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event ending reminder
Reminders can be set for the beginning of events but I want to put some longer events on my timeline and would like to also see a reminder option for reminding me when my event is going to expire. So I would like to see a beginning reminder and an ending reminder.
Previewed to the max and cant get back... sorta

I searched to see if anyone else has posted anything about it and was unable to find anything.

When I add a document such as a word document and go it the integrated preview window and click the preview button it opens the document just fine and I can read it in the integrated preview box. When I click the box area in order to scroll, the box maximizes overtaking the complete window of the brain 9 and the only way I have been able to return to normal view is by "un-maximizing" (restore) the brain. If the brain window is not maximized when this happens, then maximizing it will restore the plex view. Intuitively, I try to use escape to exit the maximized view and it does nothing.


Type selection inconsitency (#4414) (#1285)
Type selection for thoughts provides a text entry field for searching or entering a new thought type. 

Type selection for links require clicking "New Type" from the drop down list.

Also, although notes can be added to links, there is no indication of whether or not notes exist in the link.
Impossible to have access to my Brains
I was thinking of abandoning 9 actually
Impossible to have access to my Brains
should i be alarmed that this issue is a problem along with the fact that all of the download links to download thebrain, including older versions, don't work
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