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how/what does TB store on the phone?
Sean & All,
Thanks for the clarification. I have noticed that a download of an attached internal file only happens when you initiate it. I think that's a good feature, so you can select which files to have locally on the device. I also think this is a practical security feature, so that you don't have to worry about sensitive files being automatically placed on a mobile device.
Unless I have some obscure setting wrong on Windows 10 'File Explorer' you cannot 'see' any TB files on my Android phone (either phone itself or SD card). Nor can you find any TB data folders or attached files. I guess this is good as there is no way you can muck up the database structure. I also was not able to find an attached test file using the Droid file search, again maybe that's a good thing. I did however find the folder structure using another 'file manager' app (using search only). But what I found was buried so deep there is no way it would be practical to try to find data or files, this is probably good. If it's not readily seen no one would know it's there. So unless developers eventually include some kind of Android / iOS internal statistical report so you can see how big a brain on the device actually is, I guess if we run out of room, we'll just have to buy a bigger SD card. FYI, I did find out the structure appears to be placed on the SD card, so Kudoos for that!
I was concerned about a brain containing sensitive data being accessible on a mobile device without being encrypted, but with a database so obscure, there's probably not much to worry about. maybe an option to either have a local password or the users online password would provide sufficient security. Thoughts???
how/what does TB store on the phone?
I'm with you ruudhein! I spent an hour drilling through every folder that looked remotely close to having Brain data and couldn't find anything! I access a good-sized brain on Galaxy Note 4 and it appears to function correctly with attachments accessible. I just can't figure out if the the files on on the device or if it's drawing from the cloud. I assume the device as I could see download progress when I first accessed this brain. But WHERE are they??
Calendar missing?
I for one greatly appreciate the incorporation of 'Start' and 'End' times to any particular Thought. While I understand that there are many Calendar / Project Management programs out there, I believe the ability to do PM Lite with TB on a small scale is feasible. Why bother with doing even small PM? Elimination of duplicate planning, execution and capturing (K_base) tools. I work in R&D and extensively use key features in TheBrain that just don't exist with other apps. The ability to link to external and internal files, links and interconnected Thoughts is incredible.

I think perhaps users have been utilizing TB's Calendar as a substitute for the Time fields of a thought. Kind of a work-around for simple project needing time frames. I think it will greatly benefit TB's future when Time is applied to Thoughts and can be viewed in a panoramic (horizontal) way to allow more 'History' and even 'Future' Thoughts to be seen in the Plex! I hope that the 'Timeline View' will be quickly selectable / dragg-able to narrow or broaden the view.

Has there been any discussion on adding Time to the Reports selectable criteria?
While I think it's not finalized, could you give us a screenshot of what the 'Timeline' view might look like?

One thing I think that users may be overlooking when syncing with Google Calendar is the lack of secure ownership of the data. TB's secure encrypted technology was a key factor in my companies decision to trust our data in the program. We can't wait to get the added features of TB9 (Dates/Timeline).
Thanks to the TB-Team for your hard work!
Mind Map | Expanded View
To All:
To me, the Expanded View is probably the MOST useful view to get the Big Picture and interrelationships of your data. The ability to (+) or (-) portions of the viewing Plex, allow you to focus in on the area of content which you want to further analyze. Also, while not as automated, the ability to drag groups of Thoughts around to better visualize, just is not doable with traditional mind-maps in my experience.

As mentioned, the path(s) between two Thoughts (nodes), has the most value when you can visualize and communicate to others, the Thoughts (parameters/ variables) which exist, BETWEEN the Beginning of a problem and Solution at the end. While I know that this can be displayed with other types of software, in my mind this is just more work that could be prevented by simply incorporating better display techniques of what TB already has available.

So PLEASE don't neglect Expanded capabilities and DO build on the capabilities of what TB-8 already has.
Thanks for all of the great comments!

How to filter topics on the plex based on Report results
If this is a feature that can be used in v.8, could you elaborate on this process?
It would be great if you could filter in the Plex. I currently do it by just adding a more specific tag to selected other Tags and then pinning the new specific tag. Any tips on how to use the report feature with the Plex would be greatly appreciated.
Sort options?
Custom Reports already have the Thought attributes selected while building the report. Couldn't you also have the 'Sort Criteria' included in the same dialog boxes so you could select the Sort, which would be connected to the associated filter attribute (Thoughts, Tags), as you work down through the Report Filter criteria?
It would be great if at the end of the process you could select whether you wanted to view it as a conventional report (list view) or in the Plex.

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