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file drag and drop from outlook (#731)
CaptainJustice wrote:
Well, to be fair now, I am moving to TB9 -- with a combination of apprehension and faith.

So am I doing.

I use Thebrain as a GTD repository and having to do it in 2 steps is really a bumer.

Any date for this feature ?

ThBrain 8 / TheBrain 9 licence


Not sure its the right place to post...
Please forgive if not.

I'm using TheBrain 8 for several weeks now and I'm thinking of purchasing a license.
I've seen TheBrain 9 is coming soon, and the new features are... Woow!

Will there be a free upgrade possible from 8 to 9 when next version will be available ?
I've read that the license qualify for free minor upgrades only.
Will there be any specific discount when TheBrain 9 will be launched ?

Many thanks for your help.
Thank you

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