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Had the paste bug again
Hi Matt

The last time this happened (build .246) 
Copying text into the notes from a web page. Although this has happened copying between thoughts within the Brain

Some additional info.
Maybe due to using "shift enter "to create a new line (from memory that is where this behaviour has happened the most)
The information is definately on the clipboard, as I can paste it into Notepad.
Once pasted into Notepad, I can recopy and successfully paste into the Brain Notes.

Using the alpha version of the Brain (now .248) on Windows 10
Had the paste bug again
I just experienced this with build .246
Interestingly if I pasted into notepad, recopied and then pasted into the Brain, it worked
Release 227 not running on my windows laptop
Good to know that you have been able to replicate.  I have already sent details anyway
Release 227 not running on my windows laptop
Hi Harlan
Just checked 9.0.228, same result, does not start. As for 227 there is a brief (2-5 seconds) show of Brain9 activity in Windows task manager but then disappears and the Brain does not open

reverted back to .226 which thankfully does continue to work

Release 227 not running on my windows laptop
If I upgrade to v227 I cannot access Brain 9 
Clicking on the shortcut or the icon in the Brain 9 folder you can briefly see some activity in the task manager, but the Brain fails to start.

I have reverted to v226 which runs OK

Windows 10 on Dell inspiron Laptop
Order of thoughts (#3497)
The hidden ordering system is fine where the child (or jump) thoughts are under a single parent or multiple parents where the ordering is the same.

I have been working on some thoughts recently where this ordering system does not apply like this.  i.e. multiple parents but with child (or jump) thoughts which contain common (child) thoughts but need to be displayed in a different order depending on the context (Parent Thought selected).

I have for example linked from a Parent (Parent 1) to a series of child thoughts, the first being .01 thought as I want this child displayed first when viewing Parent 1 (followed by child thoughts .02 thought.03 thought). This works as I want.

However the .01 thought also appears as a child under an alternative parent (Parent 2) and want this .01 thought to be displayed as the third child thought. For instance - under the alternative parent (Parent 2I have the following children (and would like them displayed in this order): 
.01 alt thought
.02 alt thought and
.01 thought
Under the present system the common .01 thought will be displayed second from Parent 2 perspective - but I want it to be ordered 3rd in this case.

So I have nicely ordered child thoughts from the focus of one parent thought (Parent 1), but from the perspective of another thought (Parent 2) which shares the same child (but with other children not linked) the ordering does not work as I want.  This seems a little clumsy and to me one of the key points and power of the Brain is about viewing how other thoughts relate to the context of the focused thought.

One way to address this would be to apply an ordering logic to the link properties (from the perspective of the focused thought) - these are exclusive between two thoughts and thus would not conflict where there are multiple links to a thought. This would have to take precedence over the thought level ordering logic to work within how the current ordering is implemented.
Notes get stuck (are out of sync with thoughts when navigating/editing Brain) (#3984, #3910, #4285, #4325)
I am noticing this too.
FYI I have the option "update displayed content on hover" un-ticked as suggested to keep the integrity of the notes, and notes do seem to be staying put. But I am a bit nervous that a stuck note will update the current thoughts note.  It has not happened so far though. Navigating away from the note and back again restores the correct notes

TB9 v216 windows 10
Disappearing images in Notes and other Notes issues (#3183)
I use the notes extensively and am still coming across instances where Notes are being moved or copied from one thought to another, or notes are completely disappearing - this does not happen often so is difficult to replicate, but seems to happen when switching between thoughts - Interesting the history does record the event that a change has been made by me as the user - although I have not done anything in the Brain to trigger them. (If this happens again I will try to show you the audit).  Overall this does not give me confidence in the Notes - and I find that I am slowed down by constantly checking Notes to see if they have changed or taken on notes from other thoughts.

I have also noticed that images placed in the Notes field have started to disappear - the three icons below are what is left of three images I placed in a notes field - It appears to me that the note is recognising that there is a link to an image file, however the image files no longer exist in the corresponding notes folder (although they were there initially):
image in note.JPG 
The source code in the notes shows:
<img src="<!--BrainNotesBase-->/838f152d-b094-43bf-92b3-f8e11bf39e8d.png" /></p>
<p><img src="<!--BrainNotesBase-->/b87157d4-cd5b-40ce-b566-e49a4ddc2770.png" /></p>
<p><img src="<!--BrainNotesBase-->/1e637f76-5f7f-4db8-861a-d4737da1d327.png" /></p>

The Thought History shows:

image history.JPG

The Added note asset was me placing the image into the Note - the following two actions "Removed note asset" and "Changed note" seem to have taken place behind the scenes and all that I am left with in my Note are the three icons.

This does not happen all the time, some images do remain, or some remain for a while then disappear some time later when coming back to the thought after cycling through other thoughts.  I have taken to adding the images as files attached to the thought, which is not ideal, but does keep my image.

Brain v9.0.215 (although happened on earlier versions)
Windows 10 on Dell Inspiron Laptop
No "Paste" in intern browser anymore? (#4086 - fixed)
Just updated to version .206 and now ctrl C for copy in the internal browser is now working fine



windows 10 brain v.206
No "Paste" in intern browser anymore? (#4086 - fixed)
Should copy (Ctr C) also work? I have tried to do this several times but without sucess. Have to open web page in normal browser to do this.
PDF Preview error (#3967)
I get this error too

v.202 Windows 10
Feature request - Search results - display type and tags in the hover box (#4025)
I have often used the same "Title" for different thoughts, differentiating them in the Brain by using Types and Tags. 
So when I use the Search box for "Report" (for example) all the "Report" thoughts are returned (as would be expected), however, it is sometimes difficult to find the one I want quickly (even when I colour coded my thought types), especially for older thoughts which I have not remembered their context (after all this is one of the reasons why I am using the software).  I have noticed when you hover over the returned value the thought name is displayed, would it be possible to also display the thought type and tags (if any).  For me this would make using the Brain more intuative and speedy. There maybe those who would not find this feature useful, so perhaps a switch in preferences would be in order too.
I know I can set up a report that will do this, but the Search box is more convenient.

I am appreciating all the work that you are putting into the new version, I now use it in preference to V8.

Notes not being searched (#3990)
Working fine for me now.
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