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ESC to remove focus from Notes area / Arrow key remapping / Monospaced
zenrain wrote:


Very nice! Would prefer ESC, but this is better than nothing. Would still love to see "VIM" style navigation, or at least allow to remap the nav keys.
ESC to remove focus from Notes area / Arrow key remapping / Monospaced
This may be a silly issue, but in tb8 I use the ESC key to remove focus out of the notes area. My day-2-day interaction with th8 consists of the keyboard and hot-keys exclusively. I hardly ever use the mouse.

Also, a "nice-to-have" would be the ability to remap the arrow keys from [left, down, up, right] to ["h", "j", "k", "l"] respectively. Then I could use ["H", "J", "K"] to create ["jump", "child", "parent"] thoughts. When I need to search, pressing the "/" key would direct focus to the search bar. 

Is there a way to change the default font in notes to a monospaced typeface?

Shift Linking Back [Update - False Alarm]
Very good! I ues this feature exclusively when processing thoughts within in my "InBox"


mcaton wrote: We do have the Shift+Link feature marked for inclusion in a future build.  Hang in there!

From Web pages to Thoughts
I'm sure there are better solutions out there for taking a "snap shot" of a web page. But here is this one. [biggrin]

Download Zotero which has a nice plugin for chrome, firefox and Safari that can fully "snap shot" the webpage at that time to a local database. Which also catalogs and most of the time grabs the metadata. These snapshot of the webpage can be loaded into a browser via the "doubleclick" method. :-) Which in turn can be linked to TheBrain. Zotero does not have to be running you pull up the snapshot. The URL will look something like this "file:///C:/Users/UserName/AppData/Roaming/Zotero/Zotero/Profiles/lifm0vcv.default/zotero/storage/MSBDDR6Z/263202.html"

Happy Zotero-ing and good luck!


REF: http://www.zotero.org
Thunderbird && TheBrain. [Linking thoughts to Email] :-) Windows 10
Finally got a working combo with using Thunderbird. I don't know if anyone else has this working, but this is how I did it. Unfortunately this only works with windows. 

Technicial skill required: Slightly more than "enough to be dangerious"
- ! Installing Thunderbird plugins
- ! Copying code from this forum post
- !! Modifying file extensions for temporary files
- !!!! Registry Importing/Editing "Have your child do this part if you feel unconformable tinkering with your Windows innards" Administrator Rights Will Be Required.

Working combination:
- Windows 10 x64
- TheBrain Pro x32
- Java 1.8.X x32
- Thunderbird v38.7.1 x32
- ThunderLink v1.2.1 [Thunderbird Addon]

- TheBrain downloads the rest of the URL link. Kinda creates weird icons sometimes.

- Drag and Drop doesn't work with TheBrain from Thunderbird. Drag and Drop from Thunderbird only saves the email in a <emailname.eml> mbox format. :-(
- This allows pasting an email link from Thunderbird into TheBrain. Thought name will be the subject. Clicking on the link brings Thunderbird up with the email activated. :-)

Why not use Outlook:
- I spent my money on TheBrain, not outlook. :-) "I'm cheap"

Step 1: Find ThunderLink
- Download "ThunderLink" addon for Thunderbird.
  * This is done via the addon page within Thunderbird. Do a search.
Step 2: Install ThunderLink
- Install ThunderLink 1.2.1
- Restart once completed

Step 3: Configure ThunderLink
- Bring up the options for ThunderLink. Look under Addons/Extentions

Step 4: Paste the template
- Copy the provided xml template code from below.
- Select String-3. "1 and 2 already have some sane defaults" 
- Paste the code in the bottom field. [The bigger of the empty boxes]
- Give the string title a name. I used "TheBrain"
- Click OK


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE BrainData SYSTEM "http://www.thebrain.com/dtd/BrainData1.dtd">
<name>ThunderLink Email</name>


Step 5: Register ThunderLink URL with Windows. x32 or x64
-= Creating he REG file =-
--==## CAUTION: Registry Editing. BACKUP your registry before importing. ##==--
- Copy the provided code below x32 or x64.
- Paste to a new text document.
- change the three letter extension to "reg" from "txt"
- Confirm that you really do want to rename it.

- Win32


@="URL:thunderlink Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""



@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Thunderbird\\thunderbird.exe\" -thunderlink \"%1\""

- Win64


@="URL:thunderlink Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""



@="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Mozilla Thunderbird\\thunderbird.exe\" -thunderlink \"%1\""

Step 6: Register ThunderLink URL with Windows. x32 or x64
-= Importing into the Registry =-

- Press the super button "Usually the key with the Windows Logo on it"
- type in "regedit"
- Right click on regiedt
- Select "Run as Administrator"

--==## WARNING: I heavily suggest backing up your registry before editing ##==--
- Optional Backup: Click on file from the menu
- Optional Backup: Select from the left frame "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT"
- Optional Backup: Right click and select "Export"
- Optional Backup: Save this somewhere

- Click on file from the menu
- Select "Import"
- Locate and select the "reg" file you created from above.
- Select "Open" from the bottom.



Step 7: Using ThunderLink
- Right click on an email
- Hover from the bottom menu "ThunderLink"
- Select the "TheBrain" from your choices
- Right click paste into the PLEX of the TheBrain.

You should see the subject become the thought. Activating the thought should bring up Thunderbird with the correct email selected.
--Enjoy-- :-)

Thought creation
+1 for keyboard/Hotkey navigation/thought creation. Picking up hands from keyboard to mouse and back kills my workflow at times. 

Check-box Issues
Would it be possible to include "[ ]" as a checkbox while editing in a markdown style syntax? Simualr to the syntax of org-mode in emacs.

[Documented Feature Request] Markdown Editing in Notes area
Forgive me if this has already been submitted.

With the new "styles" based editing within the notes area, native markdown editing would be a nice touch.

Wouldn't have to be fully implemented, but would be nice to leave fingers on the keyboard.

If you could you throw in some "vi" keyboard bindings too, that would be cool. :-)

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