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Disappearing Notes | (#2780, #2924, #2925, #2945, #3015)
The notes have definitely gone - there is an audit record in the history too, indicating a note change.  But this change was not by me.  

I am suspicious of the "Update content on hover" and think that this might be the issue, as on my laptop, there is often a significant lag with this feature.  

I did not realise you could turn it off, I have done now and I will monitor how things go. (sadly as it is a useful feature).
Disappearing Notes | (#2780, #2924, #2925, #2945, #3015)
I am using build (115) with Windows 10

I have noticed several thoughts within the Brain 9 that have lost their notes completely.  
Not sure whether an output file will be useful to you as this seems random and does not come after any (noticeable) event.  Any attachments remain in place.

It is a bit worrying though, I do not feel confident of the Notes feature in the new version at the moment.  Fortunately this is on a relatively new Brain, with only around 1000 thoughts, however, there are at least 4 of these thoughts where the notes have gone.  There does seem to be an entry of change of note in the thought history, however, this change has not been made by me.

Update.. This has just got worse with notes swapping thoughts - more notes disappearing, and eventually brain crashing.
Output file attached.

Use the first image attachment on a thought as its icon | (#2831)
Does this help?

2016-09-28 19:44:48
Origin: XWT
System.InvalidOperationException: This Visual is not connected to a PresentationSource.
at System.Windows.Media.Visual.PointToScreen(Point point)
at #m.#7b.#Db(Widget #Ab)
at ##.#30z(Point #Gb, Widget #nc, #SOt )
at #QY.#SOt.#D0(Object #nc, #Saq #oc)
at Xwt.Widget.#kZp(#Saq #ch)
at Xwt.Widget.#WWp.#j0p(#Saq #ch)
at Xwt.WPFBackend.WidgetBackend.#YHx.#lbw()
at ##.#VYq(#J1p #Df, Action )

Use the first image attachment on a thought as its icon | (#2831)
Always found this frustrating, so happy with this feature.  Although, the only happens when attachments are changed, took some time to work out.

Just one observation.  I have experienced the occasional crash of tb9 when doing this (updating imported thoughts with multiple attachments to display image icon), but this is very random and I cannot see any pattern in the crashing.
Notes: Set Date Format | (#2906)
I also have specific format requirements for date stamp.
Rather than using the Brain for this I am using a Text Expander (Phase Express) which allows me to, (with a few specific key strokes), add the date format/font/colour that I want.  
I am using Windows, but I know that there are applications that would allow you to apply this on a Mac
Unable to connect to Sync Webbrain with Brain 8
The Brain8 Software is asking for user name and password to sync brain with online version:

Failed to connect to TheBrain Cloud Services Server
This could be caused by a problem with your network connection or the server at https://webbrain.com.

I do not seem to be having network issues with other applications, so I am assuming it is a problem with the Server.

I can connect to the server via a web browser - however, I am getting a security certificate warning.

The security certificate presented by this website has expired or is not yet valid...

But if I ignore this, I can update the server version of my brains..(although they do not sync with my desktop versions)
Modifying Font type and Styles in the Notes field.
I have revisited the notes and the new Style options.
My main concern here was maintaining a look and feel for notes created in Brain 8 and imported and new notes going forward in Brain 9.  However after messing around with a test Brain I have a work around where I can use a series of thoughts with template notes that I can copy and paste into new thoughts.  On the whole this works OK, if a little long winded.

I am still of the opinion that it would be better to have the capability of creating/modifying styles at a user level. And the ability to choose a selection of Font Family and Font Sizes.

Probably the biggest issue for me is the date stamp.  I use this small with a light colour and usually as just the date.  So some control over this would be nice.  In Brain 9 the date stamp is even longer (full spelling of the Month);  I stamp all my notes and note updates, however, as things are I will be copying and pasting the date stamp and modifying it to reflect the date.  The built in stamp does not meet my requirements, so I will not use it.

A couple more observations re Notes field:
  1. When importing from Brain 8 to Brain 9 - Notes with an indent, lose that indent on the transfer.  Bullet notes seem to carry across fine.
  2. In Brain 9 changing the style seems to be broken in some cases. Highlighting a paragraph and applying one of the preset styles changes the style of all of the notes other than the highlighted paragraph to the selected style.  Not what I would expect. update.. I cannot always replicate this..

Anyway I have included an example Brain8 Zip in which I have created some of the Note styles that I use.  This will give an  indication of how my main brains notes will change when upgrading to Brain9.
Disappearing Notes and Notes "jumping" to other thoughts
Yes, looks like it is fixed - Less lag too
Disappearing Notes and Notes "jumping" to other thoughts
The Brain imported correctly (other than the in note links), it is not an import issue.

However, after repeated, rapid, switching between thoughts, the notes disappeared.  See the same set of views as your post above for the same Brain in the pictures I have attached.Notes 1.png Notes 2.png Notes 3.png Notes 4.png

The notes disappeared one at a time.

I have noticed this in a other Brain 9 brains,  so not just isolated to this Brain.
Modifying Font type and Styles in the Notes field.
Hi Matt

I think it would be easier for me to mock up a mini Brain showing this rather than screen shots, I will see what I can do 
Disappearing Notes and Notes "jumping" to other thoughts

More note observations in Brain 9

As indicated in earlier posts I use the notes field quite extensively and they are important to my use of the Brain, so if things are not performing as they should I tend to notice them here.

Notes are disappearing completely
For instance in the 4 thought Brain that I uploaded for you to test the links from thoughts, now no longer has any notes associated with any of the thoughts in the Brain 9 version - the notes were imported into Brain 9 from Brain 8.
This is quite a common occurrence

Notes are "jumping"
This happens less often and is difficult to replicate
Notes are "jumping" from their original thought to a completely different thought, overriding any notes on that thought. I have only noticed this in the bigger brain that I have imported into Brain 9. The correct notes were associated to the thought immediately after the import, only changing at a later date.

I do have a theory that fits what is happening here, but may not actually be the cause.

As has been indicated in other posts there is a noticeable lag in Brain 9, especially in the loading of the notes. When switching from one thought to another often the notes screen is blank (as the notes have not loaded). My theory is that Brain 9 is saving to the notes field what is on screen as you swap between thoughts, which in this case is nothing, so effectively deleting any notes associated with this thought. I have replicated this by rapidly switching between thoughts, one with notes and one without, (may have to do this several times, but at some point the notes will disappear).

The "jumping" thoughts, I have not managed to replicate in tests, but would also fit the above scenario, if the previous thought notes linger on screen between switching through thoughts.

Modifying Font type and Styles in the Notes field.
I cannot really share the notes that I have in the main Brain that I am using, but I do make use of notes quite extensively for recording - possibly more than normal, in other Brains that I have seen the notes fields seem to be less used than in my Brains.

I am not against using styles, in fact they are a good idea, but would appreciate the ability to define them.  The imposing of pre-defined styles seems like a step backwards for the notes field.

My issue is more that the imported notes will be different from new ones going forward.
Link to a thought from a brain imported from Brain 8 to Brain 9 does not survive the import process.
I created a similar Brain earlier (with different thought and link titles) - Now the imported Brain has lost all the notes - they were there on the initial import.

Also the Link 03 thought notes in the zipped Brain that I have created to send to you, have now disappeared from my Brain 9 version, they were there after the initial import (although the in note links did not work)
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