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iOS 9 client with Dropbox
Thanks, Zenrain. That's unfortunately a deal-breaker for me. I'm not going to start using TheBrain cloud service, it simply doesn't fit my requirements. I think this change in functionality should be advertised very clearly on the iOS app page - "requires a subscription to TheBrain cloud services" or similar.
iOS 9 client with Dropbox
Thanks. I've read it. I make regular backups and am happy to take the risk with my information caused by using Dropbox. And I'm more than willing to export BRZs where necessary.

What I can't figure out how to do is open a Brain on iOS other than through cloud services, hence my post.
iOS 9 client with Dropbox
I recently upgraded to version 9 just to get offline editing of brains for iOS. Now I've got it, however, I'm not seeing a way to sync my brain with my Dropbox rather than with the Brain cloud service. Is this something that I'll be able to do, or have I made a foolish and expensive assumption about current functionality moving forwards?
When is offline Brain editing due on iOS?
Patrick, thank you for the response. Unfortunately - from my perspective, especially given this feature is in the Android version - this means you don't have a functional iOS app. "After TheBrain 9" is likewise not a useful date I can plan around. I'll need to migrate to one of your competitors.
When is offline Brain editing due on iOS?
I have been using TheBrain on PC and Android, mostly happily, for quite some time. I recently purchased an iPad Mini so I could have something nice and portable to update my Brain as I read on the train - only to find to my disappointment and bemusement that you have to be online to edit a Brain on iOS.

How on earth did offline editing not make it into your requirements capture, when it's in there for Android and the other platforms? Online only makes Brain for iOS worthless for anyone who lives outside a city, or in a city with underground transport.

When is this basic feature going to be added?
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