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Tag Groups
I want this "Tag Groups" feature so much ! Without this feature, it can waste a lot of time when finding tags users want, among an ocean of tags that are in alphabetical order, what's worse, users may even forget the tag name they typed at first.

I propose that this can be done by creating a feature of "parent tags" , which works just like "parent thoughts" , so that a group of tags can be gathered under a parent tag , which can be found quickly and easily.

In addition, this feature should be added to the 'filter by tags' box in the 'custom report' interface. Otherwise for a users to find a tag , they have to find the tag in a box where only 5 tags can be seen at a time, among thounsands of tags! This process takes too much time to be done !

To achieve that, I suggest to create a feature similar with the "selection box" function of thoughts ( where user is able to do a right click on selection box , then choose to make a link between the selected thoughts and the current active thought ) , instead of making links , right click on this box can provide functions such as " flitering thoughts which are associated with the selected tags ", and other logical filtering function( such as "or" , "not").

-- Mike
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