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Cannot Enter New Local URLs (#3739)
Is this a top priority? I really need that feature. If I had known about this issue I would not have upgraded to The Brain 9. It will take too much work to go back since I have entered a bit of data since upgrading. Are they actively working on a solution, or is it down the list of priorities?
How much Data Can Be Stored on a Cloud Services Account?
What is the storage limit for the Brain Service Cloud account?

I have looked at TheBrain web page for a FAQs page or something that will tell me how much data I can store on my Brain Cloud account but I have not been able to find any information. I have been only attaching links instead of files to my thoughts in order to save space. However, it has occurred to me that paying $159 per year for a cloud account that I cannot store large quantities of data on is very expensive. Can anyone tell me how much data can be stored in a Cloud services account?
Cannot Enter New Local URLs (#3739)
Additional information:
The Imported links are attachments. They look like this:

theBrain Link7.PNG 

I have also tried to insert the link into the notes page but it only shows up as text:

theBrain Link6.PNG 
Cannot Enter New Local URLs (#3739)
Sorry it is still a bit unclear. I looked for the link in the notes section and this is what I found.
theBrain Link1.PNG 
When I tried to link something it immediately gave me this error:

theBrain Link2.PNG 
I followed the recommendations that the error box suggested I but could not set a link using the "Insert Link" button.

This is how I normally set a link to the local URL:
theBrain Link3.PNG 

Click on the "Enter URL" button and paste the URL from the local resource and press enter.

In the Plex I tried selecting the thought
theBrain Link4.PNG 
and bringing up the information window
theBrain Link5.PNG 
But there is no selection for inserting a Local URL link. Just "Add Attachment" which is the same as Adding a link under the + tab under the Notes and Attachments section to the Right of the Plex.

What am I missing?
Cannot Enter New Local URLs (#3739)
I have been using TheBrain8 for more than 3 years with no problem attaching local URLs from other programs to link content to theBrain. I converted my theBrain8 files to theBrain9. Everything came over fine including all my local URLs, but I cannot create any new URL links to theBrain9.

Examples are:
OneNote notes links like this:

or from another program:

These links worked in theBrain8 and have even imported correctly to theBrain9, but I cannot add new links to theBrain9.

Is this a bug or something that isn't implemented in the software yet, or am I not attaching the URLs the correct way?

The old way (theBrain8) was to copy the URL then paste it into the attachments area under the thought tab then edit the name.
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