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Import Imperfection (#3640)
I wonder if something related is happening with my brain. Since yesterday, when I added a large number of files, the sync is failing consistently. It goes all the way to "report 100% complete", but then goes into "sync failed: unknown error". Some of the files I added had very long filenames (I work in a Mac, a system that usually doesn't care about that). I have been trying to manually hunt those long filenames and shortened them, but the problem persists. Does anybody know of a way to hunt for those files other than manually?
(For context my brain has 7,521 thoughts with 3,000 internal attachments, internal file size of 5.11 GB; working on an iMac retina 5K 3.2 GHz Intel Core i% with 16 GB memory, on Sierra 10.12.3).
The Brain as a reference manager

I wonder if others have been using the Brain for professional references.
I have a few thousand reference papers on the brain in the form of pdfs, some work-related (pediatric critical care medicine) and some part of my personal interests. I have them organized by topics, taking advantage of the ability to have one reference under multiple topics, and also cross-linking related papers as sister thoughts. The title of the thought is usually the year the paper was published, followed by the main idea or the main piece of information I gathered from the paper, and the journal in parenthesis (e.g. "2015- Medication X does not work in ARDS (JAMA)"). I use quick view to quickly glance at the paper if I need more info, but for many of these thoughts I use the "capture icon" tool to assign the quick view screenshot as the icon for that thought. (I guess that won't be necessary in Brain 9, as it gives you a preview of the pdf in the thought pane). I use keywords sparingly (e.g. "key" for a very important paper).
I tried many other programs to organize my references, including dedicated reference managers as well as other programs such as EverNote and DevonThink, but none could match the flexibility of the Brain, its visual representation of where a paper belongs and what it's related to, and the ability to cross link disparate pieces of information. If a paper required a lot of hand written notes or a paper mind map, I scan that note and then link it to the paper, so that I have my own notes and thoughts on the paper right on the brain.
Again, I'm curious if there are others using the Brain this way.

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