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Missing attachment after sync to another machine
Sorry, false alarm, I'm such a retard, thought the auto sync was on, the brain is great, sorry...
Missing attachment after sync to another machine
I'm discovering that I'm also missing multiple thoughts. [frown]
I'm going to need help to debug this.
Missing attachment after sync to another machine
I just synced my brains over to a new machine (Mac) and I found a thought that is missing an attachment. It was an Excel file. I have other thoughts with Excel files intact in them.
Now I'm a bit scared there are other attachments missing.
Are there any known issues regarding attachment syncing? How to debug this?
How can I turn off double new lines in notes?
The editor also freaks out when you try to clear up pasted text. This has led me to not use the internal note editor at all for now.
The workaround at the moment is to use Word attachments instead - which TB can show preview of directly.
Energy consumption on Mac is extremely high (3219)
I think this has been discussed before but I think it needs to be adressed again.

TB is consuming a lot of energy. Please look at the attached screenshot (It's in Swedish - sorry but you'll get the point).

TB has been sitting in the background all day. I have spent about 2 hours in Lightroom flicking through images. The average energy consumption for TB is 27 compared to Lightroom's 7,5. I would expect both Lightroom and Safari to be at the top of this list. TB's energy consumption is though the roof!

Skärmavbild 2017-08-10 kl. 15.43.19.png 

It does not seem to matter what I do in TB - hiding it, editing notes or not. It has a very high base consumption hovering just above 40.

Please take a look at this...
How can I turn off double new lines in notes?
Everytime I press enter in the notes it creates a 2 newlines - a new paragraph or whatever.

This is highly annoying as nearly every other application (including this forum editor) uses a single newline as default. I can press shift+enter to get around this but I want a single newline to be the default. Is there a way currently that I've missed?

Please add a way to turn on the current behavior. The default behavior should just be a single newline - imho.

Workaround for bug with dragging mail into TB9
On Mac we are currently (and have been for a long time now - wink wink) unable to drag emails from Apple mail into TB.

I came up with a workaround for this today. There are two actually but the second one is more of an alternative approach.

1. Open the thought folder CMD-SHIFT-F and drag the email into the folder. It will appear perfectly as an attachment inside your thought.

2. Emails can be dragged to the notes area. The title of the email will become a link that you can click on to open the original email.

This only works with emails though. If you drag an entire conversation thread, you don't get all the emails of that thread, only the latest email. I haven't found a way to find the conversation for that email other than search for it in Mail.
Window management - the brain 9 behaves differently than all other apps (#3320)
I checked Moom's FAQ about this issue.
Apparently TB9 does not support "Apple's Accessibility application programming interface (API)".
[Duplicate Feature Request] Brain INBOX (#699)
It would be great if we had an "inbox" in TB.
If I have for example a file that I want to drag into my brain, I have to first go in and create the relevant thought, which means I need to figure out where that thought should go.
If I had an inbox inside TB, I could just throw the file in there and organize it later.
We could also create clipping-tools inside the operating system that would allow my put the weblink I'm currently at into TB or the file under my mouse cursor into my brain INBOX. With a hotkey I could get a quick-note window, jot something down and it would end up inside my inbox.

Then I could have a little session later on where I create thoughts for those items in the inbox and organize everything.

That would be truly great!
Is syncing alpha's not supported? (#3439)
I tried this script but I don't seem to have that long paths. Could it be my Swedish characters or spaces or something like that causing issues?
Here is my longest one now:

114 ./U01/B02/4bb5881a-4833-4bf6-833c-ff655f65ca6f/Inställningar drönare/Skärmavbild 2016-02-15 kl. 11.54.51.png

Is syncing alpha's not supported? (#3439)
Hi and thanks for getting back to me.
I was unable to try the utility since it seems to be for Windows only  and I'm currently on a Mac.
I have attached a fresh Output.log here in the forum.
Is syncing alpha's not supported? (#3439)
Guys, I am still unable to sync any of my brains. Is there anything I can do to resolve the issue? Can I for example delete the online brains and try syncing up my local brains from scratch again?
Please add 24h clock setting
I would like 24h clock on my timeline please. With 12h clock am/pm gets translated by the system in a way thats not really used in my country.
Clip images to note (#3427)
The clipping feature, that allows you to add a custom icon to a thought, would be extremely useful if it could also clip images into a note.

Then if the image could be displayed inside the actual note, that would be even better!

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