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File Previewer
It would be nice to view in new browser windows attached standard office file formats (doc? docx, ... not only txt Click image for larger version - Name: cant_preview_attached_file_standard_format.png, Views: 41, Size: 504.11 KB
How to use the full height of the panels?
So sorry/

Please when you adjust the display option model on the Internet
do not forget to make changes in the component that generates stand-alone option for use at the user site, 

and correct background color? if its possible [frown]

Click image for larger version - Name: high_for_model_space_in_users_site2016-06-16_9-55-47.png, Views: 64, Size: 173.02 KB
How to use the full height of the panels?
Good day [smile]

How to adjust the display area?

If you build a large tree such as a glossary pmbok ( >300 thought? - about fast load))
i cant use my screen resolution

why for viewing in a browser assigned to only one-third the height of the display area as possible.

Or reader must to press some button with the settings, but I have not found?
Click image for larger version - Name: how_use_heigt_in_browser.png, Views: 70, Size: 411.75 KB
Simple way to glossary import. Its possible?
Thank you for your participation and patience. I'll try to do as you advise. 
Simple way to glossary import. Its possible?
Now we will look for a freelancer XML to import the dictionary, if there is no other way,
or wait 9 TB?
Simple way to glossary import. Its possible?

Thank you
your offer possibly work.
But it is difficult for me.

The forum found a treatment for of 2011 on the same subject. 

for five years, there is no great change in user support :

1. https://thebrain.uservoice.com/forums/4597-thebrain-feature-suggestions/suggestions/121820-multi-language-brain#comments 

2 http://forums.thebrain.com/post?id=5243432&trail=15#8 

3 . 
http://assets.thebrain.com/documents/TeamBrain_User_Guide.pdf - nothing about import NOTE [frown] (added picture)


As my wife says, you're smart and you know about computers more than I do. but if I ask for help, please give a brief recommendation and example.
She says I know how to knit, and does not ask you to learn knitting, when you need a scarf [smile]



Click image for larger version - Name: 2016-06-15_1-57-24.png, Views: 135, Size: 118.14 KB
Simple way to glossary import. Its possible?

Good day [smile]
Continuing the theme of multilingual model.
Tell me, please, how you can quickly configure TXT, Doc for import TB ???


The structure of the table glossary Project Management Institute...

Abbreviation in Russian, the name in Russian, in brackets the name in English, the abbreviation in English, or table format as in attached

We wanted to get a model for the work of experts from different countries
for example pic

Prompt how to organize the input array for fast loading of these or similar data sets.

Whats your success story [smile]?


 why a cant attach *.docx [frown] (MS office 2016)

Click image for larger version - Name: TB_How_import_glossary.png, Views: 211, Size: 530.24 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Error_attach_docx_-WHY_2016-06-14_10-35-29.png, Views: 208, Size: 44.27 KB
Localizing TheBrain 9
Good day! I'm still a novice, but has ambitions [smile].
Please tell me whether the planned localization TB for the Russian language?
Whether it is possible in this to participate in this work?
its not OK export site
Its cool
day ago y


Posted 1 day ago #2
This is a known issue. The best way to view an HTML export is to host it on a live server or use HTML Editor software that has a built-in live preview.


I did so first. .
but the dark background makes the text invisible.
  and you gave me this advice.

if you can show an example of settings that provide export data in a readable brain html format ...

its not OK export site

Thank you. We try to use your option.
We got a very strange result. These pages are not pretty, and their use is inconvenient

Click image for larger version - Name: 2016-06-02_21-25-26_html_export04.jpg, Views: 68, Size: 395.17 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 2016-06-02_21-25-26_html_export03.jpg, Views: 69, Size: 114.40 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 2016-06-02_21-25-26_html_export02.jpg, Views: 68, Size: 60.88 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 2016-06-02_21-25-26_html_export01.jpg, Views: 71, Size: 124.40 KB
Target options for thought main link

Tell me please.

how to determine the display area of the new page, which is used in the link attached to the idea (thought)

If we apply the link in the article, then adjust the display area as possible.
The main link - these settings are not provided

Click image for larger version - Name: 2016-06-01_19-14-47_target_for_link.jpg, Views: 37, Size: 216.87 KB
its not OK export site

Colleagues, help me understand.

When i export tb,  the result works in any browser and does not work in another.

This is a mistake or a well conceived.

Or am I doing something wrong.

My story in picture. 

Click image for larger version - Name: 2016-06-01_18-24-08_don_work_export.jpg, Views: 149, Size: 428.49 KB
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