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New version crashes on launch
FWIW, I just did an update from Testflight and opened my brain right up. iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 10.3.3, Brain That might just muddy up the waters, but thought I'd let you know.
TheBrain 9 iOS Doesn’t work on iOS 11 Beta (#IOS-263)
FWIW, I installed iOS 11 beta 4 today and TB9 seems to be working.
Windows 7 and Windows 8: Versions 9.0.198 and 9.0.199 will not launch (#4029 - Fixed) (#4033)
Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I did update to .200 today and it's working fine on Win7.

Windows 7 and Windows 8: Versions 9.0.198 and 9.0.199 will not launch (#4029 - Fixed) (#4033)
Unfortunately, the only output log file is from 6 October 2016. Looks like for the last 8 months it hasn't been producing any log files.
Windows 7 and Windows 8: Versions 9.0.198 and 9.0.199 will not launch (#4029 - Fixed) (#4033)
OK, Thanks for the confirmation. I will resist updating then on my Mac systems too until we know it's safe to do so.
Windows 7 and Windows 8: Versions 9.0.198 and 9.0.199 will not launch (#4029 - Fixed) (#4033)
Everything's been fine. This is on a Win7 laptop. This morning updated to .198 (I think that's what it showed in the popup) and TheBrain fails to load and brings up a "TheBrain has stopped working" error when it restarted and it continues to throw that error when I try to start. First time I've had an issue with update. Should I try an uninstall and reinstall?
TheBrain 9 iOS Doesn’t work on iOS 11 Beta (#IOS-263)
Confirmed zenrain. I wrote this up a week ago, but somehow it just disappeared from the forum. FWIW, I'm using TB 9.0.3 (beta), iOS 11 beta 2, update 1 on an original iPad Pro (NOT the new one, but still plenty powerful).

Harlan, my apologies. You're correct. I still had With I don't get that error. 

As a follow on, are you looking for feedback with iOS 11? Or just with iOS 10? I don't want to muddy the waters, I can make sure (usually) that I refer to which OS I'm on. But if you don't want noise from iOS11, that's fine, I'll just test it on my other devices.
Pressing the search icon causes an immediate dump to OS home screen. I should add that this is with iOS 11 beta on an iPad Pro. It works find on my iPhone 7 with iOS 10.3.2. I forgot to check this functionality on the iPad before I jumped on the beta today. I can try it on one of my other iPads if you want. Or, it could be a beta-to-beta weirdness, but I thought I'd document it.
Timeline info missing
Zenrain, spot on. Now when I got check, the even is there, but the (what is supposed to be linked) thought isn't linked. Guess I missed that, but for helping them find the problem, it seems to be only since the version that came out on or about May 25. I keep up to date almost every day, so it would only be +/- a day from there.
Timeline info missing
I have been creating events linked to thoughts since this feature became available. However, the name of the even is no longer showing for events created after May 25 (probably related to an update). I'm on Windoze 7, TB v9.0.189.0. The names are showing for all the previously linked events/thoughts, but new ones created now doesn't populate. I checked the label, and it appears when I hover, but the actual event name (which I liked as being the same as the thought name) doesn't show at all.
Jim the Flyteach
How to Install TheBrain 9 for iOS
Perfect! Thanks Patrick!
How to Install TheBrain 9 for iOS
Harlan, thanks much for the add. Before I load on device, will installing mean I can't access my v8 Brains on that device? Or does it switch between the two servers depending on whether I select the 'i' icon. Was just a little confused by your note, and I'm still using v8 for "production" brain.
Jim No visible windows or menus after launch

My Brain is back!!!

Thanks Matt, Harlan, and crew. Looks like .98 (I missed .95) fixed the missing window issue (at least for now). 

Testing will continue.

Jim Ujcik No visible windows or menus after launch
Hi Matt,

The tool bar only says TheBrain, but none of the other menu items are visible. Command-N does nothing, Shift-Command-N closes the icon and app, but does not open a new window. Clicking on TheBrain menu item also does nothing.


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