 'placeholders' or something. Thanks!

 For these ‘placeholders’, they would allow direct connections between two groups of thoughts, say, with two pin boards, instead of just group to individual, which unless I’m mistaken, seems to be all we have at the moment.

 For example, I can select 10 thoughts and link them as parents/children/jumps of the activated thought, but not as parents/children/jumps of all the children of the activated thought at the same time. 


 As for my secondary request, allow me to elaborate. The focus is on enhancing the existing pin system. At the moment there are about 30 thoughts or so that I link to regularly. However it doesn’t seem practical to have them all as pins, as I cant see them all clearly.

 The primary advantage of this 'expandable pin' system I’m proposing, as expandable/collapsible 'windows within the window' (Window-ception), if you will, and the reason they aren’t the same as new tabs or windows, (which are great additions i cant wait to use!) is that they automatically expand when you hover over their 'master pins' without having to click on them, allowing easy access to all the thoughts contained within, as well as their gates.

 Users would be able to click and drag the current activated thought to any of the gates of any of those thoughts in the ‘expanded window’, just like a normal pin.

 This would effectively expand the 'pin area' to accommodate up to or more than 100 pins that can all be easily identified and linked to, say, if you had 10 ‘master pins’ pinned, that expanded into ten child thoughts within each one.

 This could be an option, like 'enable expanded pins'

 My hope is that this would reduce a lot of typing and clicks. I could see this working hand in hand with the new tab/windows system, to supercharge productivity and interconnectivity even further, all without needing to leave the main window. 

 And if each new tab/window could have their own set of pins that would be even better...

 On the other hand, I may have missed something incredibly obvious, and if so, I apologise in advance. 

Thanks again.

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